“Now, you just need to tell your men that everything’s alright, and we can go right now.” Jerry said to Yondu while lifting the spell on all of the Ravagers.

He ordered his ship in the sky, “Reduce your size.”


They saw that the ship quickly shrank to the size of a thumb after a burst of magical light flashed and flew into Jerry’s pocket. After today’s incident, traveling with his ship would catch everyone’s attention, and it would be very troublesome if he went to Contraxia with it.

Although he is not afraid of anything, it would cost him a lot of time if there is trouble. Therefore, he let his ship change its size so that there was no need to worry about it.

On the other side, the Ravagers stared blankly at their spaceship that had returned to its original state, thinking that they had just had a dream. However, after hearing that there might be a big job, they didn’t think about it much further.

All the Ravager’s spaceships, including Milano, entered the Ravager’s mothership together. Yondu took control and flew towards the coordinates given by Gamora.

Two weeks later, in a certain room of the mothership, Jerry was flipping through information on his bracelet when a voice suddenly came from the door.

“Mr. Carmen, we are about to make the last space jump. After this jump, we should not be far from the destination where the coordinates are located.”

“Thank you, Kraglin.” Jerry responded and closed his bracelet.

No matter how fast the mothership is, it cannot cross the galaxy and travel through various planets easily. So it is a must to find a fixed space jumping point to travel long distances. These so-called space jump points have fixed positions in the universe.

The mothership made a total of ten space jumps in two weeks. Under the guidance of Kraglin, Jerry passed through several cabins and came to the main control room. On the way, all the Ravagers who saw Jerry showed vigilance.

It’s not because Jerry is a big client. Most of the Ravagers are people where wars destroyed planets, and there are many fugitives from various planets. They are lawless and cold-blooded killers who will not surrender to you just because of money. They only respect the strong.

This happened because of the moment Jerry and the others stepped into their base operation.


Thirteen days ago.

In the public entertainment area of ​​the mothership, most of the Ravangers gathered to chat. Jerry sat and chatted with Star-Lord and talked about Contraxia.

They talked about the planet that Thanos conquered, and it was very close to the Large Magellanic Cloud of the Kree Empire. It was very likely that the Kree Empire had discovered it.

Therefore, according to Gamora’s suggestion, Jerry has already made good preparation to go to Contraxia Star to find new clues if thing doesn’t go well.

“Hey, green-skinned girl. Come and have a drink with us!” At this moment, a figure taller than Drax, that is carrying a bottle of wine, walked toward her.

These Ravagers were looking at her delicately. They hadn’t touched a woman for some time, and suddenly a beautiful woman was sitting there. How could they not make a move?

However, Gamora is not an easy person to deal with. She has been subjected to brutal training by Thanos since childhood, and her body is very strong. These Ravagers are not a match for her.

Before her dagger was drawn, Star-Lord had already drawn out his gun and pointed at the Ravager angrily, “Get away from her, or I’ll shoot you in the head.”

“You’re talking to Thunderface now, Peter. I would have crushed you long ago if it wasn’t for Yondu always protecting you. You are a traitor, and the traitor should be executed. We followed Udonta because he was never merciful, but he let you go again and again.”

Thunderface didn’t care about the gun in Star-Lord’s hand at all because several of his partner behind him also raised their guns at Star-Lord.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it!” At this moment, two loud laughter suddenly interrupted the tense atmosphere.

It was Rocket and Drax sitting next to Jerry.

“Your name is Thunderface?”

“Yeah, that’s my new name.” Thunderface replied.

“Can your face shoot out a small thunder?” Rocket asked, holding back his laughter.

Before waiting for Thunderface to answer, Drax laughed and said, “His face definitely can’t shoot a small thunder. But I bet a thunder must have hit him in the face.”

Jerry was sitting there, and he was not amused by the name “Thunderface.” He couldn’t help but laugh after hearing what Rocket and Drax said. He found that these two guys were funny sometimes.

“We don’t need to find the planet. All we had to do was just to tie this man and let him transfer all the money in his account, leave the green-skinned woman behind, Quill the traitor, and the others. Maybe if we all agree, they all should be killed. This is what we, as the Ravagers, should do.”

Seeing that these people didn’t take him seriously, Thunderface immediately shouted at all the Ravagers behind him. With his words, a dozen of them stood up with guns.

Without waiting for Gamora, Jerry waved his hand, and a magic light flew out. It instantly hits all the Ravangers in a circle. Immediately, there was wringing of pain in the entire room.

“Perhaps when I was in that black market, I was too kind to you. Let me remind you guys. If you help me find what I want, there will be a bonus. If not, I will give you a lot of very ‘good’ memories.”

Jerry waved away the Cruciatus Curse and then followed by a Transfiguration Curse. He turned all the Ravagers who had just stopped screaming into maggots and threw them directly into a toilet.

He set a timer for the spell for two days. After two days, these people would climb out of the toilet, and they should learn what it meant to disobey Jerry’s words.s something he had never seen before.

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