On the other hand, The Manager rushed to his office at the fastest speed, carrying three pieces of dark elf weapons and equipment provided by Jerry. He quickly connected to the virtual image of his boss and recounted the whole story.

Upon hearing the news, his boss was equally thrilled and immediately contacted several real group leaders to hold an emergency meeting.

After half an hour of intense discussions, they made a decision, “We want all 10,000 sets. If the money is not enough, I will immediately transfer it to you. If the deal is finalized, you will get a promotion.”

“I will definitely complete the deal.” the manager said with determination.

He knew the outcome beforehand when he sought instructions. Four billion wasn’t a small amount, but his boss could buy it.

The scientific team’s research of the Dark Elf technology from the 10,000 sets of equipment would bring immense benefits to the group in the future. Furthermore, these dark elf weapons held high value.

They would undoubtedly fetch substantial returns if packaged and promoted as collectibles or auctioned on various planets. The most crucial aspect was Jerry, who had connections with Asgard and possessed more dark elf weapons.

This signified Jerry himself as a high-profile person in Asgard. Establishing a friendly relationship with Asgard would bring the group immense advantages and long-term cooperation.

If they can establish a good connection with them, then the development in the future might be bright for them. He hoped the deal was going smoothly and the result turned out as he anticipated.


“Why are you standing here? Is it over?”

After getting a positive answer from the boss, the manager brought the three equipment sets to VIP Room.

However, he was surprised to find Maria standing at the door. He hadn’t expected the meeting to end so quickly, and Maria explained what had transpired in her absence.

“No, Mr. Carmen doesn’t need my assistance.”

“I see. Well then, go do something else! I didn’t pay you to stand still.” He assured Maria that her commission would not be reduced.

The manager had raised his position from the lowest rank to his current position. He had seen lots of things, but Jerry? This is the first time he has witnessed something like this.

He could overlook it and let some big clients like him have his own way of making the deal happen. For that to happen, he must find a bigger warehouse for Jerry’s wares.

“No need for that.” Jerry exclaimed.

The manager marveled at the magic as Jerry summoned the dark elf weapons with a flick.

“You weren’t joking when you said that.” The manager replied in awe.

He couldn’t believe that Jerry could produce equipment out of thin air. He thought that such magic could easily smuggle contraband undetected by Xandar Star’s technology, though he knew Jerry would never get involved in such illicit activities.

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Published On: August 30, 2023

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