“Good one, Sakura. Remember that the power that belongs to you is the real power. Even if it is a Clow card, it is still a Clow card. But if you exert your power alone, it’s your own power entirely.” Jerry watched Sakura break the “Maze” card and nodded with satisfaction.

Sakura herself has nearly a quarter of Clow Reed’s magical power. It can be said that she is talented. If she studies it well, her strength will definitely not be weak.

Clow cards are powerful. It even contains powerful laws such as time, space, light, dark, and the four elements. But if you use it and don’t learn its principles, you won’t be able to achieve anything.

“I will work hard.” Sakura was also taken aback when she saw her magic. She didn’t expect the power to be so powerful. But after hearing Jerry’s praise, she blushed and responded.

“You’re amazing Sakura.” Tomoyo was holding a camera while cheering for his friend.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t have the clothes ready this time.” It turned out that when Sakura was about to cast magic, Tomoyo immediately took out the camera from her bag.

She also flew out so that she could take a photo of Sakura’s in a 360-degree angle without dead ends.

Although Tomoyo doesn’t have much magic power in her body right now, she can’t hold back. She has already learned how to fly.

Syaoran is the strongest in terms of combat ability, Sakura has the most total magic power, and Tomoyo learns magic the fastest. The three of them can be said to have their own characteristics. As for Meiling, it seems that he didn’t see much talent in her apart from being Jerry’s first borrower.

“Let’s go now.” After getting the “Maze” card, Jerry continued to walk to the shrine above.

As the only shrine in the town and blessed with the legend of the love amulet, the visitors at the shrine were not bad.

Although it was a working day, and it was three or four in the afternoon, they could still see people entering and leaving the shrine one after another, especially where there was a long queue for the amulet.

“The amulet!”

Seeing the booth for the amulet, Sakura and Meiling’s eyes suddenly lit up. They pull Tomoyo and Syaoran happily. Jerry shook his head, turned, and walked towards a huge cherry tree in the corner of the shrine.

“Such a strong magic power.”

“This cherry tree has grown for thousands of years and has been worshipped for thousands of years. It has a strong power but will not become a monster.” At this time, Kaho was wearing a robe and holding the Moon Bell, walking slowly to Jerry’s side.

“Hello, I’m the daughter of the host of this shrine. Kaho Mizuki.”

“Hello, I’m a wizard from America, Jerry Carmen.” Jerry smiled, turned around, and introduced himself to Kaho.

After hearing Jerry’s words, Kaho narrowed her eyes slightly, “America? Jerry Carmen? I don’t seem to hear that there is a powerful person like you in the United States?”

“I’m a relatively low profile. Apart from studying magic, I rarely go out. It’s normal if you haven’t heard of me.” Jerry smiled and replied very calmly.

But it was obvious from Kaho’s expression that she didn’t believe what Jerry said.

“No matter what, you should also know that Eriol said that no wizard nor magician is allowed to appear in this town.” Eriol is currently the most powerful magician in the entire European region.

As early as two years ago, Eriol had already issued a notice not to allow any magician to appear in Tomoeda without his permission. It is impossible for any magician not to know about this. Therefore, Kaho concludes that he is most likely lying.

“There’s always something unexpected, isn’t it?” Jerry shrugged.

“What is your purpose in approaching Sakura?” Kaho asked again.

It doesn’t matter where he comes from. What matters is why he approached the new owner of the Clow card.

Jerry thought about it, “If I said nothing, do you believe it?”

“What do you say?” Kaho raised her right hand, and her body began to emit powerful magic.

Jerry also felt this and shook his head helplessly, “Well then.”

“It seems you’re resistant about it.” Seeing that Jerry refused to tell the truth, Kaho stopped talking nonsense, created a seal, and began to chant a spell.

As the spell sounded, Jerry suddenly found that the spell had pulled him into a special cage-like space.

“Interesting magic.” Standing in the spell, Jerry was not afraid. He walked around to observe and study with interest.

This is obviously a space-type spell, which can pull him into a special space, preventing him from escaping and also preventing ordinary people from being hurt when a fight occurs.

“Are you taking me seriously at all?”

Kaho watched Jerry on the opposite side being pulled into the cage. He just looked left and right there and didn’t even try to defend or attack.

After being shouted at by Kaho, Jerry also came back to his senses, standing on the opposite side of Kaho, and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, I just like to study magic, and I can’t help it when I see new magic. You can continue.”

Although Kaho was very speechless about his reaction, she still cast her spell.

He saw that rune papers filled with various incantations suddenly appeared around his body. A raging flame appeared, turning into a huge pillar of fire and charging straight toward Jerry.

“Fire, eh?”

Seeing the pillar of fire coming, Jerry said to cast a spell. A huge fire dragon appeared out of thin air. It flew towards the pillar of fire and then swallowed the pillar of fire into its mouth. After swallowing the pillar of fire, it moved its mouth twice before returning to Jerry’s side.

When Kaho saw this, her eyes shrank immediately. She saw his flame was far stronger than hers. She waved her hand and threw out a small piece of paper. Under her spell, the paper figurine instantly turned into a woman holding a long sword.

Jerry waved his hand to let the fire dragon attack but was directly defeated by the enemy’s slash.

“Expecto Patronum!” Seeing that the fire dragon was easily defeated. He looked up and down the enemy with interest, and when he saw it was rushing towards him quickly, he stretched out his hand to cast the Patronus charm.

The Patronus and the female swordsman quickly collided and then began to fight together.

The Patronus is his strongest defensive spell and best at magic defense. The sword of the female of the enemy naturally cannot cause any damage to the Patronus. Therefore, she can only use the sword in her hand to carry out physical attacks and directly kill the Patronus.

But as long as there is a magic power in Jerry’s body, the Patronus will not dissipate, even if it is cut into pieces.

However, her swordsmanship is amazing. The Patronus’ arm was cut off with one slash.

Unfortunately, just after the arm was cut off, Jerry immediately used magic to make it grow back again. While she was not paying attention, he grabbed the sword, forcibly took the sword in her hand, and threw it out. Without the sword, she had to fight hand-to-hand with the Patronus.

Seeing that the opponent’s Patronus pressed down her helper, Kaho hurriedly dismissed the spell and raised the Moon Bell in her hand with a shout.

The Moon Bell instantly emitted a strange energy fluctuation, and Jerry’s Patronus also dissipated under this energy.

“As expected from the magic items that Clow Reed made by himself.” Seeing that his Patronus was forcibly destroyed, Jerry secretly sighed in his heart.

He cast a spell to Kaho, “Expelliarmus!”

A blue magic light precisely hit Kaho, and the Moon Bell in her hand was forcibly thrown out. It flew into the air and landed directly in Jerry’s hands.

“I am not your enemy. This item is quite interesting. I will study it for a while as an apology for your attack on me. Well, that’s it for today.”

Jerry smiled and waved to Kaho with the Moon Bell in his hand. He then Apparated easily from the cage spell.

Under the cherry blossom tree, Jerry’s figure slowly emerged. At this time, Sakura and the others had already lined up to get the amulet.

When they saw Jerry’s figure appear, they quickly trotted over and asked, “Brother Jerry, where have you been? We just walked around the shrine and couldn’t find you!”

“Oh, I’m just walking around, you know.” Jerry smiled and put the Moon Bell into his suitcase.

At this moment, a figure appeared next to the cherry blossom tree again. It was Kaho, who was wearing a robe.

Seeing that the Moon Bell disappeared in Jerry’s hands, the corner of her mouth twitched, but she knew that she was weaker than him. So she didn’t make any moves to provoke him.

“Teacher Kaho?” Seeing that the new substitute teacher suddenly appeared at the shrine wearing a robe, Sakura and the others were surprised.

Kaho saw Sakura and others. The smile came back on her face, and she began to lean over to explain to them his other identity as the shrine maiden.

“It’s getting late. I’ll go back first. Um, Teacher Kaho, if you have time. You can come to my house for tea with Sakura and the others.” Jerry greeted everyone and Apparates away from the shrine.

Today’s purpose has been achieved, and he does not need to stay here.

Kaho asked Sakura after seeing Jerry leave, “Sakura, when did Jerry come to this town?”


Just as Sakura was about to answer, Syaoran pulled her behind and replied with a little vigilance in his eyes, “If you’re interested, you can ask him yourself.”

Because of learning magic from Jerry, Syaoran has made great progress. He has been aware of the battle between Jerry and Kaho just now. Therefore, Syaoran was more or less vigilant when Kaho came to them.

After all, Jerry is also a teacher and a friend in his view, unlike Teacher Kaho, whom he just met.

When Sakura heard Syaoran’s words, her brain seemed to have sensed something. She stood behind Syaoran and stopped answering.

Kaho looked at Syaoran and Sakura and smiled helplessly, “I don’t mean it in a bad way.”

She didn’t expect that Jerry Carmen was so trustworthy in the eyes of the two Clow Reed descendants.  What made her even more dumbfounded was that the purpose of her returning to this small town was to help Clow Reed’s descendant to inherit the Clow card perfectly and pass the final judgment.

Unexpectedly, there was someone that came out of nowhere.

“I guess I should report this to Eriol.” Watching them leave together, Kaho sighed, turned, and walked towards the shrine.

According to the future she predicted, her trip back to the town should have been very smooth. How did it become like this? Even such an important magic item like the Moon Bell was taken away.

After thinking about it, she could only attribute it all to the only uncertain factor, Jerry Carmen.

“Eriol, something happened to me here.” After the call was connected, Kaho immediately told him what happened.

After a while, there was a reply from the other end of the phone, “Don’t worry, I just made a divination that Mr. Carmen has no malicious intentions at all. There are still many things that have not been dealt with on my side. When everything’s finished, I will come there in person.”

“Understood.” Hearing Eriol’s answer, Kaho was completely relieved.


Two months later.

“Sakura, when you are in class tomorrow. Don’t forget to give Teacher Kaho this.” Inside the house, Jerry handed the Moon Bell to Sakura.

As for the research on the Moon Bell, he has already studied it. Clow Reed is strong and can make such an interesting magic item.

The most fundamental principle of the Moon Bell is actually very simple. It uses a special method to emit a strange wave to disperse the most basic magic power that constitutes magic, thus causing any magic to disappear automatically.

All magic needs to be supported by magic power. Without magic power as the most basic source of power, it will dissipate. That’s why Jerry’s Patronus disintegrated as soon as it touched the energy fluctuations emanating from the Moon Bell.

Of course, it doesn’t mean he can copy it.

In addition to understanding the principle of its magic, it also needs corresponding magic materials. Like his Time Turner, without the material, there won’t be any effect.

However, this is not impossible to solve. When he returns to the main world and studies the Reality Stone again, he can use it to create materials similar to the Moon Bell and then make a magic item that can dispel magic.

After figuring out the magic principle of Moon Bell, he put it aside and planned to return it to her.

He didn’t expect that Kaho would be okay with it. For two full months, he studied it all the time. He didn’t meet Sakura and others. The Moon Bell had done enough for him, so he thought of asking Sakura to bring it to her when she was in her class tomorrow.

After Sakura heard Jerry’s words, she put down the book in her hand and shook her head, “Brother Jerry, we are entering the winter vacation.”

“Winter vacation? It’s already December?” Jerry sighed that the time he spent studying magic went by so quickly.

During this time, Sakura and several others obtained a lot of Clow cards.

Among them are not very powerful, and the magic principle contained in them is also very simple, so Jerry did not spend a long time studying it.

Several cards caught his attention.

The Return card is a card that contains time magic. The Return card is different. It is similar to the principle of the time reversal spell that Jerry has learned, but it is much more esoteric. The time reversal spell can only be stabilized back to five hours ago at most, and the sand of time is needed.

But the Return card is different. As long as your magic is strong enough, you can even go back decades or hundreds of years ago. Analyzing this kind of card gave Jerry a big breakthrough in time magic.

It’s just that things created by the cards needed mana to maintain their power, and once the mana is depleted, it will stop appearing. But even so, Jerry has a new understanding of Reality Stone, and Transfiguration.

Originally, according to Gamp’s Law of Transfiguration, it can not conjure things out of thin air. But after researching the cards’ magic principle, he can now conjure all kinds of real food out of thin air.

The principle is that he has been able to convert the magic power into the structure of food perfectly. So after the food is eaten, it is not like the food transformed into the air, but it will still maintain its composition as real food.

Similar creatures, such as monkeys, salamanders, can also be transformed. As long as he provides enough magic power, he can make them.

But magical creatures such as three-headed dogs, dragons, and Thestrals. He might not be able to make them because it seems to involve more esoteric magic.

It can work only work on common animals, insects, and inanimate non-magical objects, but not on humans and magical creatures.

Jerry tried to cast it on himself. He was surprised to find that it could make his body several times larger. After getting bigger, his power will also increase several times. If this magic spell can be optimized in the future, he will definitely obtain a substantial amount of power.

The other card was the Firey card. Great for Jerry for strengthening his Fire Dragon Spell. It can be said that although it was only two months of research, Jerry’s strength in magic has taken a big step forward.

It can only be said that in the field of magic, too much knowledge needs to be explored and studied.

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