The magic spell does not imply that once you learn it, you can use it to your fullest potential. Jerry can only use it to light cigarettes for now, just like a regular flame spell, but Dumbledore can use it to burn thousands of corpses to death.

On the other hand, Dumbledore has much more magic power than Jerry does, and more significantly, he has a much deeper grasp of the Fire Spell than other wizards do.

Jerry obviously had no chance to earn points because Professor Quirrell didn’t ask any questions throughout the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

But he is not in a hurry. The final objective is to learn magic so he may get stronger. With so many options, gaining points to raise one’s reputation can be done gradually.

Jerry took herbology, astronomy, charms, and transfiguration over the following few days.

He frequently activated the “Refreshing” ability during class because he did so frequently at night to swiftly recall and learn the material in the magic books.

As a result, he could always tell when Professor Sprout asked about the names of each herbal remedy and their varied properties in the herbology class.

He is very adept at recognizing any stars and constellations in astronomy class.

He was able to effectively release the relevant magic from the textbook during charm class, when other young wizards were still studying the theory of spells. He used it really skillfully despite the fact that the power and effect were not enormous.

Regarding the transfiguration lesson, towards the conclusion of the lecture, Professor McGonagall instructed everyone to practice turning a match into a needle. Jerry completed the task in less than ten seconds after Professor McGonagall’s explanation, becoming the first student to successfully transform a match into a silver needle.

Jerry had initially made a very excellent impression on all the teachers and had scored more than 20 points for Slytherin in just four days because of this. He established a reputation for himself in numerous houses.

Jerry, in particular, differs from Hermione. Any wizard who contacts him will notice that while he is very good, he is not as haughty and difficult to get along with as other Slytherins. This is because he has an adult soul.

He is quite modest, laid-back, and occasionally amusing with you.

The young wizards from the other three houses who had contacted him did not feel overly envious of him, but rather somewhat admired him. This also helped him collect more than 20 points for Slytherin.

Because no one can now gain credits comparable to Jerry’s, with the exception of Hermione, a Gryffindor student.

Time moved on to Friday. On Friday, there are only classes for the first half of the day. It is the Dean of Slytherin’s Potions class, Professor Snape’s class. Additionally, Slytherin and Gryffindor are taking classes together for the first time.

Those previous classes were either with Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, and none of the lessons were with Gryffindor.

The Slytherin common room and the Potions classroom are both in the basement. The classroom, especially the glass jars positioned along the walls and filled with diverse animal specimens, has a somewhat dismal feel due to the lack of sunlight throughout the entire year.

“Jerry, you arrived early!”

“Hermione, you’re also quite early.”

Jerry is accustomed to waking early, so he arrived at the Potions lesson right after breakfast. He was the first wizard to enter the classroom, and Hermione typically enters first in every class, so the two just so happened to cross paths.

They naturally sat together and talked because no one else had yet arrived. They didn’t attend their regular lessons together because they were sent to separate houses rather than their normal ones. Unless you speak briefly throughout meals.

Hermione is an excellent student who studies during her free time, while Jerry constantly consumes different magical knowledge to increase his strength.

“Are you available this weekend, Jerry? Why don’t we both visit the library?” Hermione looked at Jerry with some expectation.

During the summer break, she had memorized the first-grade textbooks. Hermione learned that Hogwarts had a library and that it included a lot of magic books after asking prefect Percy. So, on Friday, when she had nothing planned, she wanted to look at it.

She recently met Jerry, who enjoys reading as well. She sent him an invitation to visit the library with her, and Jerry’s eyes brightened up at the mention of a library.

He had been busy memorizing “History of Magic,” “A Thousand Miraculous Herbs and Fungi,” and “Magic Potions and Potions” throughout the previous two days, so he really hadn’t had time to think about visiting the Hogwarts library.

“Do you know where the library is?”

“It’s on the second floor of the castle, in the corridor on the far right. I’ve already asked it in advance.” Hermione responded right away.

“All right, let’s head there on Saturday morning early!” Jerry accepted Hermione’s request with a nod.

Slytherin and the other Gryffindor wizards entered the Potions class one by one as Jerry was conversing with Hermione. Among them, Harry and Ron were seated across from Hermione and joined in on their conversation.

The topic of conversation also changed at this point from magical knowledge to recent magical occurrences at Hogwarts.

The two of them were visibly repulsed by Hermione’s occasional lecturing and “show off.” Hermione specifically brought up the scandalous incident of the two receiving a lecture from Professor McGonagall for arriving late to Transfiguration class.

They were more intrigued by Jerry’s comment about the wide windows in the Slytherin common room that allowed them to glimpse the panorama at the lake’s bottom.

“Jerry, as a Slytherin, I must advise you that it is not a good idea to come into contact with some dirty blood and traitors, as you will be negatively impacted.”

An arrogant and slightly bitter voice suddenly rang in Jerry’s ears at this point. Jerry cocked his head to the side. It turned out to be Daphne, the Slytherin witch with blond hair, with her best friend Millicent, who was sitting next to her.

Jerry’s good looks, his unwavering demeanor in the face of the Bloody Baron at the school’s opening banquet, and his later success in a variety of fields intrigued Daphne. Even her fancies about a real Slytherin are satisfied by it.

It’s unfortunate that Jerry seems to like his time alone. On occasion, when she approaches him to speak with him, he will smile charmingly and have a little conversation with her before leaving to read a book.

She felt very fine even though Jerry was in the common room quietly reading a book. She was unhappy when she walked into the classroom just now and saw Jerry laughing and joking with someone from Gryffindor.

The three from Gryffindors are Harry, a prominent wizard who should have joined Slytherin but chose Gryffindor instead, a lowly Mudblood, and a Weasley.

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Published On: March 2, 2023

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