In the Dead Star, a black market was hidden in a canyon. In front of the huge building transformed from half an abandoned planetary-level spaceship, a golden and peculiar ship landed steadily on land where dozens of spaceships of various colors were parked.

The ship landed and took off the defensive layer on the outside, and a wooden ladder quickly extended down from the deck. Immediately afterward, several people walked down. It was Jerry, Star-Lord and the others.

It may be because the spaceship’s appearance is too extra, or it may be because of the defensive layer that makes it different from others. The bounty hunters who gathered outside the black market showed a smile to them.

“There is no law in the black market, be careful.” Gamora walked to Jerry’s left, putting her hands on her waist as if ready to draw her weapon.

Star-Lord and Rocket walked on the right and behind Jerry very tacitly, always paying attention to protect his safety. He was about to pay them 5 billion units, and if Jerry died, it would be a great loss on their side.

“You don’t have to do that. My magic is pretty strong.” Jerry explained, but seeing their expression, he didn’t continue anymore about this problem.

He is not someone who likes to show off. Before finding a suitable planet, it is estimated that some people would actually know how strong he is later.

“Maybe we can go inside and hang out before leaving.” Jerry looked at the black market ahead with an expression of interest.

When he saw the black market, he couldn’t help but think of the scene of visiting the black market of Place Cachée, the black market in the Harry Potter world. The black market brought him a lot of things.

The expressions of the bounty hunters nearby now look very similar to those wizards who tried to rob him before.

“It would be better if we left earlier.” Gamora looked at the malicious bounty hunters. She disagrees with Jerry’s idea.

Asgardian rarely leaves the Nine Realms, so it is unknown to most ordinary people in the universe. It’s like most ordinary people on Earth have heard about the Mayan civilization, but they didn’t know what they did, lived, etc. Only several people knew about it.

Most of the bounty hunters and mercenaries outside the black market are obviously not the kind that would know much information about Asgardians. So they didn’t recognize the ship that Jerry used and weren’t afraid of Asgard at all.

They just thought that a weird ship could actually travel through space and that there was a defensive layer on it. At a glance, they knew that it was the kind of ship that only rich people would buy.

“I know you’re not afraid of them. But just in case, I agree with Gamora’s idea, go back to Quill’s spaceship, find Groot and Drax, and leave quickly.” As a bounty hunter, Rocket knows a lot about what kinds of people are in the black market.

Jerry’s ship has now attracted the attention of these bounty hunters. If they don’t act quickly, it is estimated that someone will come for them. If it were just a few of them, Rocket wouldn’t be afraid.

But there’s a lot of them, and once a bullet hits Jerry, their five billion will be gone.

“I also think this is a wise decision. Although I really want to go in and hang around right now.” Although Star-Lord is a little out of tune, he is not stupid. He knows that money is more important now.

The three of them looked at Jerry at the same time. They only suggested it, and the decision was entirely left to Jerry. If Jerry insists on going in, they have to accompany him.

“Well, alright then.” Jerry shrugged.

He is not worried that the bounty hunters in the black market will pose a threat to him. It’s just that now he has a lot of money, so he doesn’t need to go inside and do gambling. If he wants to go shopping, he can go to the largest black market in the universe.

Since the three of them wanted to leave early, he didn’t insist. In this way, the four wander around and soon find Milano is put in the farthest location amongst the other spaceship. Pressing a button, Milano immediately lowered a ladder, and the four walked along the ladder.

“I’m Groot.”

As soon as he walked into the cabin, a big tree figure came over with a sad face. It is precisely because of his too-obvious body shape Groot was left behind in the spaceship. Groot only says one sentence, but it expresses different meanings. No one can understand except Rocket.

“Sorry that we’re a bit late. Where’s the big guy?”

Sure enough, Rocket immediately knew what Groot meant, complaining that they had been away too long. If they hadn’t followed Jerry to sell his spaceships according to the original plan, they should have returned earlier than now.

“I’m Groot.”

Groot pointed to a chair behind him. A big man covered in red tattoos was sleeping on the back.

“Quill, I know you’re in there. Get out now.”

Just as Rocket jumped on Drax and slapped him to make him awake, a voice full of anger suddenly came from outside the spaceship. When Star-Lord heard the sound, his expression changed drastically, and he quickly ran to the front driver’s seat and pressed a button.

Suddenly, a virtual projection appeared on the screen. Judging from the video on the screen, it is obvious that it is happening right outside the spaceship.

The area was previously empty and is now occupied by a huge number of spaceships that look like Milano. The angry voice just now came from the largest spaceship.

“Oh, shit. We’re in trouble.” Star-Lord looked at the screen and couldn’t help but curse.

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Published On: September 6, 2023

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