Just as Jerry was about to close the portal, Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket, and Drax jumped over from the portal.

“Why are you doing this?” Jerry looked at the five in surprise.

“I think you need a hand.” Star-Lord pulled out his gun.

“Well, I have to do something for the billion.” Gamora pulled out her dagger.

“Staying on the ship is so boring, I wanted to do something else.” Drax held two daggers.

“I wanted to test my new modified gun!” Rocket raised his new gun.

“I am Groot.” Groot blankly spoke with his language that Jerry could not understand.

Jerry looked at the five and wanted to tell them they won’t be much help. However, he just shook his head since the five of them had been acting well lately.

“Alright then, thanks.”

All of them are pretty strong when working together. Star-Lord is a pilot genius, and his weapons are unique. Gamora’s melee combat ability is strong, and her body has been specially trained. Drax’s strength and defense are far beyond ordinary people.

Rockets is a weapons expert. Although his body is small, he’s agile and really good at using various weapons. Groot is powerful. As long as he is not completely destroyed, he can grow back to his previous state. He can extend his body to attack the enemy and protect his teammates.

It’s just that for Jerry, their abilities would only help him a little.

But it doesn’t matter. The enemy is not that strong, and there are no enemies that are to be afraid of. At least with them here, he can ask for some suggestions on his journey on this planet.

“Hey, time to enlarge yourself.”

“Understood.” Following Jerry’s order, the shrunken ship in his pocket flew out immediately and returned to its normal size.

Without Star-Lord and the others, he can fly into the air to check the situation. Since they are here now, he needs to use his ship. After they got on the ship, Jerry made the ship turn on stealth mode, then took off and quickly circled the entire planet.

Looking down from the ship, the size of this planet is not big, and it is estimated that it is only half the size of the moon. In addition to the large area of ​​the red ocean, there is only one continent. The entire continent is roughly the same as South Africa or Peru.

Most of the continents are covered with red vegetation, grass, trees, flowers, and fruits. Everywhere he goes, he sees everything in red.

After flying around the planet a few times and understanding the entire planet, Jerry let the ship land in a dilapidated and almost unrecognizable building complex.

“Three years ago, this place was not destroyed. It seems that when the Kree came, something happened.” Gamora looked at the ruins and sighed.

This one was to be a city, one of the largest societies on the planet. Thanos brought his fleet down from the sky, destroying half of the population on this planet.

Thanos is powerful, and the people of this planet are still using cold weapons. So there is almost no resistance, and the damage to this city is not that big.

But this city has been bombed into ruins because the Kree fleet encountered strong resistance from the natives and launched a counterattack.

“Judging from the marks, it doesn’t seem that it has been attacked for a long time. The Kree should have discovered this planet recently. Maybe the inhabitants of this planet are still here.” Rocket jumped off the ship and looked around in the ruins a few times.

“Maybe we should ask them directly.” Jerry thought for a moment, and then he had an idea.

When he was just orbiting this planet, he saw that there were many Kree spaceships carrying out various logistic work on this planet. If he wants to know if the inhabitants on this planet are still here, he can directly find a Kree nearby and ask them in a “friendly” approach.

Jerry is quite satisfied with the situation on this planet. The continent is not big, which is beneficial for him knowing it’s pretty much the same as in his world. Based on these buildings and what Gamora just said, the inhabitants of this planet are still using cold weapons.

Now there’s a chance for him to find someone here. But if he didn’t get any, he would’ve just gone to Contraxia later.

“That’s easy, leave it to us.” When Star-Lord heard that he was going to find a Kree to be questioned, he immediately patted his chest and assured Jerry.

Jerry glanced at Star-Lord and smiled, and his figure suddenly disappeared in place in a second and flashed again the next second. When he appeared, there was a Kree in his hand.

“No need.” Jerry just Apparated on a nearby ship, grabbed a Kree, and Apparated back here again.

He didn’t care Star-Lord and the other’s expressions. Jerry cast an Imperius Curse on the Kree and began to extract the relevant information. About ten minutes later, Jerry wiped the Kree’s memory.

According to the Kree’s information, the Kree fleet discovered the planet five days earlier than them and called the Kree fleet to occupy the planet. All this planet’s inhabitants, whom they call the Kata race, have not been transported to Hala but concentrated in several spaceships in the center of the continent.

Because it is a newly discovered race, Kree’s translator cannot translate the language of the Kata. It needs to be processed before they can brainwash the Kata people to be placed in Hala. They need to understand their new planet and then mine valuable resources.

“One million of the population are still alive, that’s good enough.”

Jerry’s ring space is being improved as time goes on. Using the ability of the Infinity Stones and the area has reached the size of two average provinces. One million aliens will definitely be able to live there for a long time.

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Published On: September 10, 2023

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