“Since you came to Xandar for the first time and haven’t made a bank account, do you need me to open one for you?” After all the information is registered, Heart of Xandar kindly advises him.

Jerry nodded immediately after hearing the words, “Yes, please help me open an account here.”

Money is very important, be it on Earth or any other planet in the universe, even in a world where people gather around. Of course, even if Jerry opened an account now, he would still be penniless.

After all, Earth’s money has no value, and it is no different from normal paper. However, he was not worried about this situation. He could easily make any money or gems to be traded as a wizard.

After registering his identity and opening his own account, Jerry left the hall and walked towards the security checkpoint.

He went through the checkpoint and chose a small plane for one person. While sitting on the plane, he can enjoy a unique view of the city of Xandar below while listening to Xandar’s laws and regulations.

Compared to Earth, Xandar’s cities look more technologically advanced and have a cleaner and more beautiful overall feel. Perhaps due to the prevalence of their aircraft, there are almost no other vehicles on the ground except for pedestrians.

Therefore, the layout of the entire city would be much simpler, focusing more on beauty than functionality. The streets, rivers, and trees were all beautiful.

“Mr. Carmen, welcome to the capital of the Xandar. I hope you can comply with the laws here and have a good day.” The plane slowly landed next to a street, and after sending a final message to Jerry, it flew away swiftly.

There is no need to spend money on planes on Xandar. As long as he enters the number for public transportation, Xandar will send idle planes in the sky to pick you up as soon as possible.

But the premise is that you must first have a communication device similar to a cell phone back on Earth. Without a translator and communication device, it is basically possible to communicate with the aliens on this planet without any problem.

Translators and communication devices need to be bought with money, and Jerry had no money. So the first thing he had to do now was put some money into his account.

As for how to get money, he has already found a way. This is also the method commonly used by most aliens who come to Xandar for the first time. That is by going to the capital city’s official trade market and exchanging your goods for money.

Weapons, spaceships, energy, rare resources, planetary specialties, etc., as long as they are valuable, can be sold reasonably.

In fact, most of the aliens who had rare goods also came to the trade market. Because of the protection of the Nova Corps, the trade market in Xandar is famous in the universe.

However, due to the laws of the Nova Empire, some prohibited items cannot be traded here, such as slaves, high-powered weapons, and extremely dangerous chemicals. If you want to trade these items, you must find a black market dealer.


Along the avenue of the capital city, Jerry walked toward the trade market while admiring the scenery of the city. The place where his plane had landed was not far from the gates of the market.

Although I don’t know the words written on the metal building, Jerry just saw this unique building that was shown before in his briefing about Xandar.

“It’s really big.”

Entering the market, Jerry’s first impression was that it was big. The entire market is divided into five floors, each floor is nearly 100 meters long, and the shops are all located on both sides. Apart from the aliens walking around like him, many large transport planes were coming in and out.

“Laser guns, laser swords, longswords, and sledgehammers right here!”

“Space suits, type 1, type 2, type 3 here. Need various styles for male, female, other and special races are also available.”

“This bottle can continuously provide more than one month of flight energy consumption for a small spacecraft!”

Jerry walked through the shops and listened to the aliens selling their products. Even though he couldn’t understand it, he could guess the items in the shop.

If one of the technology items from this shop could be brought to Earth and given to those scientists to study, it would make a major breakthrough in Earth’s technology.

However, Jerry only glanced at it and had no such plans for that stuff.

First, handing over these technologies to the nations of Earth for research, and after they are produced, perhaps the future will point be good. But that’s just too much work.

Second, this is not a good thing. Ancient One had told him from the start that he should try his best not to interfere with the development of civilization because that would not necessarily increase the prosperity of mankind but could destroy humanity.

The Ancient One can easily travel in the multiverse, and Asgard has several technologies far beyond Earth.

Why don’t they consider letting Earth have more of its technology so they have the ability to protect itself and doesn’t always need to be protected? Because they know that human development needs to be carried out step by step by themselves.

If they were forcibly provided with technology far exceeding their current capability, the result might be bad. This is something that Odin and The Ancient One probably knew that it was best to avoid it.

Many planets suddenly obtained technologies far surpassing their own due to the intervention of external forces, and then perished in wars between each other and even left their own planets in destruction.

So it’s best to go with the flow.

If Jerry traveled back to Earth this time, he wouldn’t give this advanced technology to the governments. At best, he would bring one or two souvenirs for his family and friends.

For example, maybe he’ll buy a real laser sword as a souvenir.

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