Through the study of the “Firey” card, he has a deeper understanding of fire magic. Not only the power of the Fire Dragon Spell has been greatly increased, but also the Fiendfyre Spell.

Flames constantly flew out of Jerry’s palm, condensed into a ferocious monster, and slammed into the stream of water that contained powerful resentment.

According to the principle of elements, water can defeat fire. But sometimes, fire can also defeat water as long as the power and quantity of fire far exceed the water.

With the help of Jerry’s magic, the Fiendfyre is increasing, coupled with the effects of dark magic and the high temperature that is far beyond ordinary flames. The water flow controlled by the woman actually began to disappear.

“What a powerful magic.”

The head of the Li family had regained some mana watched Jerry continue to release powerful flames without any pressure, and finally fully understood why his son believed in this person so much that he would definitely surpass Clow Reed in the future.

Because according to the information she got from her family, it was absolutely impossible to have such strength as Clow Reed at an early age.

“This is impossible.” The woman watched all the water under her control evaporate, and the flames began to force toward her body.

She has never lost to anything except to Clow Reed. The flame first ignited her feet and then spread upward, gradually covering her whole body.

She looked at the woman wrapped in flames and finally heaved a sigh of relief. This is the first time she has encountered such a powerful ghost. If it weren’t for Jerry, unless she brought all the elders and magic weapons that the Li family had, she wouldn’t be able to defeat her.

However, when the fire dissipated, the woman was not burned to ashes and still floated there.

“What happened?” Upon seeing this, she immediately became vigilant.

“Don’t worry. Nothing’s wrong with it.” At this moment, Jerry’s voice came from the side.

Just as Jerry’s voice fell, the woman opened her eyes again. It’s just that the eyes of the woman at this time are no longer full of resentment and madness, and her expression has become a lot softer.

She saw her slowly falling from the air, coming in front of Jerry, and said in a tone full of guilt.

“I have seen of both of you can do. I have caused you a lot of trouble just now, and I hope I can help you.”

It turned out that when Jerry controlled the spell and burned the woman, he didn’t really burn her soul but only burned all the grievances in her body. Without the grievances, the woman regained her sanity and was no longer affected by negative emotions.

In Jerry’s view, the woman is a kind person, and she doesn’t really want to cause any harm.

“It’s okay.” Seeing that she had completely returned to normal, both of them were relieved.

The woman hesitated for a while, finally opened her mouth, and asked, “Is Clow Reed really… dead?”

She and Jerry looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

Not only did he die, he was reincarnated, and he was reincarnated into two, one of whom is now in high school.

The woman looks sad, “It’s been so many years, but I’ve been delusional. Back then, when I came here to make a living by fortune-telling, someone actually did fortune-telling next to my shop for free.”

“I couldn’t get over it, so I asked him for a test. But his technique and spell were better, and I lost everything to him.”

“I closed the shop and stopped doing fortune telling. This person gave me this hairpin on my birthday. I thought it was a token of love.”

“I think he must have something very important hence why he left. I kept waiting for him to come back, waiting and waiting. Until the end of my life, I finally turned into a ghost because of obsession, and still continuing to this day.”

Putting away her grief, the woman took out a book and handed it to Jerry with a smile, “Because of both of you, my obsession should come to an end, and I am going to move on. This book is my proudest work, so please take it as a gift.”

“The art of dreaming?” Jerry took the book, and his eyes lit up when he saw the four words printed on the book.

At this time, the woman also turned into a little light and disappeared in place.

“So it’s her. I should’ve known it.” She couldn’t help but let out a sigh when she saw the woman disappear.

She has heard her in her family’s books. It is said to be the last generation of a group’s descendants, and she is known as the most powerful person at that time.

Her family is well known and is not the enemy of the Li family. But her family was gone from public knowledge and disappeared for a long time.

It was unexpected that she fell in love with Clow Reed.

“Let’s head back.”

Seeing that the matter has been resolved, he also got a book that he can learn from. Jerry is in a good mood and draws a portal leading to the Li family mansion.

“Well, good to have you here.” She looked at Jerry

She also murmured to herself. “It would be amazing if my daughters were able to be with you.”

Jerry looked at her smiling. For some reason, he always felt something weird in his heart.

The two crossed the portal, left the place, and returned to the living room of the Li family mansion.

“If there’s no more, then I’ll be going to my room now.”

Jerry is thinking about going back and studying this newly acquired magic as soon as possible. After all, he has never learned this type of magic before.

In Kamar Taj, he had seen someone called “Nightmare”, who has his own dream dimension and is best at attacking enemies through dreams.

“Thank you for tonight.” She smiled and stretched out her hand to Jerry.

The two of them left the living room, and Jerry was taken to his room by a servant. She called the elders of the family and held a meeting in a secret room.

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Published On: August 21, 2023

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