In front of a large villa on a hillside far away from the bustling area. A red car stopped abruptly, and a man emerged from it. After the man got out of the car, he looked flustered, pushed open the door of the villa, and rushed in.

It’s just that he was just a few steps before he was stopped by a tall man in a suit with a cold expression.

“Something happened. I want to see the boss!” The man hurriedly explained.

His name is Eddie. On the surface, he is the boss of a fitness club, but in private, he uses corpses to transport drugs for the boss to make huge profits. Now the police are coming to the door, and in order to prevent being caught and imprisoned, he can only come to the boss, who can move the body.

“Follow me.” The man in the suit nodded and walked towards the big villa with Eddie.

After entering the villa, the man in the suit wanted to check Eddie’s body. Eddie was reluctant and was easily thrown to the ground. It turned out that this man in a suit was a martial artist. After a forcible physical examination, Eddie was taken to a room.

In the room, a woman in a black Japanese-style robe was playing with a white cat.

“Boss, the police have come to the door.” Eddie swallowed and told the story of being chased by the police just now.

The woman softly replied without raising her head, “Wipe the blood on your forehead first.”

Eddie turned his head and looked at the large mirror next to her. A blood-stained word “order” appeared on his forehead at some point. He quickly wiped the blood on his forehead with his hands.

However, just as he raised his hand to wipe off the blood, the woman took out a chrysanthemum, gently turning it while chanting a spell.

As the spell fell, the petals of the chrysanthemum fluttered in the sky in an instant, and Eddie’s figure in the mirror gradually disappeared as she cast something onto the cat.

“Boss, I need a sum of money to leave Hong Kong and come back when everything’s over.” After wiping the blood on his forehead, Eddie hurriedly bowed and pleaded.

The woman didn’t answer, but the man in the suit beside him sneered, “If you want money, I’m afraid you won’t be able to spend it.”

Eddie was shocked when he heard the words, knowing he would kill him. So he immediately rushed towards the woman, wanting to hold the boss to threaten the man in a suit.

Unfortunately, just when his hand was about to touch the woman, she reached out and grabbed the white cat’s neck and lifted it up.

And a strange thing happened, Eddie seemed to be strangled by something invisible, and he flew in the air. After a while, the woman released her hand, the white cat fell to the ground, and Eddie also fell to the ground.

“Please, let… let me go!” Hearing Eddie’s pleading, the woman had a smile on her face.

With a wave of her hand, a thin rope on the ground flew up instantly, wrapping the cat’s neck and hanging it directly. In the same way, Eddie also seemed to be wrapped around his neck by an invisible rope and was forcibly hung in the air.

Seeing Eddie and the white cat struggling in the air, the woman restrained her smile and ordered the man in the suit, “The police are coming, and it is estimated that they will be here in just a minute.”

When she saw the word “Order” on Eddie’s forehead, she knew that Eddie had been followed by magic from someone.

“Understood.” The man in the suit bowed respectfully to the woman, dragged Eddie’s body, turned around, and left the room.


“I didn’t expect it to be a police officer!”

Jerry figured out what happened through the conversation with the man named Lin Feng.

It turned out that a strange incident happened to the police a few days ago when they were tracking a drug trafficking case. The drug carrier had a stiff expression. Seven or eight police officers could not stop her from moving forward. Finally, a truck knocked the woman down.

After investigation, the police found that the woman was the daughter of an influential person in the town. In order to take care of the investigation, Feng came to cooperate with the police for the investigation.

In addition to his identity as a police officer, Feng also studied Eastern magic. After seeing the corpse, he found something strange and then suspected that an evil person was using the corpse to transport drugs.

Feng’s partner knew his ability and seriousness, so he dispatched two of the best police officers to assist him in handling the case. It’s just that one of the police officers named Lin, only believes in science and thinks that Feng is just a liar who can do tricks.

“You’re amazing. I can’t believe that!”

When the police officer who was cast by Feng just now saw that he had really found Eddie, who had just escaped, he was amazed. While the other police officer just stared at him and thought it was just a coincidence.

“The car is found, but the person is not there. What’s the use?”

If Feng hadn’t let that Eddie away on purpose, they could have caught Eddie in the gym and brought him back for interrogation.

Feng pointed to the villa in front of him and said, “There are people there.”

“How did you know?” Officer Lin was full of disbelief.

Feng explained, “Energy emanated inside that building, especially it felt like two bodies of energy, and it’s moving. Hinting that there might be someone inside it.”

Jerry muttered to himself while listening to Feng’s analysis of the big villa below. He has studied the magic in the Li family. However, the magic that he just performed doesn’t look like something that came from the Li family.

“Feng, we are investigating the case, not looking at Feng Shui. If you put what you said into the report, the chief will think that we are all mentally ill.” Officer Lin covered his forehead helplessly.

“I’m just doing my job to locate the target.” Feng left a sentence and turned to enter the villa.

Upon seeing this, Officer Lin quickly stopped him and said, “Feng, we don’t have a search warrant, and we can’t break in privately. Let’s just go to the headquarters, ask the chief to issue a search warrant, and bring some more people here.”

“It’s too late for that.” Feng shook his head.

The police officer on the side didn’t know who to listen to for a while. Just when Feng was going to bring down Officer Lin, who was in the way first, a somewhat familiar voice suddenly sounded from afar away.

“Hey, we meet again.”

“You?” Seeing the person coming, Feng suddenly showed a surprised look on his face.

Because this person is none other than the foreigner named Carmen who he had met earlier.

“This place is off-limits. Please leave quickly.”

The moment he saw Jerry, Officer Lin also recognized that this was the foreigner who had spoken to Feng before. Thinking he was tailing them here, he immediately waved his hand to send him away.

“Officer Lin, right? I’m here to send a search warrant.” Jerry turned his head to look into Officer Lin’s eyes and secretly cast a Legilimency spell on him.

When Officer Lin heard the words, he immediately looked at Jerry with a look, “You have a search warrant. Do you think I’m a fool?”

If it weren’t for the fact that he was a foreigner. He would likely think Jerry is trying to trick him.

Jerry smiled and didn’t care, put his hands behind his back, chanted a spell, and then handed the search warrant conjured out of thin air to Officer Lin, “Look, isn’t this a search warrant?”

Officer Lin took the search warrant dubiously, and then he was dumbfounded.

The other police officer turned his head to look at the search warrant and said in surprise, “This is really the search warrant issued by our bureau. Look at the seal and signature. It’s exactly the same as the search warrant we applied for last time.”

“Who are you?” Officer Lin looked at Jerry with a search warrant with a puzzled expression on his face.

Of course, he can tell whether the search warrant is true or not, but he has never heard of a newcomer in the bureau recently. He is a foreigner. Even if he is a member of the bureau, it is impossible for them to create a search warrant this fast.

“Officer Lin, is the search warrant genuine?” Jerry asked with a smile.

Officer Lin hesitated for a moment, then nodded. The search warrant is absolutely genuine.

“Now that you have the search warrant, you can go in and arrest the target. If they run away later, it will be too late.” Jerry replied casually, came to Feng’s side, pushed the door, and walked into the villa with him.

“I heard the rumors that someone in this house was using magic to harm people, so I wanted to come over to see if it was true. But I didn’t expect a fellow magician to be here too.” Hearing Jerry’s explanation, Feng suddenly realizes that he is also targeting the evil person in the villa.

“Well, mine’s a bit different than yours in terms of magic.” Jerry smiled and replied modestly.

What he just did was not a trick. He first used Legilimency to read Officer Lin’s mind, knew what the search warrant looked like, and then transformed it with a Transfiguration Charm.

“I follow the Maoshan principles. We who call themselves Maoshan disciples can only be considered to have learned a little bit.”

“Because the Maoshan has gone for a long time.”

Hearing Feng’s words, Jerry was shocked. He just thought to himself that those people in this world may not be as prosperous as he originally thought.

Walking into the yard, what caught his eye was not the garden pool that is usually found in villas but an eye-catching dark soil with no grass.

Seeing this, Feng’s eyes changed, and he immediately crouched down and wiped the dark soil, revealing something.

“The glass condenses the mist, absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, and the lime is used to prevent corrosion. This is a method specially used for raising and manipulating corpses.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen the spells of raising and controlling corpses.” Jerry could only feel that there was a little energy in the soil, but he didn’t know that this energy was actually used to control corpses.

In the magic system he studied, there were no spells related to corpses.

“Feng, look here!” The officer pointed to a stone pillar at the very front of the soil. A very special chrysanthemum symbol was imprinted on the stone pillar.

When Feng saw the sign, His eyes shrank, “It turned out to be the Chrysanthemums group.”

“Chrysanthemums?” The police officer looked puzzled.

“It’s a technique that originated in China. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, China and Japan conducted trade exchanges, and the Chrysanthemums group emerged at that time. However, the Chrysanthemums group is not good, but they are also not evil. Why do they use corpses to transport drugs? “

Feng explained, took off the jade pendant with the mantra engraved on its neck, and pasted it on the Chrysanthemums sign. Suddenly, the pendant stimulated dark energy and was forcibly thrown out.

“Turns out there’s a lot of magic in this.”

“Feng, don’t play tricks here. If you don’t go in, we won’t get where Eddie is going later.”

Officer Lin obviously didn’t believe what Feng said just now. He didn’t care about the thing that they were interested in. While pulling out a pistol, he was about to knock on the door while holding a search warrant.

“Petrificus Totalus.” Jerry pointed at Officer Lin and held him in place.

He looked at Feng, “Hey, you should be the one to lead.”

Whether it is Feng or the mastermind, in Jerry’s perception, the energy contained in their bodies is not strong. At most, it is a little stronger than Syaoran.

Therefore, the two of them are completely non-threatening to him. He wants to see the two fight and understand what kind of magic they are doing.

Seeing that Jerry stretched out a spell and stopped Officer Lin with ease, Feng suddenly showed a look of surprise on his face. He saw that Jerry was young and thought that Jerry’s spells should not be very good.

But when he saw Jerry’s magic, he realized that this foreign power might not be weak. In this day and age, there are really not many people who can perform magic like this.

“Carmen, now the enemy is here. It would be best to ambush them.” Ignoring Officer Lin, Feng said to Jerry.

Who knows if any spells or mechanisms are arranged in it, so it is obviously an unwise choice to enter slowly.

“You’re right.” Jerry nodded in agreement.

When Lin Feng saw this, he took out a red thread, called the flat-headed police officer who was curious to check Officer Lin’s situation, and wrapped it around his index finger again:

“Let me first test the truth of the other party!”

After finishing speaking, he took out the glass from his pocket again, then put a piece of paper into the glass and put it over the mouth of the other police officer.

The police officer inhaled the smoke from the burning paper in the cup and immediately lay down on the ground with his eyes closed and once again entered a state of unconsciousness controlled by the talisman.

At this time, Feng took out another incense stick, lit it, and put it in his mouth. Feng silently chanted the incantation and lifted it up, and the police officer stood up straight from the ground.

After that, Feng took the incense stick and walked step by step with the police officer in the opposite direction to the gate of the villa.

At the same time, in the hall of the villa, Eddie suddenly had a burst of blue smoke from his mouth, and the word “Order” appeared on his forehead again.

The woman who had been waiting in the hall for a long time saw this. The corners of her mouth gradually raised. She calmly took out a Chrysanthemum and bit it into her mouth charmingly.

She pulled out a yellow silk thread with magic power. With a flick, the silk thread flew out as if it were alive and quickly wrapped around the neck of Eddie’s corpse. It moved, and Eddie was pulled down.

Similarly, the police officer outside was also pulled down to the black dirt floor.

“Such a simple spell, but using a little connection between the souls, it can forcefully control the body.” Jerry watched the fight between the two and did not forget to analyze it to a certain extent through his own understanding of the spell.

Feng used a drop of blood he got from Eddie before and used his magic to establish some connections so he was able to control Eddie’s body through the police officer. The enemy took advantage of this connection and reversely controlled the police officer outside.

Although the fighting between the two is not as destructive as spells such as wind, fire, and thunder. But it doesn’t mean that it’s weak. It can be said that each has its own characteristics and strengths.

Seeing that there were obvious marks on the neck, he was about to be strangled to death. Feng immediately chanted a spell on his neck. Eddie’s neck caught fire in the villa and burned the yellow line.

Seeing this, the woman cut off the yellow line, and there was a hint of interest on her face. She already knew that the magician on the outside was not weak. She also found loopholes in the opponent’s spells.

She got up and jumped to where Eddie’s body was. She wrapped the yellow thread around the non-existent incense above Eddie’s mouth and quickly made up a strange pattern.

Outside, Feng found that he could no longer use the incense to lift the police officer lying on the ground. The incense in the mouth was no longer under his control as if it had turned into a steel needle, slowly extending down the policeman’s mouth, trying to pierce his throat.

Feng cast another spell, held an item, and slapped him with it.

Inside the villa, the woman used a magic circle created by the yellow line to continue casting spells. Eddie’s nostrils suddenly spewed two long clouds of smoke, which sent her flying upside down.

Originally thought that she had found a flaw and could give the opponent a counterattack. Instead, it injured her, and she could no longer remain calm. Yellow lines flew out with a wave of her hands, instantly wrapping around Eddie’s body.

She manipulated Eddie’s corpse like a puppet and controlled the police officer outside through Eddie’s corpse with a spell to attack Feng.

The police officer suddenly attacked Feng, and he quickly stepped back to resist. He was afraid to hurt his partner, so he did not dare to fight back.

He glanced at Jerry next to him and found that he had gotten a small bench out of nowhere and sat there and just watched him.

“I already took care of him, so don’t worry about accidentally hurting him.” Jerry looked at Feng’s direction. He waved at him with a smile.

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