As for why Eriol remains undefeated because his control over the space and time magic is much stronger than Jerry’s.

Every time Jerry uses various magic to attack Eriol, he will use time magic to move it back. Every time Jerry wants to teleport to make a melee attack, Elio directly blocks it.

In the end, it can only end in a draw, and if it doesn’t, it is estimated that the mirror dimension will be destroyed. Of course, Jerry was quite satisfied in his heart when he faced an opponent and fought with all his might.

After the fight, Eriol leaves Jerry’s house with Spinel and Ruby.

“I didn’t expect that there is someone in this world who can fight with you on the same level.” Spinel, who had regained his camouflage form, squatted on Eriol’s shoulders and sighed in a cold voice.

Before Jerry appeared, it was always believed that his creator was the strongest in the world. He didn’t expect that there would be someone who could be on par with Eriol.

“Eriol just didn’t exert his full strength. Otherwise, how could that guy be Eriol’s opponent?” Ruby pinched and touched her waist in disbelief.

“Okay, okay. There’s no need to think about it much. It’s just a friendly match. Do you guys want to eat takoyaki?” Eriol smiled while looking at a shop on the street that was making Takoyaki.

He doesn’t care about the results. Winning or losing is not important to him at all. He just wants to satisfy his friend before leaving.

“Takoyaki? I want one!” Ruby was still angry, and when she heard the word “Takoyaki”, she immediately forgot everything just now and nodded frantically.

Spinel was a little worried, “Takoyaki? It sounds sweet enough.”

As a quiet person who stays home and reads books daily, Spinel has never eaten Takoyaki. So he is a little bit suspicious about the food.

“Don’t worry. It’s not sweet at all. You would love it.” Eriol smiled and walked towards the store.

Ruby love eats sweets, while Spinel can’t eat sweets. Spinel is cold, while Ruby is lively. When he created both of them, he didn’t want to repeat what Clow Reed had made before. So, he created the completely opposite character of Kero and Yue.

In the house, sensing Eriol’s aura gradually leaving, Jerry also opened his panel, “It’s time to go back.”

This time, he spent nearly a year and a half in this world and spent about 800,000 red stars. He learned everything he needed to learn and had to study the rest by himself.

Clicking the return button on the panel, Jerry faintly felt something flashing around him, and then his figure reappeared in the main world.

Jerry was unaware when he first traveled through. He even felt dizzy for a while to recover. Now when he travels through again, he can already faintly perceive the space. Obviously, the fluctuations emanating from the panel still cannot be resolved with his current understanding of magic.

But this at least proves that his previous conjecture was not groundless.

“The Reality Stone is back at it again.” As soon as he returned to the villa, Jerry pulled out the Reality Stone, and it was clear that the stone had regained its magical power.

Putting away the stone, he said to himself, “Huh, after returning. Those who practice my magic no longer provide the magic powers.”

It turned out that as soon as Jerry returns to the main world, the time in the other world would be stopped, leading the borrowers in the small world to be halted. In this way, there will naturally be no borrowers who always provide him with magic power.

“Should I develop another batch of borrowers in the main world?” The idea flashed through his mind, but he forgot about it.

First of all, it’s too risky. If he gains a lot of borrowers here, it will attract the attention of other Dimension Gods. Although his current strength has improved a lot, he is still far away from those entities.

Ancient One also said that the Dimensional Gods would be very interested in someone that could generate magic power by himself. Therefore, the act of distributing his book in large numbers is very dangerous.

Moreover, once he enters other worlds, this source of magic power will be cut off again, and he will have to re-distribute his book again. It is impossible for him to disperse a wave of the book every time he enters a world. That would be too troublesome.

Besides, his magic power has been growing all the time, and there will be more worlds in the future, which is a waste of his time. He thought about it and finally came up with a fairly good solution.

He could gain some borrowers in the ring space he created himself. Because whether he goes to another world or stays in the main world, the ring space is always by his side. In that way, the magic power provided by the borrower can be harvested all the time.

His ring space is not as simple as the space he expanded with the Extension Charm. Still, through his continuous adjustment, he has integrated his understanding of various magic principles into the Clow card.

Gradually, there is a little bit of the feeling of a small world. With a day and night cycle, there will be natural phenomena like rain, thunder, and other weather without Jerry’s magic.

Of course, compared to the real world, the ring space is still far away from that.

Now his ring space is about the same size as a typical province. It’s pretty big to hold a community or civilization inside, and it continues to expand outwards every day with Jerry’s strength.

He also does not need to carry soil, trees, water, etc., from the outside. With the magic he learned before, he can directly use magic to make more land. Then use another magic from the “Tree” card to multiply a large number of trees and create a small river and lake with the “Watery” card.

After several years of continuously transporting various organisms and microorganisms into it, the species inside have also grown.

Therefore, if a race is moved in, as long as they do not explore the boundary, they will not discover the secrets of it.

The question now is where to get the people to live in it.

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Published On: August 26, 2023

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