“Wait for me here.” As the private aircraft touched down the base’s lawn, Jerry turned to Star-Lord and the others, instructing them to stay on the aircraft for safety.

He, along with the Manager, headed towards the chairman of the company group and the Commander, Rhomann Dey who was waiting for his arrival. Having recently escaped from Kyln Prison, news of their breakout had reached Xandar , making them wanted criminals across all the colonized planets.

Jerry’s meeting with the Nova Corps commander and the presence of many personnel nearby prompted him to keep Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora secure in the luxury aircraft equipped with everything they needed.

Before their imprisonment in Kyln Prison, the three of them were already wanted criminals. Star-Lord belonged to the Ravagers, often undertaking tasks that went against the laws of the Nova Empire, resulting in multiple arrests by the Nova Corps for crimes such as theft.

In fact, the Nova Corps commander who caught him last time was an old acquaintance.

Rocket Raccoon, a bounty hunter, had an impressive record of twenty or more escapes alongside his loyal companion, Groot.

Lastly, Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos, was a well-known figure across the universe and nearly faced violence from other prisoners when she first entered Kyln Prison.

“Welcome, Mr. Carmen from Earth.” On the lawn of the base, Jerry was led by the Manager and was warmly welcomed by an old man and a middle-aged man who resembled Earthlings.

Through identity information retrieval, they were aware that Jerry hailed from Earth, not Asgard.

However, they did not underestimate him, as they knew that despite Earth’s relatively low status in the universe in terms of technology and physical strength, there were exceptional individuals, including a small number of mages.

The Earth was one of the rare planets where mages like Asgardians existed, and the most renowned among them was the Ancient One, a figure as powerful as Odin, the King of Asgard.

As a mage from the Earth, Jerry had a close relationship with the Asgardians, evident from his magical abilities, Asgardian ship, and possession of items from the dark elves.

“Thank you, It’s a great honor to meet both of you.” Jerry graciously replied to the welcoming duo, expressing his gratitude for meeting them.

During his time on Xandar, Jerry learned that the Xandarians were actually aliens who bore a striking resemblance to Earth people, with various skin colors like blue, red, and green, representing different alien settlers.

Although the Nova Empire emphasized equality and lacked racial discrimination, the Xandarians were the original founders of the empire, resulting in most high-ranking officials being Xandarians.

“Mr. Carmen, because of the quality and quantities of the warships you’ve provided, I’m afraid our group can’t afford them. So I refer to my friend himself.”

The chairman explained to Jerry that their group might be unable to afford the aircraft and mothership he had provided, so he sought his friend for help.

The Chairman was one of the richest people in the Nova Empire, but purchasing 3,000 Dark Elf aircraft and a mothership was beyond his capacity.

Moreover, such a significant acquisition would raise suspicions from the eyes of the Nova Empire itself especially he acquired it from someone that came from Earth.

He immediately informed his friend of the situation, and if the Nova Empire were interested in buying the Dark Elf aircraft and mothership, the Chairman acts as the middleman and would gain profits from their involvement in the transaction.

When the commander heard the news, he was thrilled. Recently the Nova Corps were having a trouble with the Kyln Prison.

Though he couldn’t pursue Ronan’s army to protect Xandar’s capital, acquiring 3,000 dark elf aircraft and a mothership would significantly boost the military strength of Nova Corps and deter Ronan’s potential aggression.

He immediately asked the chairman to arrange a meeting with Jerry and gathered the best scientists for the evaluation of the dark elf spaceship.

“Mr. Carmen, The Manager said just now that you can take out those aircraft and mothership for identification at any time. If it’s fine, could you please do so?”

“Of course, I hope you don’t waste my time with it because I still have many things to do.” Jerry replied.

The towering mothership appeared on the large lawn of the base.

“What a sight, It’s truly ginormous.” They stood before the mothership that Jerry had revealed using his magic.

Everyone was shocked except for Jerry.

The mothership was a remarkable feat of technology and resources, comparable in size to the Dark Aster owned by Ronan.

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