It was obviously transformed by a space magic similar to the Extension Charm, and the space displayed inside was much larger than it looked from the outside.

Ascending along the wall, Jerry and her were soon freed from the shroud of the water current and came to the surface. They finally saw the target, the woman who often appeared in Sakura’s dreams.

It was a very cold and glamorous woman, wearing a white long-sleeved robe with a delicate hairpin on her head. At this moment, she was floating in the air with her eyes closed.

“It’s one of them.”

Seeing the robe on the woman, she instantly recognized that it was a robe that had disappeared for decades.

After a closer look, she frowned again, “She’s already dead, and this is her ghost form.”

“Even in her soul form, she still has a powerful mana. It seems that her strength was very strong during her lifetime.” Jerry saw the woman floating in the air in front of him was not a human being. He sighed, knowing she still retained such powerful mana even though she was only a soul now.

You must know that Voldemort after his body was destroyed and only his soul was left, could only barely possess small animals and cast several small spells.

At this moment, the woman floating in the air also seemed to have sensed both of their arrival and slowly opened her eyes.

“Who are you? Why didn’t you come here? And where is Clow Reed?”

After the woman opened her eyes, she saw that the person who came was not Clow Reed, but two people that she didn’t know, and she was furious. Powerful mana radiated from her body, suddenly causing the water to become turbulent.

“She’s related to Clow Reed?” Hearing the woman saying Clow Reed’s name, Jerry thought about it.

The head of the Li family tried to communicate with her. She just wanted to persuade the woman that since she was already dead.

“Since you can come here, it means that you must have something to do with Clow Reed. I’ll leave both of you here, and he will naturally come over later. I’ve been waiting for him for decades, and there haven’t been any signs of him showing up.”

Without waiting for both of them to reply, she waved her hand to control the water flow influenced by her magic and attacked them directly.

Looking at the big wave coming towards him, Jerry stretched his hand forward and used the magic he just researched from the “Freeze” card some time ago to freeze all the water directly.

“Calm down. You’re already dead, and Clow Reed passed away long ago. There is no need to stay in the world for you. It is better just to let it go.”

Hearing Jerry’s words, the woman was stunned for a moment, and she pulled the hairpin from her head and muttered, “Clow Reed is dead? That’s impossible. When he gave me this hairpin, he said he would come back to see me. I’ve waited for him for so many years. I’ve been waiting all this time. How could he be dead?”

Tears suddenly fell as she spoke, and then the resentment on her body instantly soared, “You must be lying to me! It’s impossible for him to die. He still wants to marry me. I’m going to kill you now…”

The water that had been frozen into ice was instantly shattered and turned into a huge turbulent of water, attacking both of them again.

Only this time, the woman was incorporated into these waters. It became bigger and more magic resistant so that it couldn’t be frozen.

“After a long time, it’s not that I have a grudge against Clow Reed, but love.”

Hearing the words of the woman, Jerry couldn’t help but sigh.

He thought maybe it was because she had some grudge against Clow Reed and wanted to get her revenge on him so that her soul was still wandering around.


Watching the water hit, Jerry reached out and released his magic to block it all out. The woman’s magic is powerful, but to break Jerry’s enhanced version of the Protego Charm may need some extra power.

“Grievances have eroded her, and her mind is not stable. If she doesn’t clear it, she will become stronger and stronger. Sooner or later, it will be a disaster!” She sensed that the grievances emanating from the woman were increasing.

She clenched her hands, draining all the remaining mana in his body, and quickly chanted a spell.

After the incantation was finished, a thundercloud instantly appeared above the head of the woman, and then a large amount of thunder and lightning moved toward her.

The woman looked at the thunderclouds and bolts of lightning that appeared above her head. Immediately, her hand formed seals, and all the water currents that were attacking Jerry’s shield were recalled, condensed together, and rushed toward the thunderclouds.

Ordinary ghosts are weak against thunder and lightning. But she is very powerful and much stronger than anyone in the Li family now. Therefore, she also has her own way of blocking the magic.

The huge water flow and the thunder met, and after just a moment, all the thunderclouds were swallowed up by the water.

“Just in time to try my new magic.”

Seeing that the woman deflected the magic, Jerry removed his spell and slowly stretched out his right hand.

A blue flame spewed out from his palm and surrounded the woman. At this time, Jerry was using the Fiendfyre Spell.

Jerry has been able to use the spell for a long time. It’s just that at the beginning, he couldn’t control it very well. After using it, the result may be killing all the enemies, damaging himself, or even burning a large number of civilians.

Later, as his magical ability became stronger. He learned more and more about magic, and his ability to control the spell became better. In the end, he could even add a dark magic effect to the spell he created.

He can’t achieve what Grindelwald did, who can use a fire spell that could be considered the best fire spell in existence. It could burn anyone who was a threat to him, and the fire couldn’t harm him.

Because some time ago, he got the “Firey” card representing the four elements from Sakura to improve his fire magic.

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