Xandar Spaceport.

“So this is an Asgardian ship? Can it really fly? It looks far from my Milano.” Star-Lord looked suspiciously at the golden Viking ship in front of him.

There is no propeller, no thruster, except that it is bigger and looks more conspicuous. It is no different from a wooden boat that can only row in the sea. There are also two rows of oars, which is really weird.

As soon as Star-Lord finished speaking, he was slapped on the back and face-planted himself on the ground. It turned out that the ship raised its big oar and came to Star-Lord from behind.

“My ship has its own mind. You can understand that it is equipped with an artificial intelligence system. I should remind you not to speak bad things about it.” Jerry looked at Star-Lord, who was lying on the ground clutching his butt.

After a friendly reminder, he stepped on the stairs lowered by the ship and walked up. Gamora shook her head as she passed by Star-Lord.

“Wow, Quill, you are rude.” Rocket sneered at Star-Lord and walked up the stairs.

“I didn’t know it would actually hit me.” Star-Lord stood up. Seeing that the oar was about to be raised again, he hurriedly boarded it.

“Welcome back, my lord.” Just as Jerry stood on the deck, a voice could be heard throughout the ship.

Items that are endowed with wisdom and abilities by his spell have different personalities and thoughts.

It’s just that the characteristics of these minds are basically derived from the thoughts and memories of the wizards who use the spell.

The ship used a military general in Jerry’s memory. Therefore, its voice is that of an old man, and its character is the same as that of a military commander in memory.

“Set sail and leave the Xandar planet. I’ll let her set the next destination.” After seeing Star-Lord on the deck, Jerry pointed to Gamora behind him.

After the account received a huge sum of 11.5 trillion, Jerry transferred the commission fee of 100 billion to the company group as the middleman and brought the others to the Xandar Spaceport.

It turned out that after they escaped from the Kyln prison, they drove the Milano and hid in a small black market closest to Xandar.

In order to sneak into Xandar to find Jerry and get back the orb, they spend a small amount of money to send pay for a service for smuggling them to Xandar secretly through a black market merchant.

Now all they have to do is to take Jerry’s ship back to the black market, get Groot and Drax, and Star-Lord’s spaceship Milano.

After that, they’ll go to the planet that Gamora mentioned. The planet where the army led by Thanos killed half of its population three years ago.

After listening to Gamora’s report of the coordinates of the black market, The Ship immediately takes off. Fanning the large oars on both sides, left Xandar instantly.

“Okay, let’s talk about how to pay you.” When the ship flew out of Xandar, Jerry waved to the three and walked over to the small room on the ship.

Hearing the word “pay”, Star-Lord and Rocket immediately lit up, pulling Gamora to catch up with Jerry. As the wooden door of the room was pushed open, an area filled with the sights of birds and flowers appeared in the eyes of them.

Seeing the scene before them, the three suddenly widened their eyes, and Star-Lord cursed in amazement. He wanted to complain about the lack of room in the ship, and he was stunned when he saw this.

Hundreds of thousands of square meters of lawn, gardens, woods, swimming pools, large villas, and even a small lake are here. If he hadn’t looked back at the ship, he really thought he had come to another world.

“Huh, no wonder he never attacked Asgard.” Gamora looked at the scene in front of her and thought to herself.

After Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian went to Earth and failed to get the Tesseract, and fell into the hands of Asgard. Thanos never led the army to attack Asgard. Now Gamora knew that Asgard was as powerful as it was said to be.

Although, the original Asgard ship did not have this kind of function. Jerry himself added it. Thanos did not dare to attack Asgard not because Asgard was strong it was just because of Odin.

They still feel that Jerry is a super-rich figure who needs to be protected by them.

“How to transfer the four billion? All of them will be transferred to one of your accounts at once, and you guys can share it, or do you need me to send it one by one to you guys?” On the lounge chair by the villa’s pool, Jerry was drinking a glass of wine and raised his bracelet.

Rocket jumped, picked up a glass on the table, and replied helplessly, “Our account has been frozen for a long time. You can give us cash directly.”

“Cash? Like paper money?”

A surprised look appeared on Jerry’s face.

He thought that the concept of cash had long since disappeared in the universe and was all digitized. He didn’t expect that there was such a thing as cash.

“It’s not paper money. Paper money is too easy to forge and inconvenient to use. It cannot be used on all planets. What we meant by cash is this.” Gamora took out a metal block less than half the size of her palm from the pocket and threw it into Jerry’s hand.

“This kind of cash is made with very special technology and comes in different amounts. Scan it to the store when you pay, and the corresponding amount will be deducted. When the amount inside is deducted, its exterior will turn white. “

“Does that mean I can transfer four billion to this thing?” Jerry looked at the metal block in his hand.

He wasn’t knowledgeable enough about technology, so it is normal for him to be confused with this kind of thing in the universe.

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Published On: September 6, 2023

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