Seeing Nishizhiko sitting, she began to write down what she had learned in her life one by one. After Jerry briefly talked to Sun Lok, he left the suitcase.

According to Tomoko, it is approximately would take a few days to write down everything she knew, and Jerry didn’t have the time to wait all day.

After leaving the suitcase, Jerry crossed his legs and began to meditate while using his astral projection to continue his research on magic in the mirror dimension.

After a long day, it’s time for him to rest. However, a group of people came into this unfinished building that no one was around.

“That’s it. Today I’m going to let him die here with his woman. That’s just ridiculous that he’s the one taking over it.” The man had half-dyed hair and wore a leather jacket.

Next to him, an older middle-aged man with a smile on his face said with a smile, “Tian is dead. Now if we get rid of Chan, no one in Hong Kong can compete with us. In the future, the whole of Hong Kong will be ours!”

“In the future, we will be the big ones left.”

Behind the two, a group of young people dressed in various clothes holding beers in their hands heard the words and immediately started to drink them all.

“Don’t worry. After I become the leader, I won’t treat you badly. I won’t be as stupid as Chiang and the others. Restaurants, movies, casinos, whatever could give us a lot of money will be made. After that, we don’t even have to worry about money and women in the future!”

When everyone was laughing, the girl in the floral dress, who the two younger men behind her pressed, cried with fear on her face.

“Chan, Hong Kong? This sounds familiar.”

Through the mirror dimension, Jerry looked at the group of gangsters outside and began to enter his memory to search for the memory of his previous life.

“It looks like one of the movies I remember.”

Jerry had never seen the “Young and Dangerous” movies, but he heard some of his classmates talk about it because it was too famous. Especially when he was in school, many of the students who often fought outside the school were influenced by this movie.

“Chen went downstairs!” At this moment, someone came running over from the stairs, out of breath.

The leader put away his beer and gestured to the henchmen next to him. A person pulled up the girl in a floral skirt who was still crying and forcibly tied her to the chair, sealed her mouth with tape, and moved her to the back room.

“Chan, eh? As expected.” He walked in front of the door alone and laughed sarcastically.

Chan walked in front of them, “Let her go now.”

“Look at him. He is willing to die for a woman. It seems that you really love her.” The leader looked back, and his men showed the girl.

“Let her go now if you’re really a man.”

Chan saw the girl and started to move toward her, but he was grabbed by the others from behind and pressed to the ground.

Seeing this, the leader laughed arrogantly, “Let her go? You are too naive. You think everyone speaks morals like you. In my view, that’s bullshit. Today is the day when Hong Kong is finished.”

“You like her, don’t you? Well, I let these boys do you a favor then.” The group of people behind him also laughed.

Chan wanted to get up, but he couldn’t, no matter what because he was pressed by several people behind him. The girl was covered with tape and couldn’t speak, but she was crying.

“I hate people like you. I hated it in my previous life and hate it even more now.”

Just when the whole building was filled with their laughter, a voice suddenly can be heard. This voice carried a deep chill, causing everyone to stop laughing instantly, and shivered involuntarily. They turned their heads to look in the direction from which the voice came.

“Who the fuck are you? And when did you come here? Get out of here, or you’re dead!” The leader shouted.

He was immersed in the joy of humiliating Chan when someone suddenly interrupted him. Of course, he was extremely upset. If he had seen the person now, he would’ve shot him dead right away.

“Oh? I’d like to see you try.”

Jerry moved his hands a bit. He didn’t want to use magic today but wanted to try the thrill of getting physical.

“Are you all stupid? Hurry up and knock him out!” The leader commanded.

Four people walked towards Jerry with their knives.

“This will be a bit messy, so I’ll put this on you now.” Jerry flipped his hand, made a silk scarf, and put it on the girl’s head to block her vision.

He punched the person who wanted to grab his arm. After being energized by the enhancer previously, his strength had increased. The person who was hit was like being hit by a high-speed train. He flew out and smashed into the wall, turning into a puddle of flesh.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know how to control my power!” Jerry made a handkerchief and wiped his hand.

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Published On: August 18, 2023

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