After dinner, Sakura and the others had already gone to their pre-arranged rooms. In the living room, Jerry and the head of the Li family are left sitting face to face drinking tea.

“Mr. Carmen, thank you for taking care of Syaoran during this time.” She sincerely said to Jerry.

When Syaoran returned this time, she found that his mana and spells had greatly increased. Obviously, what Syaoran had described on the phone before was not an exaggeration.

Jerry put down the green tea in his hand and smiled, “You’re too nice. We all needed it to improve our own magic over time.”

She nodded and did not continue the topic because she understood what he said was the truth. After all, most of the books she sent to Syaoran were basic magic books, which were not so precious. Anyone who could do magic can figure learn them all.

The only thing that counts as precious is probably their family’s meditation method, which was improved by him into a better method.

Whether it is possible to meditate to a certain point and live forever as claimed, hastening the efficiency and the improvement that can improve their body can already be said really good enough.

Moreover, Syaoran had the opportunity to learn Western magic, and went to the path that Clow Reed took.

“I heard that you’re interested in Eastern magic and the art of item making?”

“Indeed, you should know that the legendary Clow Reed is so powerful because of the combination of two magic systems. I have a great interest in Eastern magic.” Jerry did not hide it and revealed his thoughts directly.

He thought that there was no shame in giving his interest in learning magic. Because it was originally an invitation from the Li family, so he wanted to be direct and let her know that he wanted to cooperate.

She was not surprised by Jerry’s answer, but she smiled, “Since you’re interested, you can stay here for a while longer. You can browse all our books, and if there is anything you don’t understand, you can talk it out with me.”

“As for the art of item making, several elders in the Li family are very good at it and are very willing to guide you to learn it. “

“Thank you so much.” Jerry also had a smile on his face when he heard this.

Although he knew that the Li family had invited him to come this time, there would definitely not be too many obstacles on this trip, but he didn’t expect she would be that nice, giving him everything he wanted quickly.

It depends on what conditions she wants. He can roughly guess it and is also prepared in his heart.

To Jerry’s surprise, she didn’t continue the topic after she finished speaking and instead chatted with him about Easter magic. Jerry is very willing to talk about it with her. With her knowledge, Jerry will definitely benefit a lot from discussing with her.

However, the discussion continued until it was dark, and they were about to go back to sleep. She had not put forward any conditions which confused him.

The more she didn’t ask for conditions, the more Jerry felt that she had bigger plans. He waited for her to ask, but he took the initiative to ask,

“I’m sorry, you are willing to open all the Li Family books to me, and you are also willing to teach me item making. But what are the conditions? Like, I can send a few copies of my book so that some unqualified children of the Li family can learn magic. “

“You’re too polite. You have been guiding him to learn Western magic, and you have given him to learn magic. Our Li family has always been generous to friends and does not require any conditions.” She said in a firm tone. It seems that she really does not intend to put any conditions on Jerry.

Hearing this, Jerry hesitated for a while and replied, “I’m very thankful for that.”

She is powerful. She must have a deep understanding. He would not rashly use Legilimency on her, read her thoughts, and see what her purpose was.

But since she behaved so generously and her tone was so sincere, he didn’t think too much about it. He could assume that she really regarded him as a friend.

If she really does have some bad intentions, he would have to solve it really quickly. While her strength is strong, he is also strong in this world.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Carmen.” She looked at Jerry and replied.

The Li family is not a charitable organization, and the general public should not know this kind of precious knowledge.

Through Syaoran and her own observations today. Jerry is definitely at the top level in the world at present. He is still so young and has a chance to reach Clow Reed’s level in the future. The Li family has made such a powerful friend; if there is any problem in the future, he would be helpful.

Secondly, according to her analysis. Jerry is definitely the kind of character that would help anyone who is in need.

Syaoran only contributed a part of the basic magic books. Jerry paid him back with a lot of knowledge tenfold compared to the books he was given.

Jerry invented and created new magic, which will be recorded and taught to Syaoran and others. He even developed a precious magic book that allows ordinary people to cast spells like Meiling.

The head of the Li family understands very well that as long as you don’t ask for anything in return, he will repay you more.

Last but not least, she has so many beautiful daughters. Letting Jerry stay in the Li family for a while may allow him to take an interest in them. At that time, if the time was perfect, then there would be things to be discussed regarding that arrangement.

“A powerful magic?”

Just as Jerry said goodbye and was about to end today’s conversation, a very powerful magic wave suddenly came from outside.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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