“Is that, Xandar?” After flying for about forty minutes, Jerry was on the deck and saw a huge planet in the distance that was five or six times bigger than the Earth.

It’s just that compared to the blue Earth, Xandar is more inclined to be white or silver-colored. On the surface of the planet, you can see all kinds of strange spaceships coming in and out. It looks much more advanced than Earth’s technology.

Just as Jerry’s spaceship was getting closer and closer to Xandar, two blue-and-yellow spaceships that looked like stars blocked the way.

“This is the Nova Corps. please follow us to the designated location for registration before landing on the planet.” Two people who looked similar to Earthlings were revealed on his ship in the form of virtual projection.

Despite looking like a typical Viking ship, the spaceship that Jerry used had a lot of technology from Asgard, which is more developed than Earth itself.

It’s just that it doesn’t have a display screen. When the Nova Corp’s spaceship sends a signal to his ship, the spaceship will automatically connect, and the transmission that was supposed to be a video feed transformed into a visual projection.

“Sure, no problem.” Jerry nodded and then ordered the spaceship to follow the two Nova Corps spaceships to fly to the spaceport of Xandar.

According to the records, Jerry knew that if he came to Xandar for the first time, he needed to register the spaceship and his information before entering safely.

Xandar people are peace-loving and accept any race in the universe, but they also attach importance to security issues. Once someone makes an act that threatens the safety of others, they will definitely take action and put them into prison.

As for why Jerry was able to communicate normally with the Xandar people just now is not because he learned the language of the Xandarians, but because their technology is very advanced, and they have the most advanced translation devices that record the language of most races in the entire universe.

So, the language spoken by the two Xandarians on the spaceship just now was not speaking in the Xandar language but the Asgardian language because they assumed it was someone from Asgard. Jerry himself replied in Asgardian language too.

After escorting Jerry’s ship and successfully docking in the spaceport, the two Nova Corps ships left to continue their patrol just now. Jerry also opened the shield on the spaceship and walked down.

The spaceport of Xandar is not really in space but is built in mid-air, 10,000 meters above the planet’s ground. According to the laws of Xandar, all alien spaceships cannot land and need to be docked in the spaceport for the safety of ordinary people living on the planet.

In the spaceport, countless advanced Xandar spaceships provide free transportation services that can transport people, luggage, or goods to the desired destination after security inspection.

After getting off, Jerry stood in the spaceport and looked around curiously. Looking around, there are all kinds of high-tech spaceships and all kinds of aliens. Most aliens are similar in size to Earth people, and even some aren’t much different from humans.

But there are also some obvious differences, such as the whole skin being red from head to toe or yellow. Not the yellow like an Asian person, but literally yellow. There are also green, pink, blue skins, etc.

In addition, some aliens are completely beyond human characteristics.

In short, it looks quite novel, giving him the feeling of going to the world of “Harry Potter” for the first time and seeing magical creatures like goblins, house elves, and trolls.

However, as he looked at the aliens around him, those aliens also looked at him, or rather, looking at his ship. Unlike other alien high-tech spaceships, Jerry’s Viking-style spaceship does look very different.

However, some people recognize at a glance that this is a legendary race in the universe, a spaceship only belongs to the Asgardians.

Asgardians generally have a lifespan of 5,000 years, they are a legendary race even in the universe, and their single combat ability, technology, magic, divine power, and other aspects are very powerful.

It’s just that they rarely leave the Nine Realms, so they are not very common in the universe.

“Please register your identity first.”

Stepping into the alien crowd, Jerry randomly found a staff member of the spaceport, and after inquiring about the registration and related procedures, he found where to register his information.

In the identity management hall of the spaceport, there are no staff members, but there are capsules. Jerry walked into an empty capsule according to the method instructed by the staff member just now and said, “Can I register my information, please?”

“Hello, guest, Heart of Xandar at your service. Please keep standing still, and I will scan your body.” As soon as Jerry’s voice fell, the door of the capsule closed instantly, and a female voice sounded.

The Heart of Xandar is an intelligent system in Xandar, similar to the “Supreme Intelligence” of the Kree Empire. It’s just that for people living on Xandar, the Heart of Xandar is a convenient intelligence system, kind of like Jarvis.

“Characteristic scan: Earthlings, Danger level: Almost zero, No offense records. As this is your first time, please tell your me about your ageā€¦”

“The level of danger is almost zero? That’s good. It seems that my Mana Shielding spell is getting better” Jerry shook his head with a smile and began to report his information one by one.

He can’t blame the system. Jerry’s current level of Mana Shielding Spell has far surpassed Voldemort himself. Even Odin couldn’t see through his magic, so this kind of technology couldn’t see it.

But according to the degree of danger to Earth people, he is almost not a threat.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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