Seeing the red-skinned manager who suddenly appeared and talked to him, Jerry was stunned for a moment, then nodded thoughtfully.

He was talking to the female staff just now, but the man used Asgardian language when he came over, knowing that he had an Asgardian spaceship and thinking he was an Asgardian.

It seemed that his position wasn’t low because as soon as he appeared, the staff and several nearby aliens focused their attention on the two of them. But Jerry didn’t care.

He is here to make money. The higher the status of the person he talks to, the better.


Jerry smiled, stretched out his hand, and took out several dark elves’ equipment from his ring space, including a laser gun with a strange shape, battle armor, and a grenade made by the dark elves that could cause huge explosions.

After defeating the dark elves last time, because The Ancient One didn’t want the technology of the dark elves, Jerry threw the battleship and countless of their ships, weapons, and armor into his suitcase.

He didn’t know how to use their technology, and with his current magical power, their weapons were basically useless. He could deal with far greater things than the weapon using his magic.

Even a grenade made with several outer space materials couldn’t penetrate his magic defense completely. So instead of storing them in the ring space, it’s better to sell them now and exchange them for money.

With the currency that everyone uses now, he can go to any planet in the future. As long as the planet is reachable, he can go there.

“What an amazing sight.” Watching Jerry conjure the thing out of thin air, he was a bit shocked.

There are many scientific and technological planets in the universe and many races with special abilities, but races that can systematically use magic are extremely rare.

He has been in this industry for many years, and he has seen countless aliens, and only a few times he could see someone who could do magic.

Of course, most of them are not strong in battle. If an energy weapon hit them, they would be knocked down easily. The same was true for the Asgardian mages.

The true power of the Asgardians is in their warriors. Legendary fearsome powers passed down from generation to generation, not mages.

Jerry wanted to tell him that he didn’t use magic just now, just something he took from his world. The manager didn’t say anything. He took out his inspection kit and started to identify the items on the table.

“My God, the item shows that this weapon is 5,000 years old and can still be used normally. The metal it uses seems to be very rare and has very advanced and unique technology. This grenade contains an extraterrestrial technology that is very sophisticated, and there are no records in the material library for this armor…”

After the series of inspections, the manager finally stopped, looked at Jerry, and asked, “Mr. Carmen, as far as I know, these items you brought don’t seem to be products of Asgard.”

Even though the Asgardians barely left the Nine Realms, their technology and some of its records can still be found in the Heart of Xandar. The things he brought out now contain technology that is far from Asgard’s style and looks more advanced.

For example, the grenade cannot be carried out with the current Xandar technology. But it is a great research value. If the technology inside can be analyzed, it is estimated that they can obtain a lot of benefits in the future.

“Oh, it wasn’t from Asgard. It came from the dark elves.” Jerry didn’t hide it either and immediately mentioned where he got it.

“Dark elves? An ancient race born at the beginning of the universe, weren’t they destroyed by your people five thousand years ago?” The Manager’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Even if the technology inside can’t be deciphered, the collection value alone is high. Many rich people would be interested in it if it’s in good condition.

Jerry raised his eyebrows, “Yeah, I got it from the battlefield where they died. Can you tell me the results of your examination now?”

“Considering the fact that these three items of yours contain dark elves technology, and they also have a certain collection value. The market price is 300,000 units. If you want, our shop can buy it back from you for 350,000 units per set.” The manager smiled.

The valuation result of 300,000 units is based on the value of the goods, and the price given is according to the current market trend. This means that if Jerry took this somewhere else to the right buyer, he would get more.

Because these three items contain high technological value and collection value, their technological value can be determined. Still, it will take a lot of resources and risk resulting in nothing but a random scrap.

As for the collection value, it will take time to find a suitable buyer, and good packaging is required, which is going to burden him a lot.

“Does that mean if I give you more things, the price will

The manager is willing to pay 350,000 as he has several connections to give them the item to be thoroughly examined.

Seeing that Jerry didn’t immediately agree, he asked, “Does that mean if I give you more items, you’ll give me a higher offer?”

Jerry doesn’t know how much 350,000 units. After all, he didn’t know the market, and 300,000 doesn’t seem that much.

“Of course, if you can provide more, our shop can buy your whole items for 400,000 units.”

The manager and the female staff who had been helping the whole time lit up at Jerry’s question. Because that means Jerry probably has more items compared to what he shows right now.

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