“It would be great if it was. This thing is a one-time use item to prevent it from being counterfeited. After it is used up, it will be no different from scrap iron. It can only be exchanged for a new one.” Rocket slammed the table next to him.

“So, can I go to that black market and exchange it for cash to pay you?” Jerry asked.

“No, it’s a small black market. Four billion is enough to buy that whole black market itself.”

Gamora shrugged, “Only in Knowhere or Contraxia can you find enough merchants to exchange four billion in cash. But my suggestion is best to go to Contraxia.”

“Because if there is a problem with the planet we go to, we have to go to Contraxia to find other information. Once we get the relevant information, you can directly pay 5 billion in cash to us. “

There is another reason why she chose Knowhere. Because the buyer before was the Collector who rules Knowhere, it would be troublesome if they were discovered.

“Well, alright then.”

There is no problem with Jerry. His purpose is to find a planet that meets the conditions and then put them into the ring space.

Whether it is Knowhere or the gathering place of the Ravagers, he is interested in seeing it, even including the Kree Empire and the Sovereign Empire.

“How long will it take to reach the destination?”

“It will take about four hours at our current speed.”

Jerry nodded, “You guys can rest here. There is everything to eat, drink, and play here. If you have any questions, ask the ship.”

After saying goodbyes to Gamora and Rocket, he got up and returned to his villa room. Four hours is a long time. It would be better for him to study more information from the Nova Empire.

During his time on Xandar, he paid for the bracelet to download all the biology-related knowledge of the Nova Empire.

Although the technology of the Nova Empire is not leaning towards biological research, there will always be some new knowledge that Earth does not have, and it could be useful to him.

When it comes to biological transformation, he has to look at the Kree Empire. According to the introduction about the Kree Empire, they like to use foreign aliens from a colony planet for experimentation. Therefore, they have many advanced technologies in bioengineering.

“Although he’s just an Earthling. I don’t know why, but I always feel that he is mysterious.” Rocket muttered after Jerry left.

Gamora was lost in thought. She always felt as if she had overlooked something, “What is he doing?”

When the three were discussing just now, Star-Lord was not here. He carried his Walkman on the beach and danced while listening to his music.

Gamora just remembered something when she suddenly saw Star-Lord’s dance. She couldn’t help but reach out and touch the dagger around her waist.

“Maybe he’s doing those mating call things. It is said that many animals on Earth like to dance when they are searching for a mate.” Seeing this, Rocket picked up the wine on the table and laughed.

Star-Lord jumped, turned on the thrusters on his feet, slid directly along the sand to Gamora, and then gave her a wink.

On the other hand, Gamora silently stood up and quickly kicked Star-Lord. She left a word of “idiot” and turned to go to the villa’s living room.

“What’s up with her?” Star-Lord bent down and covered his crotch with one hand. He took off his earphones and asked Rocket.

Rocket poured the wine from the glass into his mouth and said, “How should I know? Ask her yourself.”


Four hours later, on the deck of the ship.

“There it is, a Dead Star that was completely destroyed by the war between the Kree Empire and the Nova Empire, and now it has become a small black market.” Gamora explained, pointing to an uneven pitch-black planet ahead.

“What is the Dead Star?”

Jerry asked curiously. Although he has read a lot of information about various aspects of the universe recently, there are still some terms that he doesn’t quite understand.

Star-Lord stepped forward, coughed, and explained, “The so-called Dead Stars are different from the planets that have never been born. Their predecessors were all planets that had the reproduction of life and were suitable for the growth of life.”

“It was only later that it was destroyed due to various wars. But compared to those planets that have never been born with life, these Dead Stars can at least survive outside without wearing any equipment.”

“This is also the reason why the black market chose to be built on a Dead Star”

Jerry nodded after hearing this. He knows that since the development of the universe, there have been countless interstellar wars that not only the Kree Empire and Nova Empire were fighting.

He had introduced it when he read the relevant information about the Kree Empire. Before the Kree Empire and the Nova Empire started the war, they had fought with the Skrull Empire for countless years.

It was not until twenty years ago that the Kree Empire announced that it had exterminated the only remaining group of Skrulls. So in the entire universe, there are a lot of Dead Stars.

The universe is cruel. Even if there is a peace-loving civilization like the Nova Empire, you must always strengthen yourself. Because if you encounter someone like the Kree Empire, it will be over.

Jerry personally felt that if the Kree Empire was not at war with the Skrull Empire and destroyed them. It is estimated that it would not have signed a peace agreement with the Nova Empire.

Moreover, he estimates that the Kree Empire has a plan with its troops. According to their personality that likes to start wars, they dislike a peaceful situation between two sides like this.

That’s why he sold the Dark Elves’ aircraft to the Nova Empire.

If the Kree Empire really attacked the Nova Empire, they would be saved because of the aircraft and mothership that they bought. On top of that, he might earn some red stars for indirectly helping them.

Of course, this is just a theory. After all, he was not directly helping them.

However, it was the best thing to have anyway. He can acquire a lot of money from it knowing he can’t use those things.

Following the guidance of Gamora, the ship entered the atmosphere of the Dead Star and then found the brightly lit black market in a certain barren canyon.

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