After visiting the first and second floors, Jerry finally arrived at the third floor, his destination. Because there is the entire market here is just several small shops made by someone.

There are so many planets in the universe, and all kinds of special resources are naturally countless. Determining whether they are valuable or not is not a very easy task.

According to the information he got, the Myriad Realm Exchange Market is the most famous one and currently has the highest buyer in all the trade markets.

Watching all kinds of aliens come into the shop, Jerry also walked in with the aliens curiously. However, by the time he lifted his foot and stepped into the shop, the high-tech camera at the shop door had scanned him and recorded his appearance.

At the same time, in the office inside the store.

A red-skinned figure was looking at the shop’s income this month, shaking his head and sighing, when suddenly the system in the office sounded, “Found a potential high customer inside the store.”

Soon after, a virtual image of Jerry’s body appeared in the office.

“An Asgardian?”

The figure saw Jerry in the video. He gets up and rushes out of the office. Every resident on Xandar, including visitors’ personal information, is completely confidential, and only government law enforcement officials have the right to view it.

Therefore, he has no right to see Jerry’s private information.

However, he employs small workers for shop businesses to roam around the spaceport 24 hours a day. As long as there are customers who may become potential targets, they will be recorded and sent to the store. Jerry’s spacecraft is recorded by them before.

Therefore, when Jerry walked into the store, the scanner at the entrance immediately found that he had appeared and notified the person in charge of the store.

The information that the figure saw about Jerry was not a person from Earth but a person from Asgard.

The store’s current income fall sharply. If he doesn’t get a very good customer at this time, it is estimated that their popularity would be dropped down.

It turns out that the current item identification and acquisition industry has long been stagnant. After so many years, almost most of the items have been identified. Many items have been recorded. As long as you scan it with a communication device, you can roughly know its value.

Therefore, most aliens take the goods to the appropriate shop to sell or exchange them.

What’s worse was that he had been in the industry for decades and managed to rise from a low-level worker to a manager position, but their shop faced the challenge of being surpassed by another shop in terms of popularity.

He could imagine that once this happened, he would probably be fired in a matter of minutes. Decades of hard work have been wasted.


After Jerry walked into this super-large shop, he didn’t immediately find someone to start selling his things. There are many things in his ring space, but he doesn’t know which one is better to sell here, so he plans to look at other people’s transactions to gain some information.

Even though he couldn’t understand what these aliens were saying, he could still glean something by reading their expressions and reading their body language.

After going around for a while, he found that these aliens came to identify the items that were sold for a lot of money. Among them are odd technology products, or energy products, which seemed very popular.

He thought about it for a while. Maybe because Xandar was a planet with a very advanced technological civilization, they would be more interested in technological products from other planets.

Like on Earth, ultra-modern technology is more valuable than gold, silver, and exotic flowers.

If it is placed in a magical civilization, its interest will be different. No matter how high-tech products you have, if he was in Diagon Alley, they are worthless. Some herbs with special effects might sell for a high price there.

Therefore, Jerry also has an idea.

“I need to identify something.” Jerry walked up to a young, blue-skinned female staff who was closest to him.

After hearing Jerry’s words clearly through the translator in her ear, She glanced at Jerry and answered very politely, “Hello there, can you show me something?”

Even though the female staff was young and just entered the industry, she didn’t act like her other colleagues, who had a bad attitude towards some customers who apparently couldn’t produce anything of value and couldn’t earn much commission.

Because her family wasn’t rich, in order to earn more money so her younger siblings could attend school, she entered the industry early and became a worker before finishing her studies.

So no matter what kind of customer she faced or how small the order was, she would carefully identify and serve it.

“Okay, please wait.”

Jerry was about to take something from the ring space when suddenly a calm voice came from behind the female staff, “I’ll take over here from you, but you still get a commission later about his items.”


The female staff looked at the red-skinned figure behind her with a surprised look on her face and then nodded very obediently.

“Hello there, I will be the one that serves you. Please take out the things you have there.” He stood in the position of the previous female staff and said with a smile on his face.

As soon as he came to the hall, he saw that his target was preparing something for the new recruit. He was afraid that the new recruit wasn’t capable enough, so he immediately stepped forward to replace her.

He didn’t know that Jerry had no translator or communication device, and he couldn’t understand the labels marked for the item valuation.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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