Jerry was shocked to hear what Daphne stated next to him. He didn’t believe Daphne had any issues, though. After all, Daphne’s opinions appeared reasonable for a Slytherin.

Because of the kind of upbringing and environment she had when she was a young child. Jerry is not a typical Slytherin and does not share their decadent ideologies.

The most significant factor in a person’s strength is his or her own strength. It has nothing to do with the purity of his or her ancestry. After all, exterior things are just that—external. You set the rules as long as you are powerful enough to do so.

“Daphne, no one can influence me. I, Jerry Carmen, as a Slytherin, will definitely become the most powerful wizard in this world.” Jerry looked at Daphne firmly, exuding a breathtaking aura.

Daphne was taken aback when she saw this. The dissatisfaction in her eyes had just now disappeared, and what was left was full of admiration.

“My goodness…”

If he had responded to Daphne at this point, arguing that the pure blood theory is false and other things, he would have been speaking as a Slytherin. It would undoubtedly spark a debate among his peers.

But it wouldn’t be in his heart to clearly demarcate a line with Hermione and others. Additionally, Hermione could speak with him, follow his development, and advance with him throughout the entire academy.

Additionally, Dumbledore will certainly benefit much from a positive connection with Harry.

You see, such a good Slytherin is prepared to make friends with Gryffindors and young Muggle-born wizards and has no prejudice against blood. Something that is not what Dumbledore had expected.

Otherwise, if Dumbledore treats him as the second Voldemort, it will be a bit troublesome.

“Jerry, the best wizard is not you, but me!” At this moment, Hermione replied somewhat unconvinced.

Harry and Ron beside Hermione also looked at Jerry with a look of admiration.

“Hmph, how can you compete with Jerry?” Daphne, at the side, immediately taunted Hermione.

The Potions class was now completely silent, and not even the sound of a needle could be heard. It turned out that Professor Snape had already arrived at the Potions classroom door. He was clothed in a black robe and had a face that would make a three-year-old cry.

Which professor at Hogwarts scares the young wizards the most? Neither the most imposing Dumbledore, who is regarded as the greatest wizard of all time, nor the strictest Professor McGonagall in the school.

But it was Professor Snape. He had a gloomy expression the entire day and appeared as though he would cast the most dreadful and horrible black magic on you at the slightest provocation.

Even the Slytherin wizards were horrified upon seeing their dean.

Snape approached the podium like a giant bat, holding a wand in one hand and a book on potions in the other. He pulled out a list of names, just like other lecturers.

But as soon as he caught sight of Harry, he stopped abruptly, turned to face him, shot the boy a cold glare, and said in a low voice, “Harry Potter, this is our newcomer, a well-known character.”

The people in the rear, including Draco, covered their mouths while laughing. Snape spoke and continued.

He paused once more and said, with a hint of appreciation, as he turned to face Jerry Carmen, “Outstanding. They began the semester with more than 20 points, which is good when compared to some students.”

You must be aware that Hermione currently has just as many points as he does. Simply put, Hermione wins points for Gryffindor, thus Snape ignores her name when he says it.

When Draco heard Jerry being complimented, who had been laughing at Harry being mocked by Snape, he immediately became as green as the lights in the Slytherin common room.

After setting the list of names aside, Snape presented the topic of potions to the group of young wizards gathered in the classroom.

It is best to say that individuals who are unable to learn this subject are fools because it is amazing and could be really useful.

After the introductions, Snape launched into a series of incisive questions regarding the science of potions directed at Harry.

Harry cannot learn the challenging book “Magic Potions and Potions” before the start of school because he is not Hermione or a typical young wizard. He continued to make fun of Harry in this way.

Jerry, who had foreseen the circumstance, couldn’t help but feel a moment of sympathy for Harry.

Harry would have had innumerable grievances and grown a strong heart if he hadn’t lived at his aunt’s house ever since he was a young child. He would probably be afraid and cry right now if young wizards took his position because of Snape.

In reality, Jerry understood that the reason Snape was willing to risk his life to save Harry was that Harry was Lily’s child, who was Snape’s favorite person.

It was difficult for Snape not to despise Harry because of his Gryffindor affiliation and striking resemblance to his former enemy James in appearance. Snape probably wouldn’t act in the same manner if Harry had joined the Slytherins.

“Jerry Carmen, please answer to the brief questions right now.”

After some mocking, Snape turned to stare at Harry, whose green eyes matched Lily’s, stopped, and then gave Jerry the question while ignoring Hermione, who was standing close to Harry.

Jerry sighed helplessly but got to his feet anyway. He actually doesn’t want to be involved right now. After all, Hermione’s hands are lifted so high, and Harry is obviously feeling rather terrible.

He had to get to his feet and provide an honest response because Snape had already called his name immediately.

“A potent sleeping aid that contains wormwood and narcissus root powder is similar to a dose of Draught of Living Death. Coprolites, which are goat stomach stones, have a potent cleansing effect. The aconite is the same species as chamaejasma, and the two are referred to as an “aconitum” jointly.”

“Ten points for Slytherin.” Snape nodded in satisfaction, and the Slytherin wizard suddenly cheered.

Even Goyle and Crabbe couldn’t hold back their applause, but they were finally stopped by Draco’s stare.

“Add ten points directly, as expected of you, Professor Snape!” Snape partiality made Jerry feel a little embarrassed.

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