Drawing his attention, Jerry stretched out his hand and opened it, reading the news about Thanos carefully. He noticed that the headline mentioned the name “Thanos” and saw a virtual image of Thanos, a giant with purple skin, armor, and a double-edged sword.

Jerry wondered if this was the same Thanos who would erase half of life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. As Jerry pondered over Thanos’ power, he considered how he would obtain the Space Stone and Time Gem from Odin and The Ancient One.

He wondered if his presence in the universe caused any butterfly effects or future changes that led to these events. Jerry regretted not watching all the films in the Marvel series, as it would have provided him with a better understanding of the stories.

Suddenly, he had a bold guess—just like how stories from the Cardcaptor Sakura, could there be Marvel movies in worlds like “Harry Potter,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” and “Cardcaptor Sakura”?

“Perhaps I should take my time to go through these worlds and investigate it.”

If he found any records of Marvel stories, it could be very beneficial for him. As Jerry made plans, an iron ball fell from the overpass above and hit him.


Catching the iron ball, he immediately recognized it as the Power Stone—one of the six Infinity Stones known for their immense power.

“This is… The Power Stone?” If Jerry could corporate the power of this stone with the knowledge he acquired from Kamar Taj, the power would be unimaginable.

“I didn’t expect one day something invaluable like this would fall from the sky right into my hand.” Holding such a rare item, Jerry couldn’t believe his luck.

However, his luck was short-lived as a green-skinned woman appeared and demanded the ball.

“Give me the Orb.” At this moment, a green-skinned woman jumped from the bridge, pulled out a dagger, and dashed in front of Jerry.

“Excuse me, is this yours?” Jerry asked.

“Give it back to me. It’s mine.” Jerry was willing to negotiate and potentially buy it, but the woman was hostile.

She tried to grab Jerry’s hand, but Jerry could easily escape from her grasp.

“Don’t be so aggressive. We can talk this out. I’m willing to buy this thing from you.”

Jerry told the woman, knowing he had a lot of money right now. He doesn’t want to escalate the situation and resort to violence.

When things escalated, a young man intervened and subdued the woman. The woman’s body was obviously powerful, and when she turned around, she threw the young man away.

However, the young man suddenly had a sly smile on his face, quickly attached a miniature jetpack to the woman, pressed a button, and let it fly with her.

“Sorry, but the Orb is mine. That woman before was just a robber even though she is beautiful.” The young man claimed the Orb was his.

“Let me repeat my offer, I want to pay for the Orb. I wonder if you are willing to sell it?” Jerry repeated his offer to buy it from the young man, who showed interest in selling it.

“Of course. How much can you pay?” The young man eagerly asked how much Jerry would pay for it, eager to make a deal.

When the young man heard Jerry’s words, his eyes lit up. He was worried about the Orb he finally got because Ronan’s name was just mentioned, and a shopkeeper didn’t dare to make an offer to him.

“How much do you want?” Jerry asked with a smile while holding the Orb in his hand.

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Published On: August 31, 2023

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