“It’s incredible!”

Both Syaoran and Kero stared at the spell in Meiling’s hands, repeating these two phrases in awe.

Although Meiling had just cast a simple spell, a spell that could be considered the most basic and least mana-consuming, it was still magic.

It meant that Jerry’s method had shattered the long-standing belief of all magicians that only those with magic talent could learn and use magic.

Just like a physicist who had always considered the universal law of gravitation as an absolute truth, only to one day discover that a person could defy gravity and fly freely in the sky, even journeying beyond the Earth to explore the universe.

“Magic is about making the impossible possible, and nothing in this world is certain. You think something is impossible simply because you haven’t explored enough.”

With his hands casually resting behind his back, Jerry’s voice empowered Syaoran and the others.

The truth was that, after years of studying magic across different worlds, Jerry had realized that all fixed formulas, laws, and theorems were not absolute.

Just as when he first learned Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall emphasized the importance of following Gamp’s Law of Transfiguration.

Yet, once Jerry acquired the Reality Stone and began studying its power, he discovered that Gamp’s Law of Transfiguration could have been more precise.

Understanding the laws embedded within the Reality Stone, he realized that with the proper knowledge, anything could be changed.

Ordinary objects, magical items, could be transformed or conjured out of thin air. One could even create like a true creator.

Many things were deemed impossible, but only because one didn’t possess the understanding or hadn’t reached that level yet.

All formulas, laws, and conclusions previous magicians drew were based on their observations and knowledge.

However, once one surpasses those boundaries. One would discover that these conclusions were only sometimes correct.

They were merely relative and one-sided.

When learning mathematics, one starts by knowing that large numbers can be used to reduce decimals; otherwise, subtraction wouldn’t work.

But after a few more years of study, one realizes that decimals can also be converted into large numbers, thanks to the existence of negative numbers.

And so, Jerry approached the study of magic without completely adhering to any established laws or allowing his thinking to become rigid.

Only through this approach would his magical abilities continue to progress and expand.

He aspired to make the impossible possible.

Syaoran gazed into Jerry’s eyes and felt nothing but admiration.

It became evident that Jerry’s magical abilities were so potent because he had surpassed him countless times in terms of thinking—they were not on the same level at all.

Indeed, Syaoran had made a wise decision to study magic under Jerry’s guidance and embrace the fusion of Easter and Western magic.

“There’s a striking resemblance of him within you. If you excel in magic, you may become a great magician in the future.”  A brilliant idea formed in his mind as Jerry saw her.

Since Meiling’s magic power stemmed from him, what if she used her magic to perform acts of goodness? Would he receive some red stars?

However, whether this hypothesis held true or not, Jerry would have to wait for Meiling to learn more magic and carefully observe the results to confirm.

If his speculation proved correct, then the issue of his red stars no longer seemed like a problem at all.

Two weeks later.

“Jerry, this is the Clow card we captured yesterday!”

Sakura handed Jerry a Clow card with the word “Mirror” written on it.

She looked curiously at the stack of identical books with large golden titles piled up next to him and asked, “What kind of magic books are these? Why haven’t I seen them before?”

Jerry took the “Mirror” card and returned the previous “Little” card to Sakura with a smile. “Those are actually magic books I’ve been working on these past few days. You can call them the Book of Carmen.”

“The Book of Carmen?” Sakura was taken aback by the name.

Syaoran overheard the conversation and approached curiously.

He picked up one of the Books of Carmen and asked, “May I take a look?”

“Certainly.” Jerry nodded.

Syaoran opened the cover of the Book of Carmen and immediately caught sight of the magic circle his sister had obtained her magic power.

The following pages contained the corresponding spells for each magic circle.

Flipping through the book, he found a series of introductions to the basics of magic, including how to obtain magic power through the magic circle and the corresponding details of the contract.

Towards the end, there were special explanations and learning methods for several magic spells, but upon closer inspection, they were all auxiliary, defensive, and healing spells.

There were no offensive spells present.

Syaoran wondered, “Why are there no attack spells in here?”

Jerry smiled gently and replied, “Because I don’t want people who acquire my magic book in the future to use magic for nefarious purposes. I believe the magic contained in the book is sufficient for now.”

Sakura, upon hearing Jerry’s response, clasped her hands together. “Brother Jerry is truly kind-hearted and considerate.”

To spread magic but excluding offensive spells in the book to prevent misuse is a thoughtful and benevolent approach that could only be conceived by someone genuinely kind.

However, in reality, that wasn’t the case.

Jerry had created the Books of Carmen to spread magic sparingly.

He intended for more people to make appointments with him and borrow magic power, thereby aiding him.

The absence of offensive spells wasn’t due to his concern about malevolent individuals learning magic to commit harm.

It was, in fact, related to an incident that occurred a few days prior when he was with Meiling.

After confirming that Meiling had successfully learned the Levitation Charm, Jerry proceeded to test a conjecture.

While walking alone on the street, Meiling intentionally casts a spell on a worker painting a wall above her.

This caused the worker to fall from the fourth floor.

Meiling lived up to Jerry’s expectations and promptly rescued the worker with a floating spell.

During this incident, Jerry noticed a slight increase in the number of red stars on his panel.

From this, he deduced that if the borrower used his magic power to perform good deeds, he would receive the corresponding red stars.

However, he also realized that the number of red stars obtained by the borrower was significantly less than what he received.

If Jerry had personally rescued the worker after the fall, he would have gained more red stars.

But he only received a few when Meiling saved the worker with her magic.

Although Meiling used his magic power, she had learned the magic herself, and Jerry couldn’t claim all the red stars for himself.

Even though he only received one-tenth of the red stars, the quantitative change would lead to a qualitative change.

As his total magic power increased and he attracted more borrowers in the future, his red stars earnings would undoubtedly be a lot.

Upon further reflection, Jerry concluded that even if the borrower used his magic power to save people, he would still receive a red star.

After all, regardless of the recipient’s morality, the act of using those healing, defensive, and auxiliary spells to save and assist others would still generate some red stars.

When the magic book was eventually distributed, everyone would have a favorable impression of him.

They would believe that “The Book of Carmen” was a magical guide that encouraged kindness and Jerry Carmen himself was a benevolent dimensional being.

This perception would greatly benefit him in the future.

Good-hearted individuals were always more accepted and likable than those with malicious intent, regardless of the world or realm.

“Jerry, we made an appointment to visit the shrine tomorrow after school, so we won’t be coming later.”

Sakura informed Jerry as it was almost time to leave. She had overheard the conversation about the magic books.

Upon hearing the words “Shrine,” Jerry’s interest was piqued. “Sakura, has your school recently gained a new substitute teacher?”

Sakura looked surprised, “How did you know?”

Jerry smiled and replied, “Just a little divination magic.”

In truth, he didn’t know it through divination magic, but he had a hunch that someone would appear at this time.

Kaho Mizuki, the shrine maiden of Tsukihime Shrine, possessed more powerful magic and was highly skilled in prophecy magic.

She had previously been a substitute teacher at Tomoeda Elementary School, and then she went to study in the UK.

Now, she had returned due to a request from Clow Reed’s reincarnation, Eriol Hiiragizawa.

Following Clow Reed’s final wish, she brought Sakura the magical “Moon Bell” item.

Jerry was also eager to meet this teacher. He had not encountered a true master of magic in this world.

Sakura needed to be more proficient in magic before relying solely on Clow cards.

Syaoran had a better grasp in magic, but in terms of strength, he was only superior to his peers.

Tomoyo possessed magic power and a keen sense like Sakura but knew nothing about magic.

While Kaho represented the pinnacle of magical ability in this world.

“You can go to the shrine. I’ll continue studying magic,” Syaoran replied.

He believed it would be more beneficial to come here and learn more magic, striving to improve his own abilities.

“No, we have to go. Strengthening our bond is important, so we must visit the shrine and get the amulet!” Meiling firmly grasped Syaoran’s arm.

Today, she had heard from her classmate that the amulets from Tsukishime Shrine were especially effective for lovers.

Those who had visited the shrine and received an amulet had found beautiful love in their lives.

Syaoran sighed helplessly at his cousin’s persistence.

How could he make her understand that their bond was not romantic love but a deep connection between family members?

“You go ahead. I heard that the cherry blossom tree at Tsukishime Shrine possesses incredible magic, and I’d like to see it.” Jerry looked at Syaoran with a smile.

There were certain things one couldn’t comprehend until they grew older.

He knew that when young, one might mistake the love and affection within their family for romantic love.

But with time and experience, they would come to understand the difference.

“Brother Jerry, we’ll accompany you to the shrine.” Sakura, Tomoyo, Kero, and Meiling all looked surprised and excited upon learning that Jerry planned to visit the shrine.

In their eyes, Jerry was a knowledgeable and powerful magic teacher. Being able to visit the shrine together was a delightful thing.

They were happy and somewhat amazed because Jerry spent most of his time immersed in the study of magic and rarely ventured outside.

The next day, at three thirty in the afternoon, Jerry created a portal at Tsukishime Shrine using his magic.

As he stepped out of the portal, he immediately spotted Sakura and the others waiting for him at the foot of the mountain.

Syaoran’s eyes lit up when he saw Jerry’s arrival. “What kind of magic is this? It seems different from the Apparition in the previous book.”

Jerry waved his hand to close the portal and replied, “This is a new space magic with its own unique characteristics compared to Apparate. I’ve documented it in a book called ‘Kamar Taj Magic.’ You can read it when you have the time.”

Syaoran sighed, “Never mind, I haven’t even learned Apparate yet.”

Jerry patted Syaoran on the shoulder with a smile. “You’re still young. There’s plenty of time ahead of you. Take your time, and don’t rush.”

Despite Syaoran progress in magic, he still had a long way to go to surpass Clow Reed.

Jerry’s magical abilities were far stronger, enabling him to analyze Clow cards and create new magic continuously.

The difference in their talent for magic was evident.

“Let’s go. Let’s head up and see,” Jerry said, leading the group up the hill toward the shrine.

However, halfway through their ascent, Sakura and Syaoran suddenly stopped simultaneously.

“It smells like Clow card.” they exclaimed in unison.

In an instant, their surroundings underwent a dramatic change.

The staircase they were on transformed into a maze with walls of vibrant green.

“This is the ‘Maze’ card. Its characteristic is that unless you find an exit, you’ll be trapped here,” Syaoran deduced, drawing from his family’s knowledge of the Clow cards.

“I can fly up and check for an exit,” Sakura suggested, taking out the “Fly” card and use her wand to soar into the air.

As Sakura ascended, the green walls also rose, denying her the opportunity to locate an exit. She was forced to descend.

“Jerry, can the portal magic you just used help us escape?” Kero, with a perplexed expression, turned to Jerry for an answer.

“Of course, but I believe Sakura can find a way out on her own,” Jerry replied calmly, his gaze fixed on something beyond the green walls.

The “Maze” card had spatial blockades, which should have prevented Jerry from leaving the maze despite his mastery of space magic.

However, his understanding of space magic exceeded the limitations of the “Maze” card, allowing him to identify its loopholes and exit without difficulty.

But he wanted to see how much Sakura had grown in her magical abilities during their time together.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the shrine atop the hill, Kaho stood with the Moon Bell in her hands.

She observed Jerry, who appeared to have noticed her presence in the maze, and muttered to herself, “Who is this person? Such formidable magic, and I never foresaw him in my previous prophecies.”

This time, she had returned to secretly assist the new master of the Clow cards, as predicted years ago when she left.

However, her prophecies had not foretold the existence of someone with magic as profound as Jerry’s.

“Let me try.” Sakura declared, pulling out the “Sword” card and transforming her wand into a sharp sword.

With a swift swing, she cut through the green walls. To their surprise, the walls reassembled themselves after being severed.

“The Sword card alone can’t break through these walls. What kind of magic can I use to overcome them?” Sakura asked, scratching her head in embarrassment.

Having studied magic under Jerry for a while, Sakura’s knowledge still needed to be improved.

She relied heavily on Clow cards in her adventure without a solid foundation.

“The Sword card isn’t enough because it lacks sufficient destructive power. Sakura, your advantage lies in the immense magic power within you. I recall you’ve mastered the ‘Lightning Ball’ spell,” Jerry suggested, offering a clue.

Understanding Jerry’s hint, Tomoyo explained to Sakura, “Don’t forget, the ‘Lightning Ball’ spell grows in destructive power the longer you store magic energy.”

She raised her hands, closed her eyes, and swiftly channeled the magic power within her.

Gradually, the lightning materialized in her palms, growing larger as she infused them with magic energy.

The orbs expanded from the size of a grain of rice to that of a table tennis ball, then a basketball, until they reached nearly a meter in diameter.

“Fire!” Sakura shouted, opening her eyes and propelling the massive ball into the air.

The lightning ball shattered the maze walls effortlessly, causing a tremendous explosion.

The entire maze disintegrated and transformed into a Clow card, which fell into Sakura’s hands.

Observing these events from her vantage point atop the hill, Kaho was left in awe. “The new master of the Clow cards truly requires my assistance.”

She doubted her ability to wield such powerful magic as Sakura had just demonstrated.

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