“Kill him immediately!”

Seeing that one of them was thrown away by just a punch. The leader was the first to react and opened his mouth and shouted to the remaining men in front of Jerry.

It’s not that he hasn’t killed a foreigner. As long as he doesn’t get discovered, it’s not a big problem. He didn’t want to provoke those foreign inspectors before he completely took over Hong Kong.

The leader scolded the three, subconsciously waved the knife in their hand, and slashed toward Jerry. Given their movements just now, they’re pretty skilled in using this kind of weapon.

When Jerry saw the knife coming, he didn’t dodge at all. He just stood there, letting the three knives fall on his shoulders and chest.

However, something happened.

Jerry stood motionless, and there was no scene where blood splattered out of his body. The three knives on Jerry seemed to be destroyed. With a shake of his body, the powerful force immediately knocked the knives in their hands to the ground.

He uses no magic and relies on his body’s own defense. An ordinary sharp weapon can no longer cause any damage to him.

Just then, a gunshot can be heard. It turned out that the leader pulled out a pistol and shot Jerry.

He still didn’t use Protego Charm. One second before the leader fired, Jerry stretched out his hand to block the trajectory of the bullet. When the bullet hit his palm, he grabbed the bullet directly with his hand.

They were shocked to see that Jerry had caught the bullet with his bare hands.

Five shots in a row, the leader emptied its magazine in just a few seconds.

Jerry grabbed the bullets, and none of them hurt his hand. His speed is definitely not as fast as a bullet, but he can easily intercept the bullet as long as the shooting trajectory is predicted in advance.

Now he is completely impenetrable by a bullet.

His physical body has always been his weakness. If one day, when he is fighting an evenly matched enemy, then he is likely to be killed directly.

After using the enhancer, he wanted to verify his physical strength. At present, it seems that he can no longer worry about modern firearms.

With his level of magic, even if his body is destroyed, he will not die. He has a way of recreating his body, such as using the resurrecting potion that Voldemort used.

But the body obtained in that way is definitely not as strong as the body he has trained for a long time, and when he loses that body, his strength will also be greatly reduced.

“What the hell are you?” Everyone was dumbfounded because he could catch bullets with empty hands.

He lifted his foot three times in a row, and the three people who had just slashed him disappeared, and there were three more lumps of meat on the opposite wall.

At this time, he realized what was going on. A knife won’t do, a gun couldn’t kill him, and he can kick you to death with a single kick. This is not a human at all, either a demon or a ghost. There are no beings in this world that can do that.

“Seeing that you liked playing your target, I will send you to have a good time.”

Jerry was not in the mood to waste time for this group of scumbags and waved his hand to cast shadow magic.

Immediately, the shadow on the ground stretched out, wrapping the leader and the others who were about to escape and sending them to Jerry. Jerry took advantage of the situation to open the suitcase and let the shadow put them inside.

In the suitcase, the leader and everyone fell into the forest. When they got up from the ground, they found a group of giant spiders several times bigger than them appeared in front of them.

Several Acromantulas were about to devour them.


Putting away the suitcase and wiping away all the blood in the whole building, Jerry turned his head to look at Chan and his girlfriend.

At this time, Chan had already stood up, helped her untie the rope, hugged her, and sincerely thanked Jerry, “Thank you for helping me. If you have any requests in the future, I will do whatever it needs to accomplish it.”

Although he didn’t know whether Jerry was human or not, he was very grateful to him.

“It’s nothing, but I may need you to help me find some people.” Jerry nodded back.

He took action to rescue Chan. It was because he wanted to see the effect of the enhancer on his body. On the other hand, he really needed Chan to do something for him.

According to Feng, many descendants of magic moved to Hong Kong.

It’s just that many of them have lost contact with each other because their descendants have lost their relatives. Jerry wants to connect these to all kinds of occupations, such as police officers, doctors, fortune tellers, and Feng Shui masters.

He didn’t want to waste so much time looking for someone. Therefore, Chan can help him a bit in this matter.

While he doesn’t look like someone who could do anything, at least he has some connections all around the public and know the people better.

After finding them, he wants to continue learning their magic and probably introduce them to his magic so they can borrow.

Clow Reed created Clow cards and a series of powerful magics only by relying on Eastern magic. He believes that he has gathered most of the Easter magic, combined with his other magic system, and he believes it would bring them a lot of benefits.

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Published On: August 18, 2023

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