“No problem, as soon as the results come out, I will contact Nova Empire as soon as possible. We can pay off the money for three thousand aircraft and a mothership in one lump sum.” The Commander assured confidently, patting Jerry’s chest and assuring him.

If the power of the Kree Empire is based on constant plunder, enslavement, and war, then the power of the Nova Empire stems from their open national policies and trade means. Except for the Kree Empire, almost all planets and forces in the universe are willing to trade with Nova Empire.

This what made the Nova Empire to be so rich compared to any civilizations.

Three thousand aircraft and one mothership would undoubtedly be very expensive, but the commander believed that as long as he stated the pros and cons to the Nova Empire, they would pay a huge sum of money for it.

After all, during this period, Ronan’s actions destroying all of their station and prison, had ground Nova’s gear for quite some time, and it was time for the Nova Empire to fight back.

Two hours later, in the living room of the base, a scientist in Nova Corps uniform and a top sales expert presented their test reports and conclusions to the Commander, Chairman, and Jerry.

“The 3,000 aircraft are intact, and it was initially detected that there are powerful energy cannon weapons and stealth technology, as well as many technologies that cannot be analyzed for the time being.”

“However, if it used for a normal battle, it is not too bad.”

“As for the mothership, there are some damages in some places, but nothing substantial. Most of the functions are still perfectly preserved, and the evaluation has indeed reached a new level or armaments.” The scientists of the Nova Corps explained.

The Commander’s eyes became brighter as he listened. He only understood some of the technical terms but grasped the general idea. Even with the aircraft and mothership intact, they could be used into battle with their technology.

Implanting all the technologies needed would take time, but it was worth it if it was to be used against Ronan.

“Since the aircraft and mothership are all right, let’s discuss the price.” Jerry urged.

After some communication between the sales experts, the expert coughed and stated, “After a comprehensive calculation by our team, the price of each aircraft can be priced 500 million. If we multiply it by 3,000, the final price should be 1.5 trillion, and the price for the mothership can be priced at 10 trillions.”

“This is based on the basic valuation itself. If given more time, scientists will have more technical discoveries, and the price may increase further.” The expert replied to Jerry after giving their reasoning.

“Commander, you’ve heard the price. If you had no problem, then let’s make a deal, shall we?” Jerry agreed to the price without hesitation,.

The deal was worth 11.5 trillion. He didn’t mind paying him for that amount, as strength was what truly mattered in the universe. This is too much, but it could also mean that it could help them on defeating Ronan easily.

“Please wait, Mr. Carmen. I need a permission from the Nova Empire.” The Commander hurriedly to the communication room with a forced smile.

He knew these would be very valuable, but he didn’t expect them to be so valuable. It was estimated that the Nova Empire would get angry by it, but even so, he thought it was worth it.

On the other side, the chairman heard the offer and he couldn’t hide his smile. Although his group could not buy it all, as the company that gave the price, they could also get a generous commission for being the middleman.

According to their agreement, their group would get 100 billion for the fee itself. Although this sum of money won’t be much for the Nova Empire, it meant a lot for their company.

Later on, the Commander returned after securing approval from the Nova Empire, “Mr. Carmen, Nova Empire has agreed to this transaction, and the procedures will be completed soon.”

“11.5 trillion will be credited to your personal account. And don’t worry, it won’t take more than an hour at most to be processed.”

When the Commander came and explained the price to the Nova Empire, they thought the Commander was talking nonsense. However, after hearing all the explanations from the scientists as well. The Nova Empire agreed with the Commander’s thoughts.

Although Nova hates wars and doesn’t like the funds allocated to the development of weapons and fleets, they hates Ronan for making a trouble in the universe.

He slaughtered everyone he came across, destroyed the Kyln Prison, and massacred the prisoners and guards inside. If this deal came up before Ronan’s atrocities, there is no way the Nova Empire would agree to this deal.

Although the Kree Empire signed the peace treaty, it simply ignores the fact Ronan is wreaking havoc across the galaxy. Therefore if they want to clear this whole problem, then it would be to get rid of it from the root himself.

The Nova Empire pays attention to the current situation they are in. If they don’t make a deal with Jerry, then he can go to the Kree Empire and make the same deal.

However, dealing with the Krees themselves would be proven as trouble because of the way they think. They would possibly forcefully take the aircraft from Jerry’s hand and then throw him into a lab to force an experiment on him.

If such things were to happen, the whole Xandar itself would be destroyed by Jerry alone.

As a mage proficient in magic , technologies won’t affect Jerry, especially with how he could summon enormous quantities of the aircraft out of thin air.

Forty-five minutes later, as the day came to an end.

The Commander’s expression finally showed a genuine smile.

“Mr. Carmen, You can check your account now. 11.5 trillion have been sent. Thank you for the great deal, Mr. Carmen. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

With the deal settled, the atmosphere in the room lightened, and Jerry’s excitement grew as he received the notification of 11.5 trillion being sent to his account.

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