For Eriol, magic is just a tool in life. He prefers to watch the moon with Spinel, Ruby, and his companion, who he created, and enjoy a normal life. He came here to help Sakura because he wanted to complete the things left by Clow Reed in his memory.

Perhaps, this is exactly what Clow Reed wants to see.

As a child from a magical family, Clow Reed received strict magical training since childhood, and when he grew up, he kept pursuing magic. He has missed too many beautiful things in his life and left countless irreparable moments.

Eriol and Fujitaka Kinomoto are the reincarnations of Clow Reed. They can be regarded as a continuation of his previous life. Just like parents always like their children to make up for their regrets in the past, Clow Reed also hopes that Eriol And Kinomoto can make up for his regrets.

Moreover, when Clow Reed made this decision, he saw the results in the future.

It was precisely because Eriol felt that Jerry was very similar to Clow Reed in his memory, and both were so obsessed with magic. He took the initiative to say that he was willing to exchange magic with him.

Hearing Eriol’s answer, Jerry’s eyes suddenly glowed with excitement, causing Spinel and Ruby next to Eriol to take a step back in fright.

Although Eriol’s strength is much worse than Clow Reed, he still has the memory of Crowley, and his theoretical knowledge is still good. Being able to discuss magic with Eriol is of great benefit to Jerry.

“Looks like it’s over.” At this time, Eriol seemed to sense something and looked down.

Jerry also temporarily suppressed his excitement, lowered his head, and looked down.

At this time, Sakura finally used her magic power to completely change her wand, turning it into a star scepter, and became the real new owner of the Clow cards.

It turned out that during the process, because Yue was in charge of half of the Clow cards, Sakura had half of the Clow cards unusable.

But fortunately, because she has been learning magic with Jerry, her magic is much stronger than before. She did not use the Moon Bell’s help, so she relied on her magic to turn the wand into the scepter and complete the ceremony.

“Since there is no accident, I should head back. Next semester, I will transfer to Tomoeda Elementary School to help Sakura with the Clow cards. If you want to discuss magic with me, you can come directly to me later.” Seeing that Sakura passed the ceremony unexpectedly, Eriol nodded with satisfaction.

Although it was slightly different from what he saw in the prophecy, the overall result was still within his expectation.

After saying goodbye to Jerry, he left with Spinel and Ruby.

“I didn’t expect that everything went smoothly.” After Eriol left, Jerry sighed with some regret and Apparated.

Tonight’s result can be said to be good. Not only did he learn something new from Eriol, but also many secrets he had never thought of. He and Eriol initially became friends. The only regret is that he didn’t take a look at Eriol’s magic power at this time.

But that’s okay because he feels that there are opportunities to learn from each other in the future. What really shocked him today is that because of “Young and Dangerous” setting, he thought he had already understood the world.

The world he lives in now is just one of the worlds in this world. Besides, there are actually more than a dozen worlds. Although it is still far from the multiverse of the main world, it is still a very powerful small world.

If there is a chance in the future, he will go to this other dimension. Maybe he can get something good out of it.


Nine months later, in his house.

All the people and creatures in the house were pulled into the mirror dimension by Jerry, “It’s really good space magic. Fighting here can prevent ordinary people from discovering it and will not affect the real world.”

Opposite Jerry, someone was holding a wand, watching Jerry’s magic. This person is a nobody, but it is Eriol who used magic to transform into a primary school student and went to the local elementary school, where he and Sakura were classmates.

“The fight with you guys might cause a lot of catastrophe. It would be bad if my house were destroyed.” Jerry shrugged.

He turned to the little white tiger, little vermillion bird, and little black tortoise floating in the air next to him and ordered, “Show your form!”

The three little animals responded, and they flew in front of him in unison. After a burst of energy, they turned into a huge white tiger, a vermilion bird that was covered in fire, and a black tortoise hardened its shell.

“Show yours, Spinel and Ruby!” Eriol waved his wand and changed Spinel and Ruby’s forms.

After nine months, Jerry has made great progress in magic because he often discusses it with Eriol. He also created the remaining three beasts and all the remaining mahjong tiles one after another.

Today, Jerry just wanted to test the strength of the three, so he invited Eriol to let Spinel and Ruby’s help test it.

“Okay, let’s start!” With Jerry’s order, the three animals fought with Spinel and Ruby on the opposite side.

Spinel and Ruby used the power of the sun and the moon, while the three animals used elemental powers that came from many magic systems combined.

Therefore, in terms of power level, the power of the three animals is not much worse than Spinel and Ruby. Because it is three against two, and in the end, they gradually gain the upper hand in the fight.

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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