Shaking his head, Feng didn’t say much. He didn’t expect to rely on a foreigner to help him. It was not bad that he took care of something and reduced his burden. It’s just that seeing the foreigner sitting on a small bench just watching him still makes him feel a little bit weird.

Doing a backflip to avoid the attack, Feng took out two willow leaves from his arms and wiped his eyes.

He saw him grabbing both hands to the sides as if he had caught something, then pulling it forcefully. He turned around, removed the jade pendant on his neck, and slammed it forward.

The woman who was using the yellow line to control Eddie suddenly felt a huge force coming from the yellow line, and her body was pulled back. Her chest seemed to be attacked by something. She let out a scream and was thrown away again.

This injury obviously completely angered her. She no longer indirectly fought against the enemy outside by controlling Eddie’s body but immediately got up and rushed towards the door. She wants to get to know each other face to face.

Feng noticed the enemy’s movements in the villa, put the jade pendant he took off in the palm of his hand, and chanted a spell to stimulate the power. The two came to the door at the same time and attacked each other with their arms stretched out across the door.

“You can’t run!”

Seeing that Feng used the pendant to dissolve the ice formed, the woman began to escape, and it seemed that she planned to leave through the back door.

Jerry stretched out his hand and pointed at the villa. A thunderbolt came from Jerry’s hand, broke through the door of the villa, went through the corridor, and chased the woman who was about to escape.

Inside the villa, the woman was carrying Eddie’s body. As soon as she walked to the back door. Before she could get into the car prepared in advance by the man in the suit, her hair suddenly stood, and she turned around.

“How is this possible!?” What appeared behind her was a thunder.

The person who fought with her just now was similar in strength to her, and if she really fought to the death, the outcome would be 50-50. She chose to retreat first and then make a plan.

When she returned, she could use her magic to control the corpse to attack the enemy at night. But she did not expect that the enemy could release such a powerful thunder spell.

With the power of the thunder spell she felt now, she felt that she could not resist it. If she were hit, there would only be one result.

The woman forced herself to calm down and threw Eddie, originally used to plot against Feng. She threw it to protect herself from the thunder.

However, not long after Eddie’s body came into contact with the thunder, it was directly blasted to pieces. This block did have some effect. At least it made the thunder smaller. It would disperse most of the energy and delay her for two seconds.

Although it was only two seconds, it was enough for her to react.

He saw her hands turned into afterimages, quickly forming a seal, and when the thunder struck again, she finally built a shield completely composed of ice in front of her. Thunder and the shield made contact and suddenly sounded like the ice was melted.

Thunder spells are originally the counter for ice spells. Jerry’s thunder spells have been improved many times, and their power is much stronger than ordinary thunder spells.

Therefore, even if the woman used a shield composed of ice, it would only delay the time of her death and could not block the fatal blow of the thunder at all.

Seeing it was about to break through and kill her on the spot. The man in the suit, who had been standing in front of the car door waiting for her, rushed over without thinking. He knocked her away and took the remaining thunder with his body.

“Tomoko, get in!”

When the woman saw that the thunder directly electrocuted the man in the suit, she immediately froze in place.

Feng saw Jerry wave a thunderbolt, and he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Are you a disciple from the Longhu Mountain?”

“Longhu Mountain?”

Jerry was stunned when he heard Feng’s words and was about to answer when he suddenly realized that his thunder did not kill the target. He moved directly and flew past the villa.

Jerry’s magic made Feng shocked again, “Flight magic? I didn’t expect that in this era, there are still people who can perform this kind of magic. Who is this foreigner? Why he has such magic?”

The power just now is beyond his imagination. He has never seen anyone who can exert such a powerful spell.

“Uhh, Feng. What was that?” At this time, the police officer stuttered and came to Feng’s side.

Just when Feng broke the spell from that woman, the spell in his body was released and returned to normal. He naturally saw Jerry stretch out his hand and cast a thunder and flew straight toward the villa.

“Let’s go now!” Feng was in no mood to explain to him. He hung the pendant around his neck again and walked into the villa.


“Huh, someone took the hit for you.”

Jerry slowly floated, glanced at a figure that had turned dark, and said sternly to the woman who was still in a daze.

“I’m going to kill you!” The woman saw Jerry and knew that the thunder spell just now was released by him, and her eyes suddenly showed an extremely resentful expression.

After she roared, she quickly reached out, took out chrysanthemums, and scattered them all around while chanting the spell. After the chrysanthemum fell to the ground, it began to rotate under the magic, and countless chrysanthemum petals flew in the sky, covering the surrounding floor.

“Interesting. Let’s see what kind of spells you can use.”

Seeing the woman’s posture, it seemed like she was about to cast some amazing spell. Jerry didn’t take the opportunity to get to know her directly but floated in the air with his hands behind his back with interest and waited for her to cast the spell.

The woman raised her hand, and the floor that was covered by chrysanthemum petals cracked open. The stones slowly floated in mid-air.

The woman formed a seal again, and the stones covered with chrysanthemum petals ignited blue and eerie flames, quickly flying them toward Jerry in mid-air.

“Like mind control and flame magic, using chrysanthemums as a medium to perform such spells. Your group seems to be interesting.”

Jerry watched the big rocks with blue flames moving toward him. He did not panic and wrapped himself with a Protego Charm to protect him.

A series of bombardments sounded, and dozens of big pieces with fire smashed on Jerry’s magic, which did not have any effect on the Protego Charm.

He disappeared in place and appeared directly behind the woman. Jerry grabbed her neck and lifted her up. The woman struggled to make a seal with her hands and used the last bit of mana in her body to grab Jerry’s arm.

It turned into layers of ice and moved toward Jerry’s heart. Jerry sneered. He shook his arm, and the ice attached to his arm was directly broken by him. After being strengthened by the enhancer, ordinary spells wouldn’t do much against him.

This scene suddenly made her show a look of despair. There is no way for her to break free from him.

“Maybe you still have some use.” Jerry’s heart moved, recalling the spells this woman had used just now. In the end, he did not kill her but stunned her with a spell and threw it into the suitcase.

Although the spells of their group are not very strong, they also have their own characteristics, which can be used as a reference. In the future, when there is a lack of materials for human experiments, he can use her for experiments.

Sensing that Feng and the other police offer were about to find the back door, Jerry chanted the spell again. Immediately, a black cloud appeared over the villa, followed by a series of thick thunderbolts falling from the sky, bombarding the ground in the backyard.

“Don’t worry. My spell has annihilated the target.”

“Oh, that’s good. Carmen, your magic is extraordinary.” Looking at the whole backyard scene and the strong spell fluctuation just now, Feng gave Jerry a thumbs up.

The police officer who followed Feng was even more frightened and muttered, “This is really troublesome when I write everything that happened today in the mission report”


In the evening, at Officer Lin’s house.

“This is my niece Alain, and this is Mr. Carmen.” After entering the door, Feng pointed to a girl of 18 or 19 years old and introduced her to Jerry.

“Hello, Alian.” Jerry smiled and said hello.

“Hello, Mr. Carmen.” Although Alian didn’t know why her uncle brought a foreigner, she still greeted him politely.

“Hey, what about Officer Lin?”

“Him? You should report his situation to the police station now. Don’t worry about him. Take some medicine on your way out, and we can continue tomorrow morning.” Feng explained to Alian, and he and Jerry came to the living room and sat down.

“Carmen, there is something I don’t know if I should ask it or not.”

“What’s that?” Jerry smiled.

Feng continued, “I just saw that you used thunder magic. I want to ask, are you a disciple of Longhu Mountain?”

Jerry’s spell and method of casting thunder have obvious characteristics like the Longhu Mountain people.

“No, I am not. I have a relationship with the Li family in Hong Kong. Also, I came to Hong Kong this time because the Li family invited me.” After thinking for a moment, Jerry told the truth truthfully.

He was a little surprised after hearing this, “The Li family? No wonder. I didn’t expect that the Li family turned out to be hiding in Hong Kong.”

“Can I ask what the Li family has to do with the Longhu Mountain?” Hearing Feng’s words, Jerry’s eyes moved slightly.

Feng heard the words and smiled, “The Li family had the most authentic lineage in Longhu Mountain at present, and it was also the most powerful family here. But it suddenly disappeared a few decades ago, and there is no news from them. But that was decades ago.” Feng told Jerry about the situation in this world.

It turned out that with the development of the times and the prosperity of science and technology, powers like magic began to become more and more decayed.

It is not because the power declines that it becomes more and more difficult to learn, but because of the influence of the whole environment. There are fewer and fewer people interested in learning it.

In this world, most of them are not strong. Many have practiced for decades, but they may not be able to stop a sniper from a long distance. Those who can protect themselves from modern firearms belong to the top percentile.

Clow Reed was beyond anyone’s reach as he was to be believed at the top of everyone.

Finding children with the qualifications to learn magic has become countless times more difficult. In this way, with the passage of time, many masters died because of their age, and there won’t be anyone who continues the tradition.

Almost all groups disappeared because of the decline in number.

Only a few of them were left, who inherited some of the learning and then gradually developed it by themselves.

When the war ended and entered the era of peace. Because of the development of science and technology throughout the country, it has become worse.

Very few people have the qualifications to learn magic, and those who can learn it well are very rare.

The ancestors of the Li family used to be people of Longhu Mountain. They received most of the inheritance from there, and their descendants have good qualifications. Therefore, a few decades ago, they were considered to be the most powerful families at that time.

However, in order to survive, they moved to Hong Kong.

As for the Lin family, where Feng belongs, their ancestors were from Maoshan. But later, his family declined, and few of them had the qualifications to do magic.

Feng has been unmarried all the time. His brother only gave birth to a niece, and he has no talent for magic. If he goes on, the inheritance of the Maoshan way is estimated to be gone.

They still retain the methods and spells inherited from a long time ago. Unfortunately, they are declining now because the successors do not have the qualifications.

Jerry had mixed feeling after listening to it.

He originally thought that there were still many families like the Li family. He wanted to communicate with their masters and learn from each other. But in this situation, the Li family is probably the only one left that could teach him something.

The good news is that the decline in this world is not necessarily bad because it means he has the opportunity to develop his magic.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t have the qualifications. They can sign a contract with him. As long as they sign a contract, they can have mana, and with mana, they can continue thriving in reviving their culture.

At the same time, he can also use this to gain a group of high-quality borrowers. The more mana the borrower uses, the more he will get in return. The more mana he gets, the faster his total power will increase.

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