Just as Star-Lord was reprimanding Jerry’s ship, Gamora swiftly seized Star-Lord’s head and twisted it forcefully, redirecting his gaze toward the position of the five transport ships below.

Unbeknownst to them, a dense crowd of Kata people had gathered there, and before them, a familiar figure hovered—a figure that had been absent for some time.

What astonished them wasn’t solely the fact that Jerry had single-handedly eliminated all the Kree soldiers within the five transport ships but the fact that Jerry was currently undergoing visible growth.

Indeed, he was expanding, increasing in size from less than two meters to ten meters, twenty meters, thirty meters, until he finally reached a colossal 100 meters, nearly equal in stature to Jerry’s ship, and then he ceased growing.

“Mr. Carmen can’t possibly be from Earth.” Star-Lord stared at the 100-meter-tall Jerry and muttered in disbelief.

Upon Apparating, Jerry had vanished from the ship and reappeared instantaneously within a Kree transport ship. Having spent considerable time studying various space-related principles, Jerry enhanced and refined his Apparate ability. However, it could not still function as a full-fledged portal.

Yet, it had absorbed traits from space portals, such as the ability to estimate distances and venture into uncharted realms, breaking free from the previous limitation of visiting a location beforehand.

Now, if Jerry estimated a reasonable distance, he could successfully Apparate even to unfamiliar places.

Having Apparated into the ship, Jerry promptly disappeared from sight. He swiftly incapacitated a Kree soldier and utilized Imperio to extract information about the imprisoned Kata people’s location.

Additionally, the Imperio conveyed that the Kree had nearly completed the recording of the Kata language and characters. They planned to send these records along with their comprehension of Kata civilization history to Homestar Hara within two days.

Taking control of the Kree soldier, Jerry employed his wrist communicator to transmit a sorted copy of the Kata language and vocabulary to his smart bracelet.

In this manner, the bracelet was equipped with a translator, which enabled him to communicate effortlessly with the Kata people he aimed to rescue.

With these preparations in place, he employed magic to incapacitate the Kree soldiers and moved progressively toward where the Kata were imprisoned.

The Kree Empire’s transport ship, designed to transfer planetary slaves, was a large, non-combat spacecraft. It had minimal weaponry aside from basic flight and defense capabilities. One of its main advantages was its spacious interior.

The size of the entire Kree Empire transport ship was akin to that of their weapon-laden cruise ships.

Jerry’s visual calculations estimated it was approximately the size of two and a half of a typical football stadium. A standard stadium can accommodate 80,000 spectators, and a Kree Empire transport ship could easily transport 200,000 slaves.

“Well, no wonder it’s called Kata—the translator matches their situation perfectly.”

Upon eliminating the guarding Kree soldiers, Jerry encountered the Kata people, all of whom possessed feline ears and tails. Thankfully, apart from these feline attributes, their physical appearance was quite human-like, making them appear rather endearing.

Especially when two hundred thousand young and old cat-like individuals were crammed within a confined space.

“Cough, don’t be frightened. I’m here to rescue you.”

Floating mid-air, Jerry adjusted his translator and used amplification spells to address the Kata people in their native tongue. With the translation assistance, Jerry reassured the two hundred thousand Kata people.

He conjured an enlarged lightning ball in his hand. He directed it at the metal wall beside him. A detonation followed, creating a hole several meters in diameter that opened into their home world beyond.

Witnessing this opening, the Kata people surged forward, fleeing through the hole and calling out. The Kata language bore a striking resemblance to the meowing of ordinary cats. These translated meows conveyed a simple message.

“The devil is defeated. We are saved.”

Jerry utilized Apparition to clear the way swiftly, liberating the remaining Kata individuals from the other four transport ships. He set them free.

However, as soon as all the Kata people were liberated, the figure of a Kree Empire cruiser and its accompanying battleships appeared in the sky. The transport ship’s alarm system alerted the fleet in outer space.

As they beheld the arrival of the Kree Empire fleet, all the Kata people froze in fear, immobilized and casting helpless glances toward Jerry. They understood their feeble odds against the colossal being hovering above.

Hundreds of millions of Kata people inhabited this planet three years ago, residing in several distinct nations—Black Kata, White Kata, and Yellow Kata.

Then, Demons descended from the skies, ruthlessly claiming half of their population before departing. Before they could recover from their trauma, another wave of Demons arrived, followed by more.

The Kata Allied Army rallied to resist, but only a million survived.

So, witnessing the appearance of the demon who had decimated their forces, they could only look to the mysterious man hovering in the air—Jerry—who had come to their rescue.

Presently, they dared not move.

Everyone recognized that the demonic light of their assailants would prove lethal unless they remained still, and upon observing the Kree Empire fleet, Jerry reacted not with shock but with a smile.

Did he not know that Kree Empire ships have alarm systems? His smart bracelet gave him a wealth of information about the Kree Empire.

With his magical prowess, he could easily counter such mechanisms. Numerous spells could freeze technological items or envelop the entire ship within a mirror dimension, rendering them inoperative.

Yet, he chose not to do so deliberately. He intended to be regarded as a deity to believe in and worship.

After all, who is considered a god if not someone mighty enough to vanquish terrifying Demons, protect them, and aid in reconstructing their world?

Summoning five consecutive spells, Jerry’s body radiated formidable magic. Moments later, a colossal Jerry materialized above the assembly of Kata people.

A massive blue magic sword gleamed in his hand, and a pair of wings adorned his back.

Today’s battle made him the savior of the Kata people!

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Published On: September 11, 2023

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