“Mr. Carmen, you are one of the top platinum customers of our company group, and you can enjoy a 30% discount on all properties listed in our group.” The staff turned to look at Jerry, and her attitude became more enthusiastic.

Several aliens who checked in next to Jerry were surprised when they heard that the staff called Jerry a platinum customer. It is a perk that could only be obtained through a transaction for over 3 billion units.

The guests who can stay at the Gregory Hotel are indeed rich people. Their net worth basically starts with tens of millions, but someone with a net worth within hundreds of millions is rare.

Jerry looks like he is about 20 years old and already made big money that only a handful of people can make. So it is surprising to them that he has this status.

The status itself is given to people individually and cannot be passed along throughout their family’s inheritance. So it is a special status a person can have here.

“Well, alright then!”

Jerry was stunned for a moment, only to realize that this hotel and the previous store where he sold his weapons belonged to the same group. It seems that this group seems to have a big influence in the Nova Empire.

After checking in, Jerry was led by someone and came to his own luxurious room. The first time he entered the room, instead of experiencing the various high-tech services in the room, he opened the mirror dimension and jumped into the ring space.

“The orb is covering all the fluctuations from the Power Stone.” Picking up the orb that was put into the ring space before, Jerry couldn’t help but let out a burst of emotion.

If he didn’t get the orb with his own hands and rolled past him, he probably wouldn’t be able to sense that there was something special in it. It can only be said that the technology to create the orb is something else.

“Alohomora.” Casting a spell at the orb, it immediately made a mechanical twisting sound in Jerry’s hand.

After a while, the orb was divided into two, revealing a purple stone full of power in the middle. It has the most violent and destructive power among the six Infinity Stones. It has no fancy effects, just pure power. Attacking and defending by releasing powerful energy shock waves.

If you can control the stone perfectly, you can even use its power to destroy a planet with a single blow. It also has the effect of providing energy to other Infinity Stones and enhancing their functions.

However, because the energy contained in the stone is too strong, unless the user is strong enough, touching it will destroy you due to not being able to withstand its power.

With Jerry’s current body, he may be able to touch the stone directly, but it is estimated that it will be difficult to hold on to it for a long time, let alone how much power he can exert it.

Therefore, instead of spending time studying how to use the Power Stone, he might as well study the laws contained in the stone as he did with the Reality Stone. Always using a foreign power but not improving his own would do no good.

Jerry put the orb containing the Power Stone on the table, waved his hand, and wrapped the orb with a magic circle.

This is called the analytical circle, a special magic circle that he created to assist him in analyzing the principles of magic.

“The principle is somewhat similar, but it seems to be much more advanced.” Jerry stopped researching and closed it back to its original state.

After analyzing it for a long time, he found that the principle of the stone is similar to the principle of the “Power” card that he analyzed before. The principle of the “Power” card is to temporarily convert magic power into physical power so that the body is greatly strengthened.

The stone itself can gather a huge amount of energy, and it seems to contain the universal laws of all physical properties. Strengthening the body is just one of them.

If the analysis goes well, it may allow him to have a further breakthrough in “Power” itself. However, it takes time, and he couldn’t be so hasty about it.

Analyzing Reality Stone has made his great progress in Transfiguration, breaking the limitations of Gamp’s Law, and can create things out of thin air. Analyzing Power Stone may allow him to use more magic in the later stage.

In addition to Reality and Power Stones, there are four more of them: Space, Mind, Soul, and Time. Jerry feels that he will be very powerful if he collects all these stones like Thanos. But he didn’t want to snap his fingers to destroy half of the universe but to use it to study the laws of the universe and make his magic more powerful.

Putting the orb away, his figure flashed. He left the ring space and returned to the luxurious room of the hotel. However, he still did not enjoy the advanced high-tech services in the room but opened his own panel.

Every time he entered another world, there would be a one-month cooldown. In order to verify the previous conjecture, he decided to go back early.

Selecting The Cardcaptor Sakura world, Jerry clicked the enter button without any hesitation. After a wave of space fluctuations, he returned to his house in Japan. After roughly calculating the distance, he cast the spell again, drew a portal leading to New York, and stepped in.

Three days later, he came back to his room in the main world. After the space fluctuated, Jerry sighed and reopened his eyes, “It seems that there are no Marvel-related movies and comics in that world. I can only find it on the remaining two worlds and whether there will be any new things later.”

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