“Manager, the storing is complete.” The aircraft in the warehouse quickly scanned the surroundings and flew to The Manager to report.

With a smile, the Manager raised his right-hand bracelet and tapped it to project the virtual console.

He looked at Jerry and said, “Mr. Carmen, please take out your bracelet, and I will transfer four billion to your account right now.”

“You know this is my first time here, So I haven’t had the time to buy one yet.” Jerry looked at The Manager’s bracelet and shook his head, explaining that he just arrived here and hadn’t had a chance to buy one.

Jerry looked at the Manager’s bracelet and quickly realized this was the equivalent of a phone.

The Manager was confused but reacted quickly, “No problem, I will send someone to pick up the latest bracelet now, matched with the best translator. Let’s just say it’s my part of the deal.”

The Manager thought Jerry meant this was his first time leaving Asgard; unknown to him, Jerry was actually from Earth. The Manager quickly arranged for someone to bring Jerry’s latest bracelet and translator. With these advanced gadgets, the transfer of four billion units was completed swiftly.

After the deal, Jerry left the store with a farewell from The Manager. He planned to explore the highly developed Nova Empire on Xandar first, as Asgardians rarely ventured beyond the Nine Realms, and the Asgard database provided only general descriptions of the outer universe.

With the advanced bracelet in hand, Jerry could access Xandar top scientific and technological achievements. It was equipped with various functions like a mobile phone and computer and virtual reality technologies like projection calls and immersive movies and games.

Jerry marveled at the technology’s capabilities and potential uses, making many things seem achievable without the need for powerful magical abilities. The bracelet also contained a vast database, making it a valuable tool even if he left Xandar Star.

Jerry strolled through the market, buying souvenirs occasionally. Following the bracelet’s instruction, he wandered all over the capital. Jerry’s main purpose was to visit the library , but after knowing he could access it through his bracelet, he just wanders through the capital.


As Jerry explored the capital, he encountered a tree-like alien and asked the AI, “Silly Girl, What race is that?”

Jerry named the AI Silly Girl.

“The system identified the alien as a Flora Colossus from Planet X, known to be bloodthirsty and tyrannical.” Silly Girl replied in a cold female voice.

Jerry couldn’t help but find the description odd, given the tree man’s current behavior.

“Don’t drink the water from the fountain, you idiot.” He observed a little raccoon-like alien interacting with the tree man.

The tree man turned to the raccoon and said, “I am Groot.” angrily.

“You just drank from the fountain! Don’t lie, I saw it!” The raccoon replied.

“Silly Girl, are you sure it is a bloodthirsty alien? Why do I feel like it is more of a silly alien?” Jerry asked.

Silly Girl remains silent.

“The database didn’t have any record of this race; perhaps this is a product of experimental modification?” Silly Girl explained.

Jerry nodded as he went on his way. Curious about other alien races, Jerry continued to use the bracelet’s database to learn more about them. He soon gained a basic understanding of various races and their respective abilities, customs, and cultures.

While sitting by a pool, Jerry checked cosmic news reported by Xandar Media through the virtual images projected by his wristband.

“Ronan the Accuser was dissatisfied and led his troops to repeatedly attack Nova Corps bases on major colonial planets, causing many casualities.”

“The Sovereign Empire announced that it has developed the latest high-energy batteries. The energy contained in just four batteries can blow up a planet.”

“The mad titan Thanos is still at war with his powerful cosmic legions. Several empires have jointly discussed how to sanction the last titan.”

He learned about the Kree Empire’s peace treaty with Xandar, Ronan’s dissent, the Sovereign Empire’s latest high-energy batteries, and the ongoing conflict with Thanos.

As a commotion erupted nearby, Jerry glanced at it briefly but decided not to intervene as Xandar security measures were highly efficient. He knew the red star rewards for this kind of robbery would be small.

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Published On: August 30, 2023

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