Inside his house in Japan.

A portal opened, and Jerry stepped over under the gaze of the head of the Li family and her daughters. His trip to Hong Kong went for about half a year, and he gained a lot of things from it.

Not only did he learn the art of item making, but he also obtained most of the Eastern magic books so that he could learn them all and expand his knowledge more.

At the same time, he also distributed a total of fifty copies of his magic book. Twenty were given to the Li family, and thirty were exchanged to other families.

Therefore, he can feel almost every day that dozens of people are sending magic power to him at the same time, and his power was greatly improved over time.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to spread out more. The reason is that his total magic power is limited, and if there were too many people who borrowed his power, his magic power would have likely to be run out.

At present, fifty or sixty people are enough. He can wait for the total amount of magic power to increase and recruit more people.

The books were given out, and the faster Jerry’s power improved, the faster it improved. The bigger his magic power reserve. The bigger his reserve, the more he can share his book.

On his trip to Hong Kong, he helped the Li family. In addition to the books he sent at the beginning, he also organized all the magic he learned into a book and made a copy for them to learn.

Of course, the head of the Li family suggested from time to time that she wanted to make him her son-in-law, but he refused.

At dusk, Jerry was studying magic in his house, and a sudden loud noise was outside, causing the whole house to shake. He pushed open the door and came outside, only to see a huge stone erected from the center of the street next to his house.

The stones breaking out of the ground are not only next to his house but also on the streets of the entire town.

“It seems that the Earthy card has appeared.”

Spreading his wings and flying into the air, Jerry soon found Sakura and Tomoko, who were fighting in the distance.

The appearance of the Earthy card is what caused this. Its attack method is to rely on using stones and throwing stones at the enemy.

As he came there, not far from them were Kaho, Syaoran, Meiling, Tomoko, and Tsukishiro.

Seeing Jerry put away his wings and land next to him, Syaoran’s eyes showed a look of surprise. Today is Saturday because they are going to participate in an archery competition. They notified Jerry in advance and said that they would not learn magic today.

“Why didn’t you guys help?” Jerry asked.

Under normal circumstances, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and Meiling would help Sakura to deal with the Clow cards that appeared. But this time, only Sakura and Kero.

Tomoyo took the mini camera, shot in the direction of Sakura over there, and replied, “Sakura said this is the last Clow card. She has to get it by herself.”

Syaoran and Meiling on the side nodded quickly.

“Mr. Carmen, long time no see.” At this time, Kaho placed Tsukishiro on a bench by the road and walked over.

Seeing this, Jerry turned his head and smiled, “Long time no see, Teacher Kaho. About the Moon Bell, Sakura will give it back to you in a moment.”

When Sakura finished her seven-day trip to Hong Kong, Jerry handed the Moon Bell to Sakura and asked her to bring it back to Kaho.

“Sakura is getting bigger.” At this moment, Tomoyo said excitedly while holding the camera.

Everyone turned their heads and looked in the direction of Sakura. At this time, Sakura was holding her wand and turned into a giant more than ten meters high. It turned out that after using a series of magic to defeat the Earthy card, Sakura used the “Big” card to turn herself into a giant.

“Take this!”

He saw that Sakura had taken out her wand and ran quickly to the monster to attack him. Sakura’s magic obviously took aback the Earthy card. It picked up the stones and thrown toward Sakura.

“What did you teach her?” Jerry twitched the corners of his mouth and looked at Syaoran.

Syaoran’s face turned red, “Last time we hunted for cards, I found that Sakura’s motor nerves are very good, but she has no fighting skills. I taught her some basic martial arts when she was free. I didn’t expect her to be like this.”

Speaking of which, he felt that the reason why Sakura liked the current attack combination could not be entirely blamed on him.

Since the last time, Sakura used Lightning Ball to destroy the Maze card, she has become interested in this kind of crushing attack.

“Well, alright then.” Jerry didn’t say much because he thought it was pretty good. However, it’s weird for a giant person like her to maneuver like that.

According to his memory, when Sakura got the Earthy card, she used other card elements to overcome it, trapped the card with the tree card, and then captured it. However, this is not important because whichever method she uses is fine for him.

Sakura had cut down only one-tenth of the stone monster. Seeing that it was no longer recovering, she used her wand to restore it to the appearance of a Clow card. At this time, the stones in the town that were raised by the magic slowly disappeared and returned to their original appearance.

After getting the Earthy card, Sakura returned to normal, and she flew back to the door of the Archery Hall with Kero.

“Brother Jerry, I got the last card!” Seeing that Jerry was also there, Sakura immediately waved the card in her hand.

At this moment, Kero suddenly burst out with a huge magic power, and then a burst of light enveloped him. The small wings behind him instantly became larger and enveloped him.

“Is it time for you to change right now?” Jerry looked very interested when he saw this.

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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