The schedule indicated that Slytherin had just one class on the first day, History of Magic, which was held in the afternoon with Ravenclaw pupils. The instructor is Professor Cuthbert Binns, and the classroom is upstairs.

The following day at noon, following lunch on the first floor’s Great Hall. Jerry made his way up the opulent marble staircase to the second floor’s History of Magic classroom alongside other young Slytherin wizards.

Hermione, who belonged to Gryffindor, was also introduced to Jerry during the meal. Jerry was placed in Slytherin, but Hermione claimed that despite being in Slytherin, he was still her best friend. She expressed disappointment that Jerry was not placed in Gryffindor.

The majority of the Slytherin and Ravenclaw wizards in the class were already collapsing under Professor Binns’ hypnotic voice as he spoke about the history of magic in his weak, dragging voice.

There was one wizard, though, who stood out significantly from the others. He sat in the front row with a straight back and piercing eyes. The voice of Professor Binns didn’t seem to have any effect on him.

He was the same Jerry who occasionally flipped on “Refreshing.”

Two to three hours passed during a History of Magic session, and Jerry was unable to keep turning on “Refreshing” due to the cognitive load it would place on him.

For some of the textbook material, he disabled “Refreshing,” and when Professor Binns added more material to his lectures, he enabled “Refreshing” for memory retention.

The history of magic lesson does not teach any magic knowledge or spells. However it is not as useless as other young wizards claimed. But if you put forth the effort to learn them, you’ll discover that these magical histories contain a wealth of information about the wizarding world.

Jerry’s knowledge of the wizarding realm is constrained to a few brief, extremely biased videos and movies. In Professor Binns’ history of magic class, the wizarding world was presented to the student in a more realistic and thorough way.

He can subsequently use this to obtain magic knowledge, which is also highly valuable. It will be quite challenging, just like learning the language, characters, and a lot of specific knowledge and culture of a completely foreign country. But once you are familiar with the entirety of the nation’s history, learning is far easier.

This may be the reason why every small wizard at Hogwarts believes that History of Magic is the most pointless course, despite the fact that it is required for every grade.

“Okay, that concludes the lesson for today. Let’s now begin to ask questions. Does anyone have any knowledge of Emeric the Evil that I just mentioned?”

When it was time to end the class, Professor Binns started his customary entrance into the question and answer session. In general, he expresses no optimism for this session due to the fact that few of the young wizards have the answer as most of them have only recently awakened.

He doesn’t mind, though, as this is how his class has always been.

Sure enough, as they heard Professor Binns’ query, the sleepy-eyed young wizards started to stare at one another.

Jerry in the first row raised his hand as Professor Binns was about to declare the end of class.

“What’s your name, boy?”

“Jerry Carmen!” Jerry got up and replied.

“So now it’s up to you to respond to the question!” Professor Binns had a surprised expression on his face.

After Jerry coughed and the young wizards all turned to look at him, he started to talk.

“Emeric the Evil was a short-lived wizard with great power. Early in the Middle Ages, he rose to become the master of the Elder Wand and unleashed fear across southern England. He was fighting Egbert the Egregious in a duel.”

The Elder Wand was referenced by Professor Binns in the first-grade History of Magic lecture, as you can see.

“Very good, three points for Slytherin!” Professor Binns didn’t expect that what he said in class would be repeated verbatim by this student. This kind of situation is very rare.

“Mr. Carmen, can you say something about Uric?”

“Uric the Oddball is a famous medieval wizard known for his eccentric behavior, including sleeping in a room with more than fifty pet birds and donning a jellyfish as a hat. He frequently serves as the punchline in jokes about wizards because he is regarded as one of history’s craziest wizards.”

Jerry kept reciting the information that had been presented in the class word for word.

“Jerry, you have one of the greatest memories of any kids I’ve ever encountered. Slytherin receives three more points!” Those Slytherin wizards who weren’t initially clear clapped joyfully as Professor Binns’ voice grew cheerful.

Professor McGonagall gave a thorough explanation of the value of points when Harry first arrived at Hogwarts Castle yesterday. The Academy Cup, which can only be earned with credits, is the ultimate distinction for Hogwarts wizards.

Wizards from Slytherin must be delighted to see that Jerry gained six Slytherin points in his first class.

Jerry initially made an excellent first impression on the first-year Slytherins at the opening banquet yesterday when he was able to talk tactfully and coolly with the fearsome Bloody Baron.

Of course, except for Draco and the others.

Jerry’s heroism is embodied in his ability to speak politely and calmly with the terrible Bloody Baron, and his wisdom is embodied in his ability to give Slytherin six points in magic history class.

Slytherins are conceited, but as long as there are no issues with your bloodline, the more exceptional you are, the more well-liked you will be.

We all know that if you can be placed in the Slytherin house at the ceremony of sorting, there must be no issues with your lineage. Jerry was clearly moved by the pride of the Slytherin wizards after the History of Magic class ended and started interacting with them.

Daphne Greengrass, a young, blond witch, was the most enthused of them all.

Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson was in the first period of the second day’s morning. Professor Quirrell, who had his hair wrapped like a rice dumpling and had a strong garlic odor, was the instructor. In class, he frequently stammered. Jerry, however, dared not to underrate this Professor Quirrell.

Because he was aware that Professor Quirrell, a Ravenclaw native, was surely not frail. If not, it would be impossible to get inside Gringotts and steal the Sorcerer’s Stone.

In addition, Voldemort, the world’s greatest villain, is concealed on the back of his head.

In actuality, despite the feigned cowardice of this lecturer, paying close attention to the lectures he gave is not pointless. Jerry did gain a better comprehension of the magic spells in the textbook after at least one class.

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Published On: March 1, 2023

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