In Jerry’s view, humans on Earth are not suitable for it mainly because people live well on Earth. If he moves a large number of them into it to live, which is not a good thing in itself, Ancient One herself would disagree with the idea.

Although human civilization on Earth is nothing in the face of the universe, at least it has developed into something.

Once a large number of people enter the ring space, it will take a while to explore the space, and it will be easy for them to discover the secrets of the ring space. Never underestimate human beings. They can take advantage of Jerry’s attention and mess up his world to pieces.

Since he wants to develop borrowers, he can’t only have a few people borrow it. He hopes to put a complete civilization into his ring space considering the future development.

Their civilization had better stay at the stage of the Middle Ages or a little further ahead. They should not have any concepts about the universe, science, etc., and always believe in the existence of gods and magic.

It’s better to have different groups, countries, and civilizations so there can be conflicts, interests, and the need for magic.  He wants to build the ring space into a different world slowly, put his book in it, and spread it steadily as his strength improves.

However, the Earth and the three other worlds he has opened have entered a modern society and do not meet this condition.

“I guess it’s time to wander outside the Earth.”

The Earth does not meet its conditions now, but the universe is big with countless planets, filled with countless races and civilizations. It should not be difficult to find one that meets his conditions.

Now with his strength, he can also venture into the universe. Not only to get people for his ring space but also to learn more advanced knowledge and continue improving his enhancer.

There is no shortage of disasters in the universe. Maybe if he encounters some events that will destroy the planet, if he intervenes to stop it, he can earn some red stars along the way.


Two months later.

“What? Leaving New York to practice and study for half a year? But aren’t you just a sophomore?” Haas looked at Jerry in surprise.

Although Jerry only returned once a month after going to college due to his busy schedule, this time, he wanted to go for half a year.

Belle and Aisha were obviously not very happy about Jerry’s departure for half a year.

“Half a year is very fast, and this time is special. They told me that it would greatly benefit my future graduation.” Jerry started to make up a reason.

There is no way he leaves the Earth only for a moment. It is estimated that it will take at least half a year. If he didn’t go home for half a year, and there was no news about him. It was estimated that Haas and others would be worried about him.

Although this excuse sounds a bit ridiculous, he created something that could convince all of them. So Haas and others had no choice but to accept it.

In the past two months, Jerry placed the remaining three animals and all the Carmen Mahjongs he created before returning to the main world in various areas of New York. He also watched his sister obtain all of them one by one.

He also specially left a special book for Aisha without any conditions so that Aisha could learn magic by herself in addition to using her current one. He also took the time to upgrade Haas’s Little Steel and the entire house again.

He believed that as long as Ancient One and Odin didn’t die, no one should be able to hurt his family during his absence on Earth. In case of a real emergency, he can also sense it and find a way to get back as quickly as possible.


“Heimdall!” After saying goodbye to his family, Jerry found an empty area and shouted into the air.

Suddenly, a rainbow fell from the sky and took him away.

“Long time no see, Heimdall.” Jerry walked out of the rainbow and said hello to Heimdall.

As someone who once helped Asgard guard the Rainbow Bridge and has a good relationship with Queen Frigga, Jerry is currently the only one who can summon Heimdall on Earth to open the Rainbow Bridge at will besides Thor.

He came to Asgard now because he is not particularly familiar with the situation outside the universe, and he needs to come to Asgard to find some information about it.

In addition, he cannot go to the planets where other civilizations in the universe are located. Mainly because he does not know all of the locations, and the other is that his portal couldn’t be used that far. So he needs to use something in Asgard.

Asgardians rarely leave the Nine Realms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to leave. They just don’t want to.

Asgard’s technology is very developed. You can see many turrets above the city. They use energy weapons that surpass Earth’s technology, and the destruction power is amazing. The Asgardians are also very famous in the universe, and their combat ability is very powerful.

“Long time no see, Master Carmen. Did you come to learn magic again?” Heimdall put away his sword and closed the Rainbow Bridge.

Heimdall still has a very good impression of Jerry. If Jerry hadn’t stopped Loki at the beginning, the Rainbow Bridge might have been destroyed. As the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, protecting the Rainbow Bridge and invading foreign enemies are his duty.

“No, it’s mainly because I want to discuss something with King Odin.” Jerry laughed.

Heimdall looked in the direction of the Golden Palace, “All-Father is discussing in the Golden Palace, and it is estimated that it will take two hours to end.”

“Then I’ll go to Queen Frigga first, and then I’ll ask to see if King Odin has finished discussing the matter.” Jerry nodded, got up, and flew toward the palace where Queen Frigga lived.

While waiting for Odin, it might be the best time to ask Queen Frigga to borrow some books on cosmic forces, races, and planetary divisions. She was once an adventurous person and might know some of the information about the universe.

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Published On: August 27, 2023

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