“Jerry, I heard from Heimdall that you are here. I haven’t seen you in Asgard for a long time.”

In the living room of the Palace, just as Jerry was enjoying himself and listening to Frigga’s words about the major forces in the universe. Odin was wearing golden armor and holding his spear and walked inside the room.

“I haven’t seen you in a while as well.” Seeing Odin walk in, Jerry got up and greeted him

Seeing this, Odin smiled and waved his hand, “You and Thor have a brotherly bond. You are also the guardian of the Reality Stone. No need for you to be formal and all.” For Jerry, Odin didn’t really pay much attention to him at first.

At most, it is because he has helped Thor and Asgard, so he is allowed to come to Asgard to learn magic. However, with Jerry’s magic talent, his increasingly powerful magic power, and his relationship with The Ancient One.

Odin paid some attention to him at this point.

His attitude is so good now because he walked into the living room and looked at Jerry just now. He found that, for the first time, his current strength is not too far from his level.

If he were in his prime condition, Odin wouldn’t really matter. Because even within the same level, he is still the powerful one. Asgard is his domain. His power increases as Asgard grows.

In Asgard, he can even defeat enemies one or two levels higher than him. Even if a Dimension God comes, he can defeat them.

But now it’s different. He is old, and he can clearly feel that his lifespan is coming to an end, and his strength has begun to decline sharply. The Ragnarok in the prophecy may not be far away.

If, after his death, a wizard as powerful as Jerry could help Thor. Thor might have a good future, which is why he has such a good attitude towards Jerry now.

“King Odin is older than me, and it’s normal for me to show respect for you.” Jerry was a little surprised that Odin’s attitude was much closer than before.

Although his strength is much stronger than before, compared with Odin and Ancient One, there are still a lot of gaps. He clearly understands himself, so he still needs to be polite, and he is here today for help.

“I heard that you have something important to ask me?” Odin asked, straight to the point.

Before Jerry could answer, Frigga said to him, “Jerry wants to leave Midgard and travel to other planets in the universe. He wants to buy a spaceship from you that can go to other planets.”

Jerry is looking for Odin to borrow a spaceship that can go to other planets in the universe, looking for alien beings who can be moved to his world. There is an oversized dark elves spaceship in his ring space, but unfortunately, it was made with their technology, and he couldn’t drive it well at all.

He had tried casting a spell on the smaller ships inside to see if they could drive themselves. Unfortunately, things are not so simple.

The principle of using a spell is not really like he created the four animals he made so that they have their own characteristics and awareness.

Through the stimulation of magic, they have an intelligent system like a robot, which is highly anthropomorphic but not human. The wizard chess pieces after the spell will always surround the chessboard. The stone statues, robot soldiers, and Little Stell will always do their own things according to the orders.

But the dark elves’ spaceship that has been enlightened doesn’t understand him, and the operating system is a completely different thing that he doesn’t know anything about it.

Maybe after a long period, it can learn a new language through continuous experimentation and completely reform the spaceship itself. But with the complexity of the spaceship, it will take a long time to do so.

Of course, it is not difficult to fly it. Even Jerry can do it by himself, but he can’t be careless when operating it in space. If something goes wrong one day, it will be a little bit troublesome.

He felt that it would be easier and safer to come directly to Asgard to buy an Asgard spaceship. Mainly, he was going to Asgard to learn about the forces of the universe and get a map of the universe itself to avoid being lost in space.

He already knew the language that the Asgardian used. He should be able to drive it easily after two or three days of learning it. When the time comes, he will remodel the spaceship, making it easier for him to use.

“Do you want to travel to the universe? That’s good. Mages like to travel around to find the mysteries of magic, but you don’t need to buy them. We are not so stingy with friends. I’ll let the soldiers take you to pick one as a thank-you gift for taking care of Thor lately.” Odin waved his hand, obviously not surprised he wanted to travel to the universe.

In order to explore the mysteries of magic, powerful mages often travel in the universe. Just like The Ancient One, but she does not need to use a spaceship to leave the Earth.

Jerry is now faintly approaching their level, and it is understandable to have the ambition to explore the universe.

“King Odin, this is too…” Jerry wanted to refuse but was interrupted by Odin raising his hand, and finally, he had no choice but to nod.

With his current magical ability, plus the Reality Stone, there is no problem at all paying for the spaceship.

For Odin, a spaceship is nothing to him, and it is a good thing to give to Jerry at this time. Someone who may be surpassing The Ancient One in the future.

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Published On: August 27, 2023

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