“It is expected to reach the reach destination in five minutes.” The pilots were reporting to Yondu when Jerry stepped into the cockpit.

Next to Yondu were Star-Lord and Gamora.

“Mr. Carmen. We will pass through this point and fly for several minutes before reaching the planet where the coordinates are located.” Yondu heard the sound of the door being pulled open, looked back and saw that it was Jerry, and explained to him.

Yondu acted nicely now to him. One is because he may require to provide him with another job, and second, he is afraid of his magic.

As the leader of Ravagers, Yondu is a strong figure among his peers who can control the arrows to kill the enemy with only a whistle. But his arrow can be completely disarmed by Jerry.

Moreover, Thunderface and the others were turned into maggots and thrown into the toilet for two days. He still vividly remembered their expression at that moment.

When a Transfiguration Charm casts someone into an animal, they will act according like an animal would. But after recovering from it, their memory of being turned into an animal still remains.

Therefore, when they came out of the toilet, they were shocked by the fact that they had been in the toilet for two full days.”

“Good, if the planet in front meets the conditions. We don’t need to go to Contraxia, and I will still pay you one million. For a travel fee.” Jerry nodded.

When Yondu heard the words, his smile grew. Usually, they wouldn’t get anything from it, but even if they didn’t do anything, they would get one million units from him.

While one million units are nothing compared to one hundred million units, it is considered to be a lot. Even most of the missions with that kind of reward would require a lot of resources to be used. While today, they just used fuel on their spaceship to travel around space, and it would only cost them a few thousand units.

“Quill. Where is Groot, Rocket, and Drax?” Jerry turned his head to look around and asked Star-Lord.

Star-Lord found a seat and sat down, then fastened his seat belt and replied, “Rocket was remodeling his gun. He was an expert in that. Groot was with him, they were inseparable. As for Drax, he is not very happy recently. He escaped from prison not for money but to get revenge on Ronan, but we never go for Ronan. “

“There are two minutes until the jumping point. Fasten your seat belts.” A beeping sound was heard throughout the spaceship.

After Yondu and Gamora heard it, they also found a place to fasten their seat belts. Only Jerry stood there motionless. It is not surprising that Yondu and others saw this because this is not the first time that happened.

There will be strong vibrations whenever the spaceship passes a space jump. It is best to stay in a seat and use your belt or hold a nearby post to hold on.

However, this vibration obviously did not affect Jerry, who deeply understood space magic. In Jerry’s view, the so-called space jump is similar to the principle of a portal, except that it is larger and farther.

Every time the ship passes through the point, it gives him a newer understanding of space magic.

“Arriving at the point, prepare for a jump.”

Two minutes later, Jerry saw through the glass in front and a spatial crack appeared in front. The crack is shaped into a membrane that consists of countless regular hexagonal patterns, each hexagonal pattern is twice the size of a typical Ravagers spaceship.

A powerful energy swept the entire ship. Nothing happened to all the items in the ship, but all creatures are affected by this energy, and it feels like they would be sucked out. Only Jerry seemed to be completely unaffected because he wiped out the energy before it could get close to him.

In about a second, the ship passed through the crack and emerged. The distance should be several light years away from their original position. They flew for about ten minutes after leaving the space jump. Jerry looked through the window and saw a planet appearing in the distance.

Just as Gamora mentioned before, that planet that was discovered by Thanos three years ago killed half of its population.

“Boss, the radar detected that there are a large number of spaceships outside the planet ahead, and they are coming to us. Should we continue?” A pilot asked hesitantly.

“Stop here.” Yondu’s face changed.

According to Gamora, this planet is still in a relatively primitive state. They shouldn’t have spaceships. Therefore, it is very likely that a group from the Kree Empire had colonized the planet.

It took a little while for spaceships with the logo of the Kree Empire to appear in front of them.

“Boss, there is a communication request coming from them. Shall we answer?” The pilot looked at Yondu, and Yondu looked at Jerry.

Jerry nodded, “Accept and see what they have to say.”

After a while, a projection appeared on the screen. On the screen, a Kree in a military uniform said in a warning tone, “Ravagers, this is a planet occupied by the Kree Empire. Turn away immediately, or we will attack you.”

Ravagers are only welcome in a few places, but sometimes they are needed for special purposes.

Therefore, when several fleets encounter the Ravagers, they will first issue a warning and only launch an attack after the warning is ineffective.

After all, most of the Ravagers were just mercenaries, and they didn’t have much money. There is no benefit in attacking them. While the Ravagers don’t fight an empire fleet because the odds of winning are not in their favor.

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