According to Star-Lord, Gamora, and others. Planets that have not yet stepped out of cosmic civilization will develop into one once they have been discovered.

Like when being discovered by the Nova Corps survey team, they will secretly enter their planet to collect some information and record it. Wait for a moment and then take the initiative to contact them for mutual cooperation.

This happens for most of the planets in the Nova Empire. The residents of those planets merged with Xandar.

But if the Kree Empire survey team discovered it, it would probably transpire to be colonized by them and forcibly integrated into the Kree Empire.

In the Kree Empire, the Kree are the most honorable beings. Although people on other planets are not enslaved, they are inferiors to the Kree regarding social status.

But if Thanos’ army discovers it, then it would be the worst situation ever because that means that half of the life on the planet will be randomly killed. However, after destroying half of the life, Thanos will not colonize these planets but leave them alone.

The last one was probably found by the Ravagers. They would probably just exploit the planet’s available resources and then sell them for money.

Gamora means that the planet met Jerry’s conditions when Thanos visited three years ago. But it is uncertain whether it has been discovered by the Nova Corps, the Kree Empire, and the Ravagers now.

“Mr. Carmen, you can go to Contraxia with me. It is a place for the Ravagers to hang around, and I know how to find the planet that suits you.” Star-Lord spoke up.

“Why not go to the planet that Gamora said first? If the conditions are met, I will pay you a billion units. If not, go to the Contraxia where you just said. As long as you can get one, you will be paid.” Jerry drank all wine.


In the trading market in the capital city.

Wearing hoods and covering their faces, Star-Lord looked at Jerry curiously and said, “Shouldn’t we be going now to find the planet? What are we doing here?”

“Getting more money, of course. I only have 3.9 billion in my account now, and it’s not enough to pay you guys off.”

Jerry smiled helplessly, “You really don’t need to follow me. It’s bad if they found you guys, wanted criminals, to be hanging around here. You can wait for me in the hotel room.”

“You are our client, and of course, we want to keep you safe around.” Star-Lord replied.

Rocket and Gamora didn’t speak, they had the same thought. But they’ll just do this because of the money.

While Jerry can do magic, in front of advanced weaponry, magic is nothing. In fact, deep inside their hearts, they do not admit that Jerry is much stronger than them. They can be sure that they can kill Jerry with advanced weapons before he can react.

“Keeping me safe?” Jerry shook his head. He didn’t say anything but walked towards the third floor of the trading market.

Looking at the dark elves’ spaceships in his ring space, it felt useless and only took space in his world. So he decided to sell all of them before leaving the planet.

Mainly because of a large amount of money, and it can make the military strength of the Nova Corps develop to a higher level so that it will not be easily defeated by Thanos’ army or Ronan’s fleet.

“Mr. Carmen, welcome to our store again.”

Jerry and the others walked to the door of the store. He saw the manager already standing at the door and looking at him.

“Hello there. Take us to the VIP room, I have a business deal to discuss.” Jerry went straight to the point.

Hearing this, the manager’s eyes lit up, and he immediately enthusiastically led Jerry and the others to the VIP room.


“Mr. Carmen, if you are willing to continue selling dark elves’ weapons to us. We still offer you 400,000 units per item.” Inside the room, the manager said to Jerry with a smile.

Because of the huge number of items provided by Jerry, their scientific research team had gotten a lot of breakthroughs in technology in just a week. It is precisely because of this that the leader of this group has contacted the commander of Nova Corps to pave the way for them to enter the military industry.

He also used Jerry’s transaction to rise from a store manager to one of the influential people in the company group itself.

The group leaders explained that as long as it is a dark elves weapon, any amount of them shall be bought, and the price per item remained unchanged at 400,000 units.

Jerry shook his head, “Oh, not this time. Although I still have some of those dark elves’ weapons here, there are only dozens of sets left, and I don’t intend to sell them anymore now.”

“So, what is it that you want to offer this time?” The manager looked at him suspiciously.

Jerry smiled, “This time, I plan to sell you 3,000 dark elves’ spaceships and one of their mothership.”

“Wait, what? Spaceship? Three thousand and a mothership? Mr. Carmen, are you joking?” The manager was a bit surprised and showed a look of doubt on his face.

Suppose it was pistols, grenades, rifles, and other kinds of weapons. He had expected it especially coming from a person like Jerry. But thousands of spaceships and a mothership? It was simply unimaginable.

Especially if the dark elves’ spaceships and mothership don’t look and sound the same as the typical aircraft that they have right now.

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Published On: September 4, 2023

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