“Master Carmen, you are not from this world?” After seeing Jerry’s appearance, Eriol smiled and said something that shocked Jerry.

“Why do you say that?” Jerry maintained his composure on the surface, neither admitting nor denying.

Eriol still smiled, “If you are from this world, it is impossible for me not to see your existence in the prophecy.”

Eriol knew that Jerry might be strong. Maybe he can use some magic to prevent himself from being prophesied, but escaping the prophecy is impossible. The only possibility of escaping the prophecy is that he is not from this world but from another world.

Seeing Eriol’s face, Jerry couldn’t help sighing. At the same time, he thought for a while and finally replied, “Yes, I am from another world.”

Eriol said that he is not from this world. Did he really see that he came from the Marvel world, or was he just guessing it randomly?

If he knew that he was from the Marvel world, he wouldn’t believe it. After all, The Ancient One did not see through his ability to travel to worlds, nor did she see through his panel. Although Eriol is strong, it is absolutely impossible to be stronger than The Ancient One.

He guessed that Eriol was referring to something else, just like the concept of the multiverse in the Marvel world. Therefore, he gave a positive answer but did not give a specific one, wanting to see how Eriol reacted.

Eriol was not surprised by Jerry’s answer. Obviously, he had already determined that Jerry must have come from another world. Still, he said with a little curiosity in his tone, “Are you from Kala, Thras, Anshi Republic, Koria, Sakura Town, or Infinity City?”

“Those represent a world?” Jerry’s eyes widened as he listened to Eriol say random names.

Eriol looked a little surprised at Jerry’s reaction and said, “Yes, these are all different worlds. You don’t seem to be from these worlds. It seems that there are still many other worlds that I haven’t yet to discover.”

“I really don’t come from these worlds you mentioned. In fact, I came to this world by accident. Have you been to these worlds?” Jerry rolled his eyes and continued to ask.

In his memory, the story of “Cardcaptor Sakura” did not seem to mention these contents. He was a little shocked when he knew that this world was still connected with so many worlds.

Eriol shook his head, “I haven’t been there, and I don’t want to. Clow Reed discovered these worlds, and although I inherited his memory and magic, I’m not him. I like this world and don’t want to leave this world, which is what he does.”

Although Eriol and Fujitaka Kinomoto are both reincarnations of Clow Reed, they are not Clow Reed.

“You mean Clow Reed is not dead?” Jerry asked

Eriol smiled, “You can think that he’s dead in this world.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jerry raised an eyebrow.

He remembered that in the anime, Clow Reed did die, and then he was reincarnated into Eriol and Sakura’s father.

But now he thinks about it, Clow Reed has reached the point of researching and creating worlds. How could he not have broken through the boundaries of immortality? After all, even Kero and Yue are living beings with no limited lifespan.

Eriol slowly explained, “Back then, he had to leave this world because of some things. To avoid leaving any regrets, he made Clow cards and guardian beasts. Just before leaving this world, he used some magic. Hence Kinomoto and I were created.”

“Kinomoto fulfilled his wish to marry and have children as an ordinary person, and I inherited his memory and magic power to assist Sakura in inheriting the Clow card and allowing her to convert the Clow card into a Sakura card completely. “

“Why are you willing to tell me all these secrets?” Hearing Eriol’s explanation, Jerry finally figured out the whole story.

However, what made him even more curious was why Eriol was willing to tell him all these important secrets.

Eriol looked at Jerry and said with a smile,

“Because your magic power is very strong. You came to this world, and I saw a good future. I’m willing to tell you all these secrets so that you don’t have any misunderstandings. I hope you can join me in helping Sakura transform all the Clow cards as soon as possible.”

“Well…” Jerry thought to himself when he heard the words.

“I don’t have any interest in power, money, etc. My biggest hobby is studying magic and exploring the mysteries of magic. Sakura lent me the Clow card for research, and I help her in return.” Jerry immediately expressed his mind.

Eriol still trusts Jerry’s words. After all, since he came to this world, he has indeed spent most of his time researching and learning magic. With his current level of magic, he doesn’t seem to be interested in power, money, and other things.

“I have inherited the memory and magic of Clow Reed and have all his magic books. If you are interested, you can come and discuss it with me.”

Eriol doesn’t actually pursue magic as Jerry does. He inherited the memory and magic of Clow Reed from birth and became the most powerful magician in the world from birth. He dominated the entire European magic world at a young age.

Moreover, he saw from the memories of Clow Reed that he had missed a lot of beautiful things because of the pursuit of magic and lonely life.

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