If Jerry can sell them more items, then the success rate of analyzing the dark elves’ technology will definitely increase. Obtaining some of the advanced technology of a legendary race is very beneficial to them.

Perhaps in the future, they may also cooperate with Nova Corps to mass-produce and provide Nova Corps with advanced weapons containing the dark elves’ technology and enter the military industry from now on.

Of course, there may be some risk that it may fail.

As for the female staff who had been standing beside the manager, she was really happy.

That was because she could judge roughly from the content and tone of Jerry’s words just now, and based on her own experience, this looked like a very big deal that was just about to happen.

The manager just said that the commission for this transaction is still being transferred to her, so after the transaction is completed, the commission from this transaction can be used to cover her income for the next six months.

You should know that at her level, the transaction she usually receives usually ranges from tens to hundreds of units, and her commission isn’t much.

Even if this customer only sold two sets, which the transaction would reach 800,000 units, and her bonus would be 20,000 units. If Jerry sells five or six sets, it can completely cover her income for several years.

“Alright then, how about 10,000 sets?”

One set was priced at 400,000. 10,000 sets mean 4 billion. He thought that no matter how high the prices were here, 4 billion should be a lot. If that is not enough, he still has many dark elves aircraft, and battleships, which are estimated to be worth more than these items.

“10… 10,000 sets? Are you sure it’s not ten sets but ten thousand sets?”

When the manager heard Jerry’s words, his eyes widened, and his tone was no longer as calm as before.

Jerry nodded seriously and repeated, “Yes, it’s 10,000 sets. Do you need me to take them out now? But I’m afraid some of them won’t fit in here.”

“Wait a minute!” The manager probably had something wrong with the interpreter, so he hurriedly looked at the female staff beside him.

At this time, the female staff was holding a table with both of her hands because her legs were weak now, and she couldn’t stand up from what she just heard.

10,000 sets is worth 4 billion, and she can earn 100 million in commission fees.

She didn’t have to do anything, and she would receive 100 million just from this transaction, which made her really shocked.

Seeing the appearance of the female staff, the manager didn’t need to ask and already knew what it meant. It wasn’t that the translator was broken, but that the guest who came really wanted to sell 10,000 dark elves items.

“Mr. Carmen, because your transaction amount is too large, I can’t be the one to approve the transaction. Shall we move to the VIP room inside for a while, waiting for my director to make the answer for our transaction?” The manager suppressed the joy in his heart and asked Jerry with a slight bow.

“No problem.” He smiled.

He was not in a hurry. The amount of transactions is huge, so it was normal for them to take this kind of precaution.

“Maria, take our guest to VIP Room No. 1. Take care of your guest for a moment, show our best hospitality, and provide him the best service, alright?” The manager turned around and instructed the female staff beside him.

He felt that Jerry didn’t choose the senior staff, but chose Maria, the new recruit staff, maybe because of Maria’s beauty. Moreover, he felt that Maria now had the same interests as him and had to become a person who could provide the best service.

When Maria heard those words, her body trembled, and then she answered firmly, “Understood.”

One hundred million. It was shocking for Maria, who was born poor, to hear that she would get that amount of money.

She could do anything in her life and for her family without worrying about anything if she managed to get her commission.

“Mr. Carmen, please follow me.”

Maria took Jerry to VIP room No. 1. After entering VIP Room, Maria’s heart immediately felt uneasy.

Although she has already made a decision, no matter what he asks, she has to fulfill it. But it is the first time in her life, and it makes her nervous. Fortunately, Jerry was not a perverted uncle or an old geezer.

Thinking of this, she had some hope in her heart because she realized that even if it wasn’t because of money, it seemed unacceptable to have a relationship with such a guest.

Just when he was starting to think something wrong, Jerry’s voice suddenly came into her ear, “Thank you, I will wait here myself. You still have some work to do, right? Well, I won’t bother you.”

“Ah… don’t you need me here to serve you? I can do anything for you.” Hearing Jerry’s words, Maria was stunned for a moment and answered, somewhat confused.

She thought he would ask for some service. She had experienced something like this before, but she refused to do so. But now, looking at the situation, it was obvious that she was a bit conflicted.

“No, bringing me here is enough. You can continue back to your place.” Jerry waved his hand.

Maria walked out of the VIP room, feeling a bit of excitement and a bit of loss in her heart.

“She looks alright, I guess.” Watching Maria leave, Jerry silently commented.

He chose Maria to identify the item only because she didn’t have a translator and didn’t know how to speak in the Xandar language, not because of her beauty.

On the other hand, he is a human from Earth. How could he be attracted to an extraterrestrial being in space?

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