“Jerry, your power seems to be improved again.” Eriol smiled as he watched Spinel and Ruby gradually being suppressed by Jerry’s animals.

Their power depends on the creator itself, just as the power of the Clow card in Sakura’s hand is different from Clow Reed’s. Although it is three-on-two, being able to suppress Spinel and Ruby, he created indicates that Jerry has surpassed his magical strength.

“If you take the time to digest and study it well, it shouldn’t take long before you can reach Clow Reed’s level.” Jerry looked at Eriol.

During the nine months, he has been discussing magic with Eriol, studying magic books of various families, and occasionally going out to spread his books as well.

On the other hand, Eriol spends most of his time becoming a school student to experience life at school.

When discussing magic with Jerry, he took the initiative to learn Jerry’s magic. He had never seen the kind of magic Jerry had brought here on his house bookshelves.

“That’s not what I’m after. I don’t want to have too much magic power like him.” Eriol fixed his glasses, and his smile remained.

For him, longevity is not a problem, and his strength is at the top level in this world. There is no need for him to focus on researching magic. He is not really curious about Jerry’s magic because he is not as eager to improve his strength as Jerry.

If he wants to improve his strength, he should put aside everything and study magic daily.

When Jerry heard Elio’s words, he had nothing to say except envy. Both of their previous life is a complete mirror. Fortunately, he is not limited to this world. He will work hard in the future to surpass Clow Reed and enjoy life after that.

“By the way, I’ll be on vacation in a few days, and I’m going back to the UK.” Watching the five over there fighting fiercely, Eriol said with a smile.

“Are you going to let Sakura convert all the remaining Clow cards at once?” Jerry immediately understood Eriol’s underlying meaning.

Eriol nodded, “Yes, because of your training, Sakura’s current magic power is much stronger than she usually is. It shouldn’t be too difficult to convert all the remaining cards into hers.”

“Remember to notify me about it. I will visit you when I have time. Don’t forget that my portal can be opened all over the world.” Jerry said half-jokingly.

After being together for nine months, he and Eriol became friends.

He is very interested in Clow Reed going to other worlds. Even if he does not discuss magic in the future, he is estimated to go to Eriol to ask how to go to another world.

“I know you’ve always wanted to learn from me. How about today?” Eriol turned to look at Jerry.

Jerry’s eyes lit up, “Well, I’ll be glad to.”

He wanted to train with Eriol when he first met, but Eriol was not a person who liked these kinds of stuff. Unexpectedly, as he was about to leave, he took the initiative to bring it up.

Thinking about it, he also saw what Jerry was thinking. He wanted to satisfy Jerry before leaving. In Eriol’s eyes, Jerry is a rare friend.

Although he is much better than Clow Reed, he does not have many friends because of his strength and status. Many people either respect or fear him, and very few can treat him equally.

This is also the reason why he has always been sticking to becoming an ordinary school student. Jerry is one of the few people who can treat him as an equal. He is also the only person in the world who may be stronger than him.

Two extremely powerful magic power fluctuations spread out in the mirror dimension, causing Spinel, Ruby, and the others who were still fighting fiercely over there to stop.

Compared with the magic power that Eriol and Jerry have displayed now, the strength that the five of them just showed is the difference in a small amount of their power, knowing each created with the strength of the world’s top magician.

But it is still far worse compared with Eriol and Jerry at this time. It can be said that they are not on the same level at all. No matter if it was Clow Reed in the past or Eriol and Jerry now, the main purpose of creating them was not to assist both of them in fighting.

Clow Reed created Kero, and Yue is to accompany him and manage the Clow cards. Eriol probably created Spinel and Ruby to imitate Clow Reed and later regarded them as friends.

As for Jerry, he is to verify his magic can create life and to add a few bodyguards to his sister to help her learn to use magic better.

Jerry and Eriol floated opposite each other in the air, all kinds of powerful magic were thrown out at will, and the destructive energy continued to explode in the mirror dimension.

Although the mirror dimension is not a real space, it has a certain limit. If the destructive force is too strong, it will be directly destroyed. Obviously, the magic collision between Jerry and Eriol has approached the limit that the mirror dimension can bear.

In this way, the two fought for a full two hours and only gradually stopped after the mirror dimension was completely cracked.

The final result can only be said to be indistinguishable.

Jerry still had the upper hand throughout the fight, but he couldn’t beat Eriol.

Eriol and Jerry are both strong figures, and some magic tricks have no effect on them.

In the end, putting out a lot of destructive magic is still necessary. Jerry basically knows about Eriol’s magic, but Eriol does not know much about Jerry’s magic.

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