You must know that the number of aircraft on Earth is numbered in the tens of thousands range.

However, the Nova Corps had only a few thousand aircraft in Xandar. Because most of them are scattered on various colonial planets and at the border of the Kree Empire. Including the only mothership of the Nova Corps, it is also near the border of the Kree Empire itself rather than in Xandar.

Therefore, Jerry’s 3,000 aircraft and a mothership can already be comparable to most of the military forces stationed by the Nova Corps on Xandar. In other words, Jerry is now equivalent to selling a planet-level military weapon to a weapons dealer who is just about to enter the military industry.

In addition, the value of these aircraft and a mothership is not only their own artillery value but also the dark elf’s technological value they contain.

If the aircraft and mothership technology can be thoroughly researched and combined with their own technology, their military strength will be greatly improved.

Therefore, the Nova Empire and the group had to acquire all of Jerry’s aircraft and mothership now, even if they had to blow out all of their finances.

“Do you think I’m someone who jokes around?” Jerry spread his hands.

The manager trembled, “Mr. Carmen, I need to ask my boss about this matter.”

He had just been promoted and was authorized by them to have full authority to handle future transactions with Jerry. Because of that, he was confident before because he could handle this one.

But this time is different. This transaction’s worth could be bigger than his company itself. He had to contact the group leaders to make a decision.

“Well, I’ll be waiting.” Jerry had expected this.

After the manager staggered out of the room, Star-Lord immediately stared at Jerry, “Do you really have that many aircraft and a mothership?”

Rocket and Gamora also locked their eyes on Jerry.

The three had heard that Jerry wanted to make money and followed him to enter the largest store in the capital. They thought he would sell some treasures, but they did not expect that he would sell something like an aircraft directly.

“Well, I once joined forces with Thor, the prince of Asgard, and we fought against the dark elves on Earth. I used magic, and Thor used his hammer. We killed countless dark elves, and just like that, their aircraft and mothership became my personal souvenir.” Jerry recalled the battle with Thor in Kamar Taj.

After he finished speaking, he looked at the Star-Lord’s expression, “Are you making this up?”

“Why would I? I have a good relationship with the Asgardians, especially with Thor. These aircraft and mothership belong to the dark elves, and we killed all of the dark elves. After that, they just gave it to me since they didn’t need it.”

Star-Lord murmured, “It turns out that Asgardians are generous. Thor, right? I’ll remember his name. The next time I meet this guy, I must have a good relationship with him.”

He was only given an aircraft he named “Milano” after being abducted by the Ravagers for several years. He had upgraded the Milano itself, but it is far worse than the Nova Corps aircraft. In comparison, Jerry was given 3,000 aircraft and a mothership just because he was a friend of Thor.

Hearing Star-Lord’s murmuring, Jerry could only shake his head that he would just believe that kind of story so easily and even planned to do the same like him.


About half an hour later, the manager entered the room again.

“Mr. Carmen, the chairman of our group, wants to talk to you in person. Do you mind coming to our company building?”

“Well, sure.” Jerry didn’t waste time and got up.

The three followed the manager to the gate of the trading market. An ultra-luxurious private aircraft was already waiting there. Xandar has a lot of public aircraft, and there’s reason to spend money on private aircraft at all.

However, there will still be a large number of rich people who will spend money to buy them.

As if taxi now is free right now, and there is no need to have a private car to wander around the city. But there would still be people buying Rolls Royce or Mercedez just because why not. Because for rich people, transportation is not only to be used for travel but to enjoy it and show off their wealth.

When Jerry and the others sat in the aircraft that the chairman had prepared before, the eyes of all the aliens around were almost focused on them.

The aircraft that the chairman had prepared is certainly different from ordinary public aircraft. The whole aircraft itself made Jerry and the others amazed about what it had to offer. Gamora was especially amazed by this.

She had spent a lot of time serving under Thanos, who had the most advanced technology and development of their aircraft. So most of the time, she doesn’t have time to enjoy things like the aesthetics and enjoy the feeling of using it.

“We’ve arrived.” Said the manager as he looked outside the window.

Jerry saw through the aircraft’s window that they had passed through the capital’s urban area and came to the sky above a huge building.

If Jerry really wants to sell 3,000 aircraft and one mothership, they will have to see it and confirm that it is true. This time Jerry met with not only the chairman of the company but also the commander of the Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey.

The deal’s location was here because it was large enough to park the 3,000 aircraft and a mothership temporarily.

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Published On: September 4, 2023

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