After Jerry and Lin Feng made a decision to go, they left the house and wandered on the street outside.

“I always thought that the people of Longhu Mountain were the Li family.” Jerry sighed.

After talking for a while with Feng, many of the families that inherited magic had long disappeared from public knowledge.

No one can always guarantee that their descendants have the talent to practice magic. So if a family wants to continue, it must go down, find disciples with the talent to do so, and marry them to continue the bloodline.

This is what happens to most of them.

Many family trees that came from the Longhu Mountain Way are also Li family, Zhao family, Wang family, etc. It is a pity that in the next decades, the talent in learning magic decreased, and in the end, they were directly scattered in the form of families.

Among them, the Zhang family disappeared from the world because none of their descendants were qualified to practice magic. While the Zhao family and Wang family had not produced a great magician, they gradually declined because their descendants were not talented enough.

Only the Li family was able to inherit the culture and grow. The head of the Li family redrawn the new Li family rules.

First, the person married by the Li family must be a person with a talent for magic.

Second, the descendants of the Li family must have a descendant. For women of the Li family, the more children they have, the higher their status.

It was these family rules that made the Li family become the most powerful family in just a short period of time. As we all know, two people with a talent for magic at the same time will give birth to a child with a high probability of having a talent for magic.

If only one person has the talent for magic and the other does not, the possibility of the child being born with the talent for magic will be greatly reduced.

If neither of them has the talent for magic, then it is purely a matter of luck whether they can learn it or not.

Therefore, the first family rule of the head of the Li family is to let the descendants of the Li family have at least a chance of being able to learn magic. So there won’t be a situation where neither of them can learn magic.

The second rule also focuses more on quality than quantity. The more children born and the more children with the talent for magic, the greater the chance of a genius being born. Because of this, the Li family has produced many geniuses in magic, and Li Syaoran’s mother has also become the current head of the Li family.

“I’m going to find a place to practice and visit the Li family in person tomorrow.”

Looking at the time, it was almost midnight, and Jerry didn’t intend to hang out any longer. He looked left and right and Apparate to a deserted building next to him.

Directly opening the mirror dimension, Jerry took out the suitcase and jumped in.

In his suitcase space, there is someone who he has not dealt with.


Two hours ago, in the small villa of the suitcase.

Relying on her physique, Tomoko gradually woke up from the effect of the stun spell.

“Where is this?” Looking at the unfamiliar European-style buildings and furnishings around her, she turned over and jumped up from the bed vigilantly.

“You didn’t kill me.”

Her memory is still stuck in the scene of being strangled by someone, almost suffocated to death, and then woke up to this strange environment.

“I didn’t expect you to be awake so early. Please stay in this room and don’t move.” Sun Lok held a big spoon and continued to stir the food prepared for Norbert and Norsa while watching Tomoko on the bed.

Tomoko looked Sun Lok up and down and then scanned the surroundings. After not sensing the aura of that terrifying person, she immediately got up and rushed towards the window of the room.

“I said don’t leave this room. If you don’t listen, I’ll have to be rough on you.” Seeing Tomoko’s actions, Sun Lok stretched out his hand. Hundreds of silver needles flew out and quickly stopped in front of Tomoko.

After Jerry throws her into the suitcase, he lets him keep an eye on her and interrogates her when he is not busy. Unexpectedly, the woman woke up early from Jerry’s magic.

Tomoko looked at the silver needle blocking her and narrowed her eyes, knowing she had encountered someone powerful again.

But now she doesn’t dare to fight. She is afraid that the person she’s facing right now can easily kill her. But she needed to escape from this place.

Tomoko smiled and silently took out a hidden ball from her sleeve. She threw it to the ground while Sun Lok relaxed his vigilance. Immediately, the small ball emitted a large cloud of smoke, which completely enveloped the entire room.

Blocked by the smoke’s vision, she turned over to avoid the silver needle. She slammed Sun Lok away with her body and rushed out of the room.

Given her background, she had learned a lot of martial arts beforehand and her physical strength is not too bad.

After rushing out of the room, Tomoko didn’t even bother to look for the stairs, jumped directly from the corridor on the second floor to the lobby on the first floor, then pushed the door hard and ran out.

However, the moment she walked out of the door and saw the scene outside, she was stunned on the spot.

“Where the hell is this?”

In front of her was a field, and to the left seemed to be a garden with a large area of ​​exotic flowers and plants that she had never seen before. On the right side, there is a large artificial lake. There is also a small island in the lake and a tall building like a European castle on the island.

She can see a big forest on the opposite side of the grass, and the trees inside look unusually tall. She could tell she was taken to a remote place while stunned.

What really surprised her was the creatures that were in this area.

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