Five days later, on the Rainbow Bridge.

Heimdall looked at Jerry and explained, “Master Carmen, according to King Odin’s instructions. I will bring you to the vicinity of Xandar, but because you are not from Asgard, I will not be able to see you outside the Nine Realms. You will have to drive your spaceship back to Earth later.”

“It’s okay, I understand. Thank you.” Jerry smiled.

It turned out that after five days, Jerry had completely mastered how to use the spaceship and also remembered all the maps and the distribution of the major forces in the universe. His primary destination was Xandar, the capital of the Nova Corps.

Because Xandar is the most inclusive planet in the galaxy, all kinds of races can be seen living together on Xandar, and there is no discrimination or war there. It is the best planet for his first stop, and he can also find out some information he wants there.

However, just as he was about to set off, Odin told him that the Rainbow Bridge could be teleported within the Nine Realms and outside the Nine Realms. But after leaving the Nine Realms, Heimdall couldn’t see him because he wasn’t an Asgardian, so he could only send him out there.

Just like his portal, if it is a place that has not been visited, he can use the distance estimation to open a portal at the approximate location of the destination.

Heimdall can also use the distance estimation to use his Rainbow Bridge to the vicinity of Xandar Star, but outside the scope of the Nine Realms, Heimdall’s vision was useless.

Jerry is not an Asgardian; hence Heimdall can’t sense him. Unlike on Earth, as soon as Jerry calls his name, he can hear it and immediately see Jerry’s location to open the bridge to Asgard.

Xandar is currently the only force that can compete with the Kree Empire other than Thanos and loves peace. Heimdall and Odin are not afraid of them, but if they directly open the Rainbow Bridge in their capital without their consent, it would be too impolite to do so.

However, this is already good for Jerry and can save at least a dozen days of travel in space.

“Have a nice journey.” Heimdall pulled out his sword, inserted it on the pedestal, and twisted it hard, and the Rainbow Bridge was opened.

Jerry waved to Heimdall and walked into the Rainbow Bridge.

A rainbow flew out of the hall, passed through the barriers of space, and he disappeared. When the rainbow energy surrounding him disappeared in less than two seconds, Jerry was already in a new area.

Feeling the energies in the universe, Jerry immediately cast a spell to protect himself. Space contains all kinds of harmful energies and extreme temperatures. Normal human beings exposed to space will be frozen into ice in a few seconds and die immediately.

But with Jerry’s current physique, holding it for a few hours is not a big problem. But it’s not necessary. He can use magic to isolate himself from all the harm in the space.

“Let’s get the spaceship first.”

Opening the ring space, Jerry released the “God’s Domain” spaceship that Odin gave him yesterday. This is a spaceship that is entirely made of Uru metal and was shaped into a Viking style ship.

It is said that Odin made it for Jerry by asking the Dwarf King himself. The materials are so abundant that it surpasses most of the current spaceships in Asgard. This made Jerry a little flattered.

The “God’s Domain” is about 100 meters long and 20 meters wide. There is a big house on the ship.

“God’s Domain. Activate the layer and target: Xandar Star.” Jerry landed on the deck, put away his protective magic, and ordered the spaceship.

“Yes, my lord.” The voice of an old man came from the spaceship.

Immediately, its energy shield rose, covering the entire ship, and the dozens of large oars on both sides of the ship also quickly rowed in space at the same time. With the rowing of the oars, the entire ship immediately flew in a certain direction at a fast speed.

It turned out that after receiving the spaceship sent by Odin yesterday, Jerry made a series of changes to it. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like there has been any change, but Jerry cast a spell on it, allowing it to drive itself according to the destination without him needing to control it all the time.

At the same time, he also used the Extension Charm in the cabin, which greatly expanded the space in the cabin. In addition to this, the entire ship was covered with various magic by him.

In addition to its original functions, the spaceship has an additional stealth mode, magic defense mode, magical energy propulsion, and so on.

“The space is amazing.”

According to Heimdall’s estimation, the distance from his landing point to the Xandar can be reached in an hour by driving the spaceship, so he did not go to his private room to study magic but stood on the deck to enjoy the stunning scene around.

Humans have always thought that they are the center of the world, but the world where humans live is only on a small planet. There are countless planets outside the Earth, with countless civilizations.

As the Ancient One said, the universe is infinite.

Even with Jerry’s current strength, standing on the deck and looking at the infinite universe outside, he would feel his insignificance. Maybe a sudden black hole can make him destroyed. Compared with those who are really strong, he is still too weak.

However, while being shocked by the sight of the space, Jerry gradually became enlightened.

All the magic, technology, and supernatural power are the application of the rules of the universe, but in different ways.

Jerry is also on the road to creating a small world, so he naturally has his own understanding of the laws of the universe. When he saw the planets with his own eyes and came to the universe in person, he also gained a new understanding of some principles that he had been studying.

This made him surprised a bit.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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