The word “dream” has been mysterious to humans since ancient times. Because everyone enters a dream when they go to sleep, and the things in the dream are sometimes real and magical.

In the East, there was “The Duke of Zhou’s Interpretation of Dreams”. In the West, there was Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams”.

However, even in the modern age, science can still not fully interpret what happens in dreams. For mages, dreams are a special kind of power and a very powerful one.

Among the Clow cards made by Clow Reed, there is a “Dream” card. After using it, you can use the power of dreams to see some fragments that will happen in the future, which is like precognitive dreams.

The book that Jerry has now obtained is a book that teaches mages how to sneak into other people’s dreams, send messages through dreams, and even kill enemies through dreams.

Of course, with Jerry’s strength, he doesn’t need to sneak into their dream if he wants to kill a person. But learning this type of spell at least broadens his knowledge. When encountering an enemy who is good at this type of spell, he would know how to counter it.

Therefore, when Jerry was brought to his room, he directly opened the mirror dimension and began to learn the dream magic. This continued until the next morning. When he finished his studies, he left the mirror dimension.

The next morning, after eating breakfast, Sakura and the others were led by Syaoran and Meiling to start their vacation in Hong Kong.

Jerry was surrounded by the head of the Li family and her daughters, talked with the elders of the Li family, who were in their 70s and began to learn about Eastern magic and the art of item making.

Jerry knew that she said she would be teaching Jerry all kinds of knowledge in Eastern magic and learning the art of item making from them.

He did not know whether or not he could do it. But he should do it and give it a try.

Jerry has always believed that people wouldn’t give you something like that for free. Even between relatives, there should be something that they want from you.

She is willing to give out most of the books without giving him any conditions and willing to let the elders who are good at item-making teach him about it.

Maybe she has some other purpose, but she doesn’t show It now.

What’s more. He has also asked Chan to spread his words out, looking for those possible long lost family. If it goes well, he will learn their way.

The reason why the Li family is currently the strongest here is not because the Li family has the strongest inheritance. But because the Li family is thriving, many of them have the talent to do magic and pass it on from generation to generation.

The problem is not within the way of magic itself but more of the family who inherits it. Feng’s family, it does not mean that his way of doing magic was bad.

In ancient times, those who were highly skilled in magic could create all kinds of powerful spells that were strong enough to fight enemies. They could control and curse enemies thousands of miles away through their hair or blood.

It’s just that Feng’s magic talent is average, and he doesn’t have strong mana in his body. So most of the spells available are hard for him to use.


A month later.

After Chan came home, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Chan, how is the progress about the thing I asked you?”

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had appeared beside a big lake, and a huge castle was not far from the lake.

The one who spoke to him was the person who had saved his life before.

However, he was not particularly alarmed by this. After all, this was not the first time he came to him.

“Mr. Carmen. So far, we have visited all the cities, towns, and villages in Hong Kong. The Feng Shui masters, fortune tellers, and those who are rumored to be able to do magic, as well as those who have done these occupations at home, have been contacted thoroughly.”

“We gave them money to buy the books that their family handed down. You could get all of the books tomorrow and their address. “

“Very well, I’ll go to your place tomorrow to take those books and their addresses.” Jerry smiled and nodded.

According to Feng, many inheritors of magic came to Hong Kong to make a living.

Many of their descendants had no talent for long-term magic, so they switched to other professions. Even if they had the talent for magic, they might still engage in this type of work. Like Lin Feng becoming a police officer.

However, in many people’s eyes, these families are still relatively famous.

Chan has a lot of connections with the people in Hong Kong. So after he rescued Chan, he asked him to help him to get the news about them.

In order to be more efficient, he also took time to help Chan to unify several gang members in Hong Kong with gold. With Jerry’s current level of Transfiguration, he can change anything to gold at will, and it will exist forever.

The results are amazing. While many of them are fake, many of them are indeed descendants of some family. It’s just that some of them don’t believe in the existence of magic anymore, and they think it’s just a superstition.

As long as you are willing to pay them, they are happy to exchange those books that they feel are useless.

Some believe in the existence of magic but are not interested in magic anymore and want a better life.

The last remaining batch of talented people are still doing it like Feng, and those who have no talent but want to learn spells or don’t care about the money, Jerry himself will visit them in person.

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Published On: August 22, 2023

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