Early the next morning,

After breakfast in the Great Hall, Jerry and Hermione, who had a long-ago scheduled appointment, hurried to the library on the second level.

“There are so many books!”

Hermione uttered an exclamation as soon as she set foot inside the library. Jerry gave it a quick look and agreed.

The quantity of volumes in the library is not particularly stressed in the film, thus it appears that there are not many magic books and that the Hogwarts library is not very large.

The entire library has tens of thousands of magic books on at least thousands of shelves. Additionally, it can be claimed that wizards have a very extensive history, one that spans many fields and is divided into numerous groups.

“Let’s get a library card first!” Hermione took Jerry and headed over to where the librarian Irma Pince was after regaining consciousness.

Hermione had already informed him while they were still traveling that he needed to first apply for a library card in order to read and borrow books from the library.

When she heard that Jerry and Hermione were about to apply for a library card, the thin and elderly witch librarian Irma Pince admonished them in a stern manner.

“I have the authority to impose the harshest penalties on you if you damage, mistreat, or desecrate the library’s books in any other way, including cutting, tearing, denting, soiling, throwing, or dropping them.”

“Additionally, no snacks may be consumed in the library, and access to the restricted area must first be authorized by the teacher.”

She tapped the two brand-new library cards with her magic wand, recorded their information, and presented them to Jerry and Hermione after confirming that both of them had nodded sincerely.

“The restricted area?”

Jerry reluctantly turned his head away from the rows of bookcases designating the restricted book area and moved with Hermione to the general book section to hunt for the magic books he required.

There must be many magic books on the bookcases in the forbidden area that list potions and spells with great power, but obtaining them without the teacher’s signature is difficult.

He even considers breaking into the library at night to grab the magic book from the locked room, just like he did with the Half-Blood Prince’s book. But after giving it some thought, he continued to reject this irrational strategy.

Apart from some common plants used by the students for practice, there was nothing priceless in the Potions class. Even if he infiltrated covertly and was caught, it wouldn’t be a huge issue.

Furthermore, Snape doesn’t frequently look them up, and the Half-Blood Prince book had been kept in the locker for a while. He rapidly memorized the notes before returning them, and Snape most likely wouldn’t notice.

The library, however, is unique, particularly in the limited area. It contains a great deal of hazardous magic books. It is undoubtedly difficult to defend. Harry is not him. The back door was opened by Dumbledore.

Therefore, it would be wiser to postpone taking this risk until after the strength has grown stronger and then consider it carefully.

The library has an excessive number of books, as well as many non-fiction titles. Jerry looked for a book that he thought would be helpful to him right now for a while.

“Research on Modern Witchcraft’s Evolution”

He quickly glanced through it and noticed that there were many explanations of magic theory, which would be very useful for him to study magic spells. He moved the magic book to the side reading area and activated the “Refreshing” ability to read it.

Soon after, Hermione joined Jerry in the chair, holding a book titled “Guide to Medieval Witchcraft.”

The two immediately sat in silence on the bench and regarded the magic book in their possession. They would attempt to speak and converse with one another if they came across something that was challenging to understand.

At the end of the day, he believed he had accomplished a great thing. It is often not as effective as two individuals conversing when one is alone and deeply contemplating something.

Jerry reasoned that learning the complex spells Snape created would take less time if he talked about them with Hermione. But after giving it some thought, he decided against doing that.

It’s better not to let others know about his secret learning of magic spells for the time being. If it gets out, the good persona he created before will collapse.

The Hogwarts library closes at eight o’clock in the evening.

So after agreeing to continue reading books tomorrow, Jerry and Hermione each borrowed a few magic books with their library cards and left the library. But when they left the library, there was a scene.

That’s when they happened to bump into the gloomy Professor Snape.

When Snape saw Jerry and Hermione coming out of the library talking and laughing, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he didn’t know what he thought of, so he asked them a few questions in an uncharacteristically gentle tone.

One of them inquired as to whether he and Hermione had grown close before enrolling at Hogwarts.

Jerry nodded at the moment since he believed Hermione and he was friends before enrolling at Hogwarts because they had met in Diagon Alley.

Snape was surprised when he received the response and was surprised. Don’t lose affection just because he doesn’t be in the same house, he sighed and stroked Jerry on the shoulder.

“Don’t lose to Harry, and avoid being overly infatuated with magic.”

Jerry was a little perplexed at the time.

Allowing Snape to interact with Gryffindors would allow him to concentrate more on learning magic and gaining points for Slytherin. Is it possible that he misunderstood something?

He didn’t give it any thought, so he stopped worrying about it. Jerry kept concentrating on mastering magic.

He would attend lessons seriously, work diligently, and participate in class discussions in the coming days to gain credits and enhance his reputation. He will use the library books he checked out to advance his studies when there are no classes and in the evenings.

He asks Hermione about whatever he doesn’t understand. He actually intended to seek advice from the teacher.

Hogwarts has a small number of instructors, and nearly all of them are required to teach seven grades. Additionally, the time is quite limited, it is difficult to find, and there is not much time to provide him with specific instructions.

The second week’s Wednesday was quickly approaching.

He noticed a notice declaring that he would begin taking flying lessons with Gryffindor tomorrow on the notice board in the Slytherin common area on this particular day. The beginning of flying lessons pleased a lot of young wizards, especially male wizards who liked Quidditch like Draco.

At ten o’clock on Wednesday night,

Jerry rose as usual and went outside the dormitory. He didn’t read in the common area this time. Instead, he sneaked upstairs in violation of the Hogwarts curfew.

His red stars are already down to more than 30, and they won’t survive until tomorrow. Before leaving for the main world at twilight, he wished to acquire a broomstick. He can more easily acquire red stars after making this return.

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Published On: March 4, 2023

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