“How much did he offer?” Jerry stretched out his hand and pushed away the dagger that Gamora was holding around his neck.

He got out of bed naturally and poured himself a glass of wine. It is a kind of low-alcohol wine with a pink color. It was a specifically made wine with ingredients from all over 250 planets and brewed with high-tech technology.

The value of each bottle is one million. After drinking it, there will be some special aftertaste. Jerry found a drink in the bar area while he was in the hotel. He only bought one and created more of them using his Transfiguration spell.

Therefore, it is easy for him to make money. He can make This one million-dollar wine into a lot at a minimum effort.

“Hey, my gun is still pointed at you!” Seeing that Jerry completely ignored him, Rocket Raccoon jumped onto the bed angrily and pointed the gun at Jerry’s forehead.

Jerry looked at him and handed over the wine bottle in his hand, “I’m sorry, you look a bit like one of my favorite snack animal mascots when I was a kid, so it’s hard to make me feel threatened. Do you want some?”

“Animal? Do you think I’m an animal? I hate people who say I’m an animal. You’re laughing at me. I’m going to kill you now.” He violently smashed the bottle to the ground, then turned off the safety of the gun and was about to shoot Jerry.

Seeing this, Star-Lord hurried forward and stopped Rocket Raccoon down, “Calm down, we haven’t got the orb back. He’s not laughing at you. He asked you if you wanted a drink.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to laugh at you. Oh, the bottle you just broke is a wine that’s worth one million units.” Jerry drank the wine in his glass in one gulp and shrugged.

“One million?!” Star-Lord and Rocket looked at the pink liquid flowing on the ground.

The Ravagers were paid millions to do some big missions, but knowing that their members were a lot, they had to split it equally. Most of the time, they got only thousands of units individually. This is also one of the reasons why Star-Lord left and did his work solo.

Rocket and Groot dared to use weapons to capture Star-Lord before because his bounty was 40.000 units. It can be seen that tens of thousands of units is not a small amount for them.

Just now, Rocket smashed a bottle of wine worth a million on the ground.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already contacted the buyer. As long we get the orb back, we can get four billion. If we split it three-way, each of us will have more than a billion.”

“No, split it four ways for Groot.” Rocket corrected her and pointed the gun at Jerry again.

Drax just wanted to seek revenge on Ronan for his wife and children so he wasn’t counted.

“Mr. Carmen, you heard that the new buyer is willing to bid 4 billion. Hurry up and hand over the orb now.” Star-Lord came back to his senses and extended his hand to Jerry.

Jerry looked at Star-Lord, Rocket, and Gamora and smiled, “How about this? I’ll pay you guys 4 billion right now, and If you guys can do me a favor, I can give you another 1 billion.”

Hearing Jerry’s offer, Star-Lord, Rocket, and Gamora’s eyes widened at the same time. They were confused as to why so many people were interested in this small iron ball.

“How can we believe that you have that amount of money?” Gamora was the first to react and asked cautiously.

The buyer she contacted was a famous collector, Taneleer Tivan. Who resides in Knowhere and definitely had a lot of money to pay for 4 billion. But this person in front of them doesn’t seem like someone with much money.

Although he stays in this hotel and drinks a million-dollar wine, that doesn’t prove that he has the wealth to spend 4 billion on them. After all, it is impossible for her not to know about someone who can easily have so much wealth.

Jerry glanced at the three of them, then snapped his fingers gently. In an instant, three black shadows rushed out of the ground and tied all three of them together.

“Just because I don’t want to give you back the orb doesn’t mean you can get it back.”


Ten minutes later, Jerry conjured a bottle of the same wine out of thin air and poured a glass for Star-Lord, Gamora, and Rocket, who had been released from the, “So, you three now are wanted criminals? “

“Yes, five, to be exact. Groot and Drax are hiding in the spaceship outside Xandar, and we snuck in here.” Star-Lord explained.

It turned out that after being easily brought down by Jerry, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Rocket knew that Jerry’s statement that he would give them five billion was most likely true. Otherwise, he can knock them down the moment they break into the room and then send them to prison again.

Of course, the most important thing is that they have to believe it. Because the orb is in Jerry’s hands, they can’t go to Knowhere to sell it for four billion if they can’t get it.

Therefore, the three told Jerry about their situation.

Star-Lord is from Earth, and Jerry is the same as him. When he was a child, he was secretly taken from Earth by the Ravagers and became one of them. He has escaped them and currently working alone.

Rocket and Groot used to be cellmates. After a successful escape from prison, they became bounty hunters and did bounties to make a living.

Gamora is different. She is Thanos’ adopted daughter. Since she was a child, she was adopted by Thanos and trained as an assassin to do missions. Later, she was sent by Thanos to assist Ronan the Accuser to find the orb.

It’s just that Gamora’s parents were killed by Thanos, and half of the people of Zen-Whoberi, where she was born, died at the hands of Thanos’ army. She hated Thanos very much in her heart because of this.

She wants to acquire wealth by selling the orb, completely get rid of Thanos and Ronan the Accuser, and live her own life peacefully.

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Published On: September 3, 2023

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