“Sir, I’ve detected a large unidentified creature near the transport ship!” Within the command room of the Kree mothership, the Kree pilot swiftly projected the radar-scanned image onto the command room screen.

“Oh my  what kind of creature is that? It’s enormous!” The captain gazed at the gigantic humanoid figure on the screen, towering over the transport ship by half a body length, and exclaimed in astonishment.

“Everyone! Aim at the giant below and attack. Avoid targeting vital areas, attempt to capture them alive. Be cautious not to harm the Kata slaves below and our transport ship!”

Based on the present scenario, the transport ship’s warning had likely originated from the massive humanoid creature below. However, the captain didn’t hold this unknown entity in overly high regard.

After all, the transport ship wasn’t armed. It lacks offensive weaponry.  Naturally, it wasn’t a match for such a colossal creature. Nonetheless, their ship was a typical spaceship outfitted with a range of potent energy cannons and supported by combat spaceships.

Not to mention that their opponent was a flesh-and-blood giant wielding archaic weapons and magic. Even a machine of this magnitude would be obliterated in under a minute.

Hence, his orders were to steer clear of vital points and attempt to capture the creature alive if possible.

A colossal humanoid figure was relatively rare within this universe.  They should capture it and bring it back to their home planet. Biologists specializing in body augmentation and enhancement would be happy about it.

He even surmised that the value of this giant alone could potentially exceed that of the currently exploited planet.  According to evaluations from survey spacecraft, this planet boasted no valuable resources and was decidedly ordinary.

With its primitive civilization, there was scant scientific and technological potential for reference. At most, the planet had some slaves and commonplace minerals.

Therefore, acting on the captain’s orders, the ship refrained from employing any weaponry.

Instead, the nearby Kree combat spaceships initiated an assault against Jerry.

“You’re underestimating me, and I won’t hold back.” Jerry surveyed the massive Kree ship, which hadn’t immediately launched its heaviest firepower attack.

Instead, he allowed the smaller Kree ships to fire low-energy shots at him.  A sneer formed on his lips.

Hovering mid-air, he conjured a temporary Protego Charm for the million-strong assembly of Kata people below.  Gripping the blue magic sword, he deployed his wings and deftly maneuvered through the incoming energy blasts.

With the speed of a meteor, he surged toward the big Kree spaceship.

“Captain, something doesn’t feel right!” The vice-captain eyed the gigantic humanoid figure on the screen.

Observing the entity nimbly evade the Kree spaceships’ attacks with the flutter of its wings before propelling itself toward them, a foreboding sensation crept over him.

The captain’s expression shifted.  He hadn’t anticipated this unknown creature to be so swift. Though reluctantly, prioritizing safety, he issued a command.

“Activate the main cannon and engage the automatic aiming and tracking system. This is a matter of life and death—neutralize it first. Prevent it from getting close!”

“Yes, sir!”

In response to the captain’s order, the plates lining the lower portion of the Kree cruiser contracted, revealing circular barrels larger than water tanks, now glowing with an azure hue.

“Only now you realize that I’m a threat, huh? But it’s too late.” Jerry might have faced some difficulties if the Kree ship had unleashed its most potent weaponry from the start.

After all, a 100-meter-tall body wasn’t suitable for Apparate.  Given his current state and the temporary nature of his intention, he’d never attempted Apparating while this large before.

Doing so would necessitate research and improvement, a time-consuming endeavor.

Thus, when confronted with the Kree ship’s attack, he had two options: evade or shield himself.  Thanks to the formidable defense provided by the Protego Charm, he could likely withstand the attack, though the impact’s force might hinder his movements.

However, at their current proximity, should the Kree ship fire its main cannon again, Jerry could disregard it entirely.  He could accelerate to the ship’s location before the shot was launched.

Inaudibly reciting the incantation, Jerry sprouted another set of wings.  Simultaneously, his speed doubled, surpassing the speed of sound. The third-stage Flight Magic was his most recent breakthrough.

Despite possessing Apparate and long-distance teleportation capabilities, Jerry remained committed to flight.  Collaborating with Eriol, they reimagined flight magic, leading to this advancement: an additional pair of wings and doubled speed.

The abrupt speed boost allowed Jerry to close in on the Kree ship before its energy cannon could fire again.

Raising his voice in a fierce battle cry, Jerry channeled his magical power, causing the magic sword, which had already grown to 100 meters, to extend to 200 meters.

With an unstoppable momentum, he cleaved the colossal ship in two. This scene stunned Star-Lord, the Kree soldiers within the Kree battleship, and the million Kata people below.

Only once the shattered halves of the Kree ship had plummeted to the ground did everyone snap out of their stupor.  The Kata people cheered on the ground, tears of gratitude streaming down their faces as they bowed and knelt in the air before Jerry.

“Alright, it’s done. My efforts weren’t in vain.”

Observing the veneration of the Kata people below, Jerry dispelled his magic sword and nodded with contentment. Frankly, handling the Kree ship was easy.

He could’ve Apparated inside and dispatched it with magic without expending much energy.

However, achieving this outcome would’ve merely labeled him a mighty hero in the eyes of the Kata people, not a God.

Now, by becoming a 100-meter-tall giant with two pairs of wings and a 200-meter-long magic sword—even if for a few seconds—Jerry had expended almost 90% of his magical power.

While it was true that this combat mode wasn’t the most efficient, the impact was overwhelming.

The Kata people immediately bowed and worshipped him as a God.

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Published On: September 11, 2023

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