“No, no, no. We have no intention of fighting with the Kree Empire. We’re just wandering around.” Looking at the Kree on the screen, Yondu smiled.

After the communication channel was turned off, he quickly turned to look at Jerry, “Judging from the radar, they have a small mothership and more than 300 fighter ships. They’re stronger than ours. I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to fight them. Of course, if Mr. Carmen wants to, we can do it. But you have to pay more.”

“Didn’t you say that you can’t beat them?” Jerry replied.

Yondu patted his chest, “Although their firepower is stronger than ours, and their ships are much more advanced than ours. The Ravagers are best at sneak attacks, and as long as Mr. Carmen gives enough money, we are not afraid of death.”

Yondu has two reasons why he said this.

The first is that Jerry will definitely help. As long as Jerry releases his Asgardian spaceship, their winning rate will definitely increase a lot. Second, he understands the Kree Empire fleet very much. Because they wouldn’t go fight someone recklessly.

Because their main planet is far away from here, as long as half of the fleet’s ships are destroyed, they will definitely retreat and retake the planet when reinforcements arrive.

As long as they are fast in destroying the Kree fleet, they can get things done and retreat before the reinforcements arrive.

“So, you are not afraid of offending the Kree Empire and being wanted?” Jerry knew that the Kree Empire was stronger than the Nova Empire. Once they were wanted, they would be hunted down by their fleet.

When Yondu heard the words, he laughed and said, “I have twelve bounties in several of their regions, and I don’t care if I add one more.”

He was sold to the Kree as a slave by his parents when he was a child and was rescued after working for them for 20 years. Since then, he created The Ravagers and stole several of Kree’s spaceships.

His subordinates are willing to follow him because he is ruthless and dares to rob a Kree Empire’s ship.

They will do anything if Jerry is willing to pay more. Jerry looked at Yondu in surprise. Although the Ravagers do not look strong, they are indeed courageous enough. All of them were desperadoes who would die for the sake of money.

“Forget it, there’s no need for that. Turn around and go to the jumping point.” Jerry refused Yondu’s proposal.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to spend money, even though he has a lot of it. It is also not because he is afraid that they will not be able to defeat the fleet. He can even defeat the fleet by himself.

It’s just that his purpose here is to find suitable inhabitants for his small world, not to fight with the Kree Empire.

“You are our client, so we’ll listen to you whatever it is.” Hearing Jerry’s answer, Yondu was a little surprised.

He didn’t say much but ordered the pilot to immediately turn around and return to the jumping point just now. Going back to Contraxia to gain 50 million units without much effort is already a good thing for him.

However, he thought that Jerry would be more inclined to attack them.

After they turned around, Jerry turned to look at Gamora, “Gamora, do you think there are still local natives on this planet after the Kree Empire occupied it?”

“Under normal circumstances, they will transport all the remaining natives to Hala and kill all the ones that resisted their order. They will be brainwashed, taught about operating machinery, and finally sent to other planets occupied by the Kree as slaves. Unless they hadn’t finished doing all of that until now.” Gamora replied.

“Why did you turn around?” Just then, Rocket, Groot, and Drax came to the cockpit.

Star-Lord told what had just happened.

“I think it’s a waste to just leave like this. Maybe the natives haven’t been transported away yet.” Rocket sighed with some regret.

He just upgraded his gun and added a lot of things. He was looking for someone to test its power.

“Huh, you’re right.” Jerry stroked his chin.

Drax immediately pulled out his daggers, “Then turn the ship around now and let’s fight those Kree!”

Because Ronan led the Kree Empire fleet to destroy his planet and kill his family, Drax greatly hated Ronan and the Kree Empire.

After he escaped from prison, he hadn’t even seen Ronan. It makes him upset, and he wants to vent that to the Kree Empire.

“No need to turn around. I will go there to confirm it myself when I say “confirm,” and prepare the ship for a space jump and wait for me.” Jerry waved his hand.

However, everyone, including Yondu, objected in unison, “That’s too dangerous!”

They thought Jerry wanted someone to drive him and sneak to the planet to find out. Jerry’s magic and his ship are powerful, but it is too risky in the face of the Kree Empire fleet alone.

Jerry is a big client, and he was giving them a mission with a total of 5.1 billion in total. If he dies, then they will lose a lot of money.

“It’s not what you think it is. I can open a portal to go to the planet, and I won’t cause a ruckus toward them.” Jerry raised his hand.

“A portal?” When everyone heard the word, they fell silent.

Jerry walked to a relatively empty part of the cockpit, roughly estimated the distance, stretched out his hand, and drew a circle leading to the planet.

“This is the portal. You can also think of it as a simplified version of the space jump crack. After passing through the portal, I can just avoid all of the Kree fleets and directly go to the planet.” Jerry stepped over the portal and appeared on the red grass at the other end of the portal.

“Okay, just drive the spaceship near the jump point and wait for me. When I’m done, I’ll open a portal directly to the cockpit.”

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Published On: September 9, 2023

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