Under normal circumstances, you can gain their trust if he can take the Book of Carmen and use it as a condition for them to learn magic or for their descendants to learn magic.

Because the basic principles of many magic are similar, you can do it as long as you understand most of them and learn them thoroughly.

After finishing talking to him, Jerry went back.

“This world seemed a bit weird.”

One is set on an animation he watched as a child in his previous life, and the other is a Hong Kong movie. Why do two different settings appear in the same world?

This question has been lingering in his mind ever since he saw Chan. He always thought that the parallel world that the panel took him into was the world of a certain anime or movie in his previous life.

Just like in the first world, he received the letter and immediately knew it was the world of “Harry Potter”.

In the second world, he saw Dave and Balthazar and knew it was “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

In the third world, he saw Sakura and Clow cards and knew it was “Cardcaptor Sakura”.

When he used the panel to travel, the panel never told him what kind of world he entered. But only said that these worlds would have some magic.

So many movies, novels, manga, and anime in the past life constitute this element.

Maybe while he was studying at Hogwarts, there was also a setting from other movies that happened at the same time. Perhaps, something that happened in the world where he lived in his previous life may also be part of it.

Would he be the protagonist of a certain world or story?

He thought about why he appeared in the Marvel world. Why are there panels to help him travel to other worlds and whether it was done by one or a group of great beings? Since he learned about the concept of the multiverse, he had taken an interest in it.

Whether it is the main world or the parallel world, they are all independent worlds, and they are all real. The various stories that happened in these worlds are spread among other worlds in a form that he can’t understand yet.

He did not enter the world of a movie but was brought out of the world where he was originally by some powerful beings and then placed in the world where Marvel exists. The panel is using the principle to help him enter other worlds.

As for why they did it, he still couldn’t figure it out. Maybe it was for fun, maybe it was an experiment, maybe it was for some ulterior motive.

If he wanted to know more about it, he had to learn more magic principles and things how the universe works. He still has a long way to go, and his current strength is only a drop in the ocean.

Maybe one day, when he is strong enough, he can even go to other worlds. Even the world where he was in his previous life, without using the panel itself.


More than four months later.

Jerry sat in the Li family’s item making room, burning the suitcase floating in the air with unique fire from Easter magic and kept putting mysterious magic into it. Under his continuous effort, the suitcase’s shape is constantly changing.

With a loud shout, Jerry cast another spell. The original suitcase turned into a simple ring and fell into his hands.

After four months of guidance from the elder of the Li Family and the knowledge about item making from families that he had learned by himself, he finally managed to make some progress.

He mastered changing and strengthening the shape of the suitcase to a certain extent without affecting the stability of the internal space of the suitcase. The suitcase he made today is exactly what he has been expanding with the Extension Charm, and the area inside is pretty big.

Putting the former suitcase and the current suitcase in his hand, Jerry said to himself, “That’s it for now. After that, I will find a way to make it so that it can be integrated into a human body.”

At present, with his level, he can only change the shape of the item and add some defensive layers. The item made by the masters can be integrated into a body, stored in their consciousness, and can be used at any time.

However, this level of item refining is very advanced. Even the most powerful elder in the Li family couldn’t do it, so it would take a few years for Jerry to learn it.

“Mr. Carmen? What a coincidence. I heard that a wax museum has recently opened. The wax statues in it are lifelike and indistinguishable from real people. Are you interested in visiting it?”

As soon as Jerry walked out of the room, he met Syaoran’s second sister, who was pretending to meet him by chance.

“I’m sorry. But I’m leaving Hong Kong today. I’m afraid I won’t be able to visit the museum with you.” Jerry smiled and explained.

He walked over to the living room where the head of the Li family was, leaving her a bit disappointed.

What the Li family had offered to him was very good. There are a lot of books for him to study, and many elders have studied magic for a long time. Although they are not strong, he can discuss magic with them.

He opens a portal to return to Japan. Teaching Sakura and the others more magic and study their newly collected Clow cards.

The only bad thing he experienced while he was there was probably Syaoran’s sisters, which made him feel weird a little bit. But since they were part of the Li family, he couldn’t be too disrespectful to them.

Now that he has reached the purpose of this trip, he decided to leave and return to Japan to continue his activity temporarily.

Moreover, according to the speed of Sakura’s collection of Clow cards, there is only the “Earthy” card left to get, and it is estimated that it will take a few days.

Once the card has been captured, the Final Judgement will start.

At the end of the judgment, Eriol Hiiragizawa, who inherited half of Clow Reed’s magic power and memory, should appear at that moment.

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Published On: August 22, 2023

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