“By the way, Brother Jerry. I won a special prize organized by some street shops yesterday. It was a luxury seven-day tour to Hong Kong!”

Just as Jerry was thinking about whether he should make a trip himself to return the Moon Bell or wait for the end of the winter vacation, Sakura told him about something exciting.

“A seven-day tour to Hong Kong?” Jerry looked surprised.

He didn’t remember Sakura going to Hong Kong in his previous life. Could it be that he caused a butterfly effect?

“There are four tickets for the prize. Dad can’t go on a business trip, so I decided to go with Tomoyo, my brother, and Tsukishiro.” When Sakura mentioned Tsukishiro, her eyes were full of happiness.

“Syaoran, Meiling, aren’t you going back for the winter vacation?” Jerry turned to look at Syaoran and Meiling.

He remembered that the Li family was in Hong Kong.

Syaoran closed his book, “Definitely, we’ll be there for a long time, at least until school starts soon.” Sakura and others are traveling to Hong Kong, and of course, they will go back home.

After he finished speaking, he looked at Sakura again and then said with a little nervousness, “Sakura, if you are free after you arrive in Hong Kong, you are welcome to visit our family.”

Syaoran developed a feeling for Sakura after going to school, looking for Clow cards, and studying magic together. On the other hand, Meiling snorted coldly and said nothing.

“Okay, I will visit with Tomoyo when I have time.” Sakura smiled and agreed without thinking much.

She may have one day to spare to visit his family on his seven-day trip.

Seeing that Sakura agreed, Syaoran turned to look at Jerry again, and his tone became more nervous, “I don’t know if you have time to come to my house with Sakura and the others. There are some books in my house. If you want, my mother said you can borrow them.”

The moment he found a new way to meditate, he would exchange magic with his family.

After learning that Meiling, who is not qualified in magic, can learn and use magic with the help of Jerry last time, his mother wants to invite him into the house as a guest. She even said that he could take out the real book at home.

According to the regulations of the Li family, only the elders can access those books. Even Syaoran himself is not qualified to access them now.

After confirming that Sakura and the others would be coming, he tried to invite him to see if he could fulfill his mother’s request.

Hearing this, Jerry thought for about two seconds and replied, “Well, thank you for the invitation.”

In his original plan, he had already planned to go to Hong Kong because the previous item-making magic he tried did not result in anything, and his progress on learning it was too slow. He intends to go to find a master craftsman in Eastern magic and at least learn some basic things from them.

However, because of his research on the Moon Bell and Clow cards, he never took the time out. Since Syaoran invited him, it was the perfect time to do so.

Jerry had always had a guess in his mind. The books that Syaoran brought from home were not all of the books that the Li family had. Because when he read all the books, he found that these books basically talked about some basic knowledge, and the spells did not have any powerful spells.

Clow Reed combined Western and Eastern magic to create Clow cards, and much of the magic contained in Clow cards involves extremely advanced magic. It is impossible that these advanced theories all come from Western magic. He feels that at least half of them come from Eastern magic.

But the book sent by Syaoran did not have this part. Jerry guessed that when Syaoran asked his family about the books and said that he wanted to learn them all, his mother did not send all the books, but only the book that only Syaoran could learn at this stage.

Syaoran is the most talented magician of the Li family’s generation, but he is still young. Compared with the real masters, he is still far away from that stage.

Therefore, in the eyes of the head of the Li family, the books that she sent should be enough for Syaoran to learn. This also means that many books contain great power and profound Easter magic knowledge in the Li family.

If he can read all of these books, his magical ability will definitely go to a higher level, and it will also greatly help in studying Clow cards. Every Clow card seems to have been successfully analyzed, and he has even made improvements to create his own magic.

But it does not mean that he has thoroughly analyzed the principles of these cards.

For example, the “Time” card can trap a town for 20 hours, and Clow Reed is definitely more powerful than the Time card in terms of time magic. Although Jerry successfully analyzed the card, he can only stop the time in one area at most, and he has more room to improve.

He has successfully studied every card, but it is only the first stage. If he wants to exert its great power, he must continue to spend time researching it. Those precious books have a great possibility to shorten this process.


Two days later.

Jerry looked at a world map, calculated the distance, and then drew a portal with his right hand.

He hasn’t been to Hong Kong, so naturally, he can’t directly draw a portal to Hong Kong. But the advantage of the portal is that as long as the distance is calculated, the portal can be opened even if he has never been at all.

Today is the day when Sakura and the others took a plane to travel to Hong Kong. Jerry did not choose to go by plane with Sakura and others but to open the portal himself. He felt that instead of wasting time on the plane, using a portal to go to Hong Kong would be better.

In order not to attract attention, Jerry deliberately opened the portal higher, so when he stepped over the portal, the position he appeared in was above the entire Hong Kong.

“Is that Victoria Harbour?” Looking at the iconic port of Hongg Kongunder him, Jerry knew that the position of his portal was not wrong. After using the Disillusionment Charm to hide, he slowly flew down.

With High-rise buildings crowded with people, Hong Kong in the 1990s was prosperous. There were men in suits, fashionable and beautiful women, and Teresa Teng’s song was playing on the roadside store.

Of course, no matter how bright the city is, there is also darkness. For example, before Jerry landed, he saw a certain alley with a dozen young, dangerous males with tattoos fighting in groups.

Jerry discovered something very early on. There are still many similarities, whether it is the main world or the parallel world. Like the name of the country, the geographical location of the world, the famous people, songs, and so on.

Therefore, the Hong Kong he sees now is not much different from the Hongkong in his previous life in the 1990s, but there must be some differences in some details.

The agreed time to visit Li’s family house is the second day after Sakura, and the others come to Hong Kong tomorrow. Therefore, he came to Hong Kong one day earlier.

The reason why he came to Hong Kong one day earlier was mainly because he had been indulging in magic research during this period of time, which made him tired. He wanted to use this day to relax and see if there were something new.

Walking on the bustling streets like ordinary people, watching the scenery, and eating snacks is relaxing for him.

“Hey, someone is actually casting spells on the street.”

Jerry was strolling on the street and admiring the scenery, suddenly sensing that there was a magic not far ahead. Looking for the place where the magic came from, he quickly found the person who cast the spell.

At this time, the entrance of a fitness club on the street was surrounded by a group of curious bystanders.

In the middle of the crowd, a young man in his twenties was holding a wooden board full of incense ashes, standing there a little overwhelmed, and in front of him was a middle-aged man in his forties. The mana fluctuations that Jerry sensed came from the middle-aged man.

He saw that the middle-aged man was holding a glass in his left hand, and his right hand took out a rune paper, ignited it with mana, and quickly put it into the glass.

He took out a red rope and quickly wrapped it around the young man’s finger, put a drop of blood on it, put it into the flame on the glass, and burned it.

After a while, the middle-aged man picked up the glass and cast a spell.

As the incantation sounded, the flame in the glass immediately went out, turning into a cloud of white smoke that seemed to have consciousness, and rolled around in the glass. Seeing this, the middle-aged man immediately put the glass upside down on the young man’s mouth, and the white smoke quickly entered his body.

The young man closed his eyes and knelt on the ground with the wooden plank in his arms. The middle-aged man seemed to have expected it. When the young man bowed his head and knelt down, he took out three incense sticks, lit two of them, and inserted the last one into the young man’s mouth.

The young man, with his eyes closed, quickly opened his mouth to bite the incense and drew it with the incense ashes on the board. It didn’t take long for something to appear.

“Interesting, this seems to be a technique that can find someone.”

Jerry was standing among the crowd, watching the middle-aged man’s movement, and quickly realized that he should be using Eastern magic that could find someone.

On the first day of entering Hong Kong, he met someone who could perform magic, and Jerry was interested.

Seeing the middle-aged man explaining something to another young man who had been hiding among the crowd, he ran away with a car. He looked at Jerry and walked over with a smile as he was about to get into a car.

“You have something in you. What is your name?”

Seeing the surprised look in his eyes, Jerry immediately realized that it seemed a bit abrupt to talk directly to him now with his appearance.

“I’m Jerry Carmen, a wizard.”

“Carmen? What a strange name.”

Knowing that Jerry is a foreigner, the middle-aged man muttered to himself and asked politely:

“Carmen, what is your purpose here?”

“It’s nothing. I suddenly saw someone casting spells on the street. So, I wanted to come over and see it.” Jerry smiled.

“Carmen, I’m afraid I don’t have time today. I’m tracking down an evil person who uses magic to do evil. I’ll invite you to drink another day when I’m free.”

The man told Jerry and asked the young men to drive quickly, following the route map he had just drawn with magic to track the evil person.

When Jerry heard his words, he didn’t say much. He just flew up and chased the car that was driving away quickly.

“Evil? I don’t know what you mean by that.”

There was nothing to do for today, and he was somewhat interested in this guy and the so-called evil person. So he planned to follow him.

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