“I want… uh… One-” The young man was about to speak, intending to start with a price of 100 million and then negotiate down.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, he was hit by an electric current from behind and fell to the ground.

Jerry couldn’t help but find the situation amusing and joked, “What? You only want one unit? Isn’t that too cheap?”

The young man tried to explain, but his mouth was still numb from the electric shock, making it hard for him to speak clearly. At that moment, the tree man and the little raccoon Jerry had seen before approached with a stun gun and a sack.

“Easy money, Groot. We can make more from this one.” Said the little raccoon, referring to the young man on the ground.

The electric shock had come from the little raccoon, and they aimed at him who seemed to possess something valuable. The woman who had been flown away earlier by the young man returned with a dagger in her hand.

Holding the Orb, Jerry shook his head, “Sorry, this guy already sold me this ball for a unit.”

“One unit?” The woman stared with disbelief at the young man , now tied up in a sack by the tree man.

She seemed ready to grab the Orb by force, but suddenly a yellow light trapped her in the air.

“Subject 89P13, Gamora. Please put down your weapon immediately. Per Nova Corps laws, you have been arrested for endangering the lives and property of the people.”

It turned out that the commotion caused by several people had been discovered by the Nova Corps. At this time, seven or eight Nova Corps aircraft were hovering in the air, and they were aiming down their weapons.

The Nova Corps arrived on the scene, responding to the commotion causing trouble. Using their gravity control technology, they held everyone involved in mid-air.

“It’s like the Levitation Charm.” Jerry commented, feeling unperturbed by the situation, as he put the Orb back into his ring space.


“Sorry if we made you uncomfortable.” Apologizing for the confusion, the Nova Corps squad leader addressed Jerry and the others involved.

“It’s fine, I’m not hurt anyway, you guys arrived just in time.” Jerry replied.

It turned out that when these Nova Corps squad came, they thought Jerry was their accomplice and wanted to take him to the station for questioning. Jerry didn’t resist and escaped by force, although the police with guns above his heads couldn’t hurt him.

Jerry had already called the Manager he had recently dealt with, informing him of the situation. Upon receiving Jerry’s call, the Manager contacted his boss, who in turn contacted the director of the police department, leading to the Nova Corps’ prompt response.

With a clean record and no dangerous objects, Jerry was found to have nothing to do with the incident. Of course, Jerry had nothing to do with it; it was his first time visiting Xandar.

Jerry asked the squad leader about the name of the young man who had been detained.

The captain revealed his name, “His name is Peter Quill or Star Prince, a repeat offender known for stealing. God knows how often I have caught him with my hands.”

“My name is Star-Lord. Remember that. You can’t get my nickname wrong.” The young man retorted while raising his middle finger.

Jerry used his magic to send a message to him, “Mr. Star Lord, right? I’ll be staying at Gregory Hotel for a while. If you’re released, you find me, and I’ll pay you for the Orb. But if it takes too long, I can’t guarantee I can pay you later.”

Upon hearing Jerry’s message, Quill felt a glimmer of hope.


Gregory Hotel, a luxurious establishment in Nova Empire, stood as the second-tallest building after the Nova Corps headquarters. The hotel offered breathtaking views of the capital and delicacies from across the universe, with fresh ingredients transported through space daily.

With the best Xandar technology, each room had an intelligent system butler, a large balcony, and a private swimming pool. The Hotel also featured various entertainment facilities, including a casino, bar, indoor zoo, and space aquarium.

But the price is high, with room reaching 40,000 units per night. None of this bothered Jerry, though. He has 4 billion to spend and this is not a problem to him.

Having decided to treat himself to the best experience during his journey, Jerry thought there might be additional benefits to staying at such a high-class hotel. If he spend a month at the hotel on holiday, it may not be more than a million.

He now has up to four billion in his account, even if he lives in a hotel for a year, he won’t be running out of money at all. Secondly, this money is a mere number to him, and they don’t have any high value.

Finally, since this is a journey and the top planet in the universe, it is natural to have the best experience.

The enthusiastic female receptionist asked, “How long would you like to stay?”

She saw Jerry’s bracelet, and her face couldn’t contain her expression.

Jerry replied, “Let’s go for a month.”

“One month,. Let me process it first and please wait for a moment.”

The receptionist immediately began processing the formalities, but as she registered Jerry’s information, a message prompt suddenly appeared on the virtual screen, then her body froze.

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