“You’re a traitor. You stole my money. If it weren’t for me, my men would have eaten you. They have never tasted the taste of an Earth boy. It was I who saved you back then.” On the land outside, a blue-skinned alien in a leather jacket was yelling at Star-Lord.

Behind him are a group of long, crooked, hideous-looking people and the spaceships floating in the air, aiming their muzzles at Star-Lord and others.

“Who is that person, an enemy?” Jerry was standing not far behind Star-Lord and asked Gamora.

If it was a random enemy, it doesn’t seem like one. Knowing from the tone and words of the person itself seems like a relative. In his opinion, the person is like a father getting angry to his son.

But you can’t say that they’re not the enemy. Those spaceship muzzles were aimed at them, and the figure exuded a strong malicious, and killing intent toward them.

“His name is Yondu. He’s a very famous Ravagers member. He’s also the one that took Quill away from Earth. It’s hard to say whether he’s an enemy or not.” Gamora held a dagger with a worried look on her face.

“Save me? You’ve been talking about that stuff every day for the past 20 years as if it was the greatest thing you have achieved in your life. Also, there’s no way you guys would eat me alive. On top of that, you kidnapped me, not saved me.” Star-Lord argued back.

When Yondu heard that Star-Lord talked back, he immediately pointed at him and cursed, “I’m the one who took you away from your family? You don’t care about them at all. You don’t even care about Earth. If it were, you would’ve gone back for a long time. You’re just scared and a coward.”

Star-Lord was stunned when he heard this because what Yondu said was the truth. Yondu has never restricted his freedom. If he wants to go back to Earth, he can drive the Milano back to Earth.

But he didn’t do it. Because when he was taken away by Yondu, his mother just passed away, which brings back his bad memories.

“I’m sorry, the boss has to let his subordinates understand the fate of betrayal. Since you betrayed us, there is only one way this ends.”

Yondu whistled. An arrow with a red light on his waist immediately flew up and flew toward Star-Lord’s throat. If Yondu continues to whistle, the arrow can immediately pierce Star-Lord’s throat and kill him on the spot.

“They’re an enemy, alright.” Seeing that Star-Lord was in danger, Gamora rushed over with her dagger.

Although she usually beats and kicks Star-Lord, and often calls him an idiot. It is undeniable that Star-Lord’s humor and heart have indeed melted her heart at some point. Behind her, Rocket, Groot, and Drax followed.

They all came out of the same prison and were all people with different personalities and backgrounds. When they banded together, a feeling grew within them.

“I advise you not to move.” Yondu looked at Gamora and the others who were rushing towards him and made a gesture towards them.

Immediately, dozens of Ravagers spaceships shot out an energy bomb in unison, leaving a crater two or three meters deep on the land in front of Gamora.

“Gamora, stand back. You can do whatever you want with me but don’t hurt them.” Star-Lord reacted and quickly reassured Gamora and Yondu.

However, at this moment, a loud voice, as if using a loudspeaker, suddenly sounded, “Where are you, my ship?”

Everyone followed the voice to see that it was Jerry, who had just been standing behind and didn’t move. Before everyone wondered why his voice was so loud, a voice came from far and near at an extremely fast speed.

“Artillery’s coming!”

Turning their head to look, a golden Viking ship is approaching extremely fast in the distance.

“Destroy them!” Jerry pointed to the dozens of Ravagers spaceships in the air.


As the ship turned into a golden light and rushed towards the nearest Ravagers spaceship. Two rows of large oars changed during the charge, pulling out several big blades on the side. Because the speed of the ship was too fast, the Ravagers spaceship couldn’t turn back in time.

As if it was cutting tofu with a knife, the spaceships split into two and fell to the ground after Jerry’s ship flew by.

“What the hell is that?”

In just a moment, several Ravagers’ spaceship was destroyed. Everyone below except Jerry was stunned.

However, what surprised them was that in the few seconds that they were stunned, the ship wielded more than 20 giant blades and managed to destroy plenty of spaceships.

“Be careful!” At this moment, Rocket shouted.

Because in these few seconds, the remaining Ravagers’ spaceships had already reacted, and they aimed their weapons at Jerry’s ship.

It is a pity that his ship has already activated the defensive layer, and their attack alone cannot destroy the shield that Jerry enchanted on his ship.

Against the attack of the Ravagers spaceship, the ship entered a space gap and disappeared. It reappeared behind a Ravagers spaceship and cut it in half a few seconds later.

The ship entered the space gap again without waiting for the other Ravagers’ spaceships to react and adjust their muzzle.

Relying on the advantage of the space gap, in less than 20 seconds, all the remaining Ravagers spaceships in the air were destroyed in half.

At this time, only one spaceship parked on the ground was left, and the pilot of this spaceship was not inside the ship but behind Yondu.

“Sorry, but I hired them, and you can’t kill them. At least until they finish my job.” After seeing his ship had destroyed all of the Ravagers’ spaceships, Jerry walked to Gamora and the others.

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Published On: September 6, 2023

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